Evil Emperor's Wild Consort Chapter 555

Chapter 555: Sky-High Prices At The Auction (3)

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"The money?"

Gu Ruoyun asked as she calmly raised an eyebrow.

"This..." Liu Ting hesitated, "Three hundred million gold pieces is no small amount. That buyer may need some time to raise the funds. Please, my Lord, we'll have to ask you to wait a while longer."

Ask me to wait?

Gu Ruoyun cocked an eyebrow as she thought, How can I wait?

Ye Lan was the one who had made the winning bid for the spiritual weapon. I'm utilizing the Ancient Divine Pagoda's power to conceal my identity but a Martial Supreme like Ye Lan will be able to see right through it easily.

"As mentioned, every guest attending the auction will need to hand over a certain amount of money. The accumulated gold from the determined price should be about half the price of the item. If you were to include the earnings from your previous auction, it shouldn't be a problem for you to pay me three hundred million gold pieces."

Liu Ting fell silent. After a long pause, he strengthened his determination and raised his head, "So be it. I, Liu Ting, will make this decision today and provide you with an advanced remuneration."

The person before me is an honored guest who has been able to produce a spiritual weapon for the auction. I must curry her favor by any means. Even if Lord Yun Luo was to find out about this, he probably wouldn't blame me.

Liu Ting began to settle the accounts with Gu Ruoyun. Once she received the money, Gu Ruoyun then left the rear hall without a second look back.


Meanwhile, outside the rear hall, Ye Lan was cracking witty jokes with Yun Luo when he saw a figure leaving the hall. He didn't know why but he felt that the figure looked oddly familiar. He didn't think too much of it and entered the rear hall.

"Liu Ting, has the guest who had bought the spiritual weapon arrived?" Yun Luo asked gently with a smile on his face.


Liu Ting paused, "She'd just left."


Ye Lan was shocked and quickly ran out to chase after the mystery guest. However, some time had passed and he could not catch up to that green-clothed figure. He was filled with disappointment as he said, "It's all my fault, I was too late!"

Yun Luo smiled gently and tried to console Ye Lan.

"Ye Lan, there's no need to worry, you haven't paid the money yet. That mysterious person will show up sooner or later."

"You're right."

Ye Lan nodded and walked back into the rear hall. He spoke without looking anywhere else, "Let me know me once the mystery guest reappears again, kid."

Liu Ting's face immediately flushed red. Unless I'm hearing it wrong, Lord Yun Luo had addressed that old man as 'Ye Luo'! That means that he's the number one cultivator in the Banished Lands and the Master of the Ye family!

His heart was immediately gripped with anxiety at the thought of this and he stuttered, "Lord Yun Luo. I've... I've already cleared the accounts with that guest. She... She's already gone."


Ye Lan grew angry and wished that he could slap this stupid boy to death.

"What did you just say? Say it again one more time!"


Liu Ting was so terrified that he was unable to speak. He sputtered and trembled continuously.

Yun Luo rolled his eyes, "Liu Ting was only acting towards the best interests of my auction. He hasn't done anything wrong. Our auction can clear payments for clients who have urgent matters in advance. Old fart, since you're so interested in that mystery client, just ask him what she looks like. Judging by the might of your Ye family, how could you possibly not discover her identity?"

"You're absolutely right!" Ye Lan nodded in agreement and realized that he had acted far too brashly. After a bit of thought, he flashed a smile and spoke to Liu Ting in a friendly manner, "Hehe, kid, can you describe how that mysterious guest looks like?"

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