Evil Emperor's Wild Consort Chapter 1660

Chapter 1660 Returning To The Secret Order 17

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Zuo Shangchen had gone to the Deserted Snowlands for Gu Shengxiao’s sake so Gu Ruoyun could not stand idly by no matter what.

“Yun’er, you must think this through thoroughly. Though he had obtained theSorceror’s Enchantment Blossom, that does not mean that he would still be in the Deserted Snowlands. Are you sure that you still want to go there?”

“I can start to search for him there. Besides, I have a hunch that that evildoer, Zuo Shangchen, has encountered some trouble in the Deserted Snowlands!”

Her hunch was very strong and it compelled her to take action.

Grand Lord Hong Lian sighed. “Since that’s the case, you should go. However, you must take care of your safety in everything you do.”

Even though Gu Ruoyun’s powers have risen to great heights, Grand Lord Hong Lian still worried for her safety and had to remind her.

“Little sister, let me come with you.”

“There’s no need.”

Gu Ruoyun shook her head. “Big brother, it’s been difficult for you and our parents to reunite. You should stay back and keep them company. Don’t worry, I’ll be back soon and help you to bring Zuo Shangchen back!”

The last part of his sister’s words caused Gu Shengxiao to frown. He did not understand what she was talking about.

What had she meant by ‘help me bring to Zuo Shangchen back’?

Zuo Shangchen had indeed run into danger for my sake and I do want to save him but the meaning in Gu Ruoyun’s words seemed to indicate that Zuo Shangchen was my man.

How is that possible?

Zuo Shangchen and I are both men. How could the former be my man?

Gu Shengxiao laughed weakly in exasperation when he thought of this. “Alright, I shall wait for you here.”

“I’m tired. I’m going back to my room to rest. Xiao Ye is waiting for me in the room.”

Gu Ruoyun yawned and spoke lazily.

“Yun’er.” Dongfang Yu seemed to remember something. She took Gu Ruoyun’s hand and smiled gently. “I think Xiao Ye isn’t too bad at all. Once you’ve returned from the Deserted Snowlands, let’s get your marriage settled.”

Gu Ruoyun was startled.

She had once promised Qianbei Ye that they would get married once her family has been reunited…

Now, her family has indeed been reunited and they shall hold the wedding ceremony!

The man was standing in front of a window in the room. A gentle breeze stirred the air and his silver hair fluttered in the wind.

He seemed to sense a familiar aura from behind him and stayed still, allowing a pair of hands to embrace him from behind.

“Xiao Ye, once we’ve returned from the Deserted Snowlands, let’s get married.”

The woman’s words caused Qianbei Ye’s body tostiffen1. He then raised his hand and pulled Gu Ruoyun into his arms before gently stroking the woman’s hair with his fingers.

“I’ve waited for this day for a very long time.” Qianbei Ye stared gently at the woman in his arms. “Ten years ago, when I had opened my eyes and seen you, I had already decided that it has to be you and no one else in this lifetime!”

Gu Ruoyun gently pursed her lips.

Perhaps their meeting ten years ago has resulted in this inseparable love and friendship in this lifetime…

“Xiao Ye, out of all of the most fortunate incidents that year, nothing exceeds meeting you.”

Gu Ruoyun leaned against Qianbei Ye’s body as her face lifted into a happy smile. “You have given me too much in this lifetime and it’s difficult for me to reciprocate…”

“Who told you that it would be impossible for you to reciprocate?” Qianbei Ye smiled as he held Gu Ruoyun. His eyes flashed with a teasing smile. “When we return, we will get married. You will then give me a son and a daughter. This is the greatest reciprocation.”