Evil Emperor's Wild Consort Chapter 1663

Chapter 1663 Returning To The Secret Order 20

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“I think Wen Yue still holds you in her heart. She’s only forcing herself to become your younger sister.” Dongfang Yu sighed exasperatedly.

As a woman, she naturally understands Wen Yue’s actions better than Gu Shengxiao.

She admires Wen Yue because she was adaptable.

“Mother, what’s wrong with her forcing herself to take me as her older brother?”Gu Shengxiao laughed, “It is better than marrying me while I don’t love her.”

“You silly little boy, I’m only worried about your marriage. You’ve always been on your own all these years without anyone to keep you company.” Dongfang Yu laughed bitterly. “By the way, who’s that Zuo Shangchen Yun’er had mentioned? Based on the way she had said it, the relationship between the two of you…”

“Mother, Zuo Shangchen is a man!”

Gu Shengxiao was feeling even more exasperated.

A man?

Dongfang Yu was stunned.Had Gu Shengxiao not taken a wife all these years because he liked men?1

She thought for a moment and said, “Whoever you like, even if that person is a man,I will approve of it.2

Gu Shengxiao was struck dumb.

My mother would not hesitate to let a man marry me just so I can have a companion?

Each time Gu Shengxiao thought about marrying Zuo Shangchen, he would feel his hair stand on end and goosebumps would rise on his skin.

“Alright, mother, when I’ve found a woman that I like, I’ll bring her back to meet you.” Gu Shengxiao hurriedly explained. “As for my relationship with Zuo Shangche… Please don’t disgust me. Even though I’ve been on my own for many years, I’m certain that I like women and not men!”

There was more that Dongfang Yu wanted to say but she was pushed out of the door by an annoyed Gu Shengxiao.


Dongfang Yu turned to look at Gu Shengxiao from the door and said, “Alright, I won’t force you. Once you’ve fallen for someone, bring that person back to see me and I’ll show you how accepting I am!My requirement for my sons and daughters-in-law are very simple, they don’t necessarily need to be from a noble status nor do they have to be young and pretty. They don’t necessarily have to be a woman as well! As long as that person is alive, that will do!”

This requirement was indeed very simple.

As long as that person was alive, even if that person was not female, that was fine for her too…

Gu Shengxiao’s mouth twitched. It seems that his mother has decided that the reason why he still lacks a wife was because he liked men.

“By the way…” Dongfang Yu seem to remember something and added, “Even if that person isn’t human, that’s alright too! Demi-beast humans’ talents are very powerful anyway. Besides, based on your parent’s position, no one would dare plot against our grandchildren so you can rest assured!”

Gu Shengxiao rubbed his head to stave off his headache and replied exasperatedly, “Mother, I promise you that after my little sister has saved Zuo Shangchen, I will search for my life partner, alright?”

“Ah hah! I knew that your relationship with Zuo Shangchen isn’t a regular one. Otherwise, why would you only search for your other half after he has been rescued?”


Gu Shengxiao did not know what to say anymore.

He was just making excuses so that he could stop his mother from nagging him. However, he did not expect his mother to insist on him and Zuo Shangchen being lovers…

How is that even possible?

“Mother, I’m only worried about little sister’s safety, I have no such inclination for men! After she gets back, I will think about my marriage. Are you happy now?”

Dongfang Yu nodded, “Alright, remember your promise to me. Otherwise, I will personally find you a suitable match.”