Evil Emperor's Wild Consort Chapter 1659

Chapter 1659 Returning To The Secret Order 16

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At that moment, Elder Bai seemed to have aged ten years. His once straight back was now hunched…

“Master, what will become of us? What should we do next?”

The Left Emissary had lost his powers and has been chased out of the Secret Order. He felt as if his whole life was over.

“Don’t worry, I will feed and clothe you even if I have to beg.”

Elder Bai bent down and helped the Left Emissary to his feet. They then slowly walkedstep-by-step out the door. Their footsteps were very unsteady and the Left Emissary, who was still being supported, looked as if he would collapse at any moment.

The Left Emissary’s heart was sour.If it had not been for me, Master would never have been dragged down to this level…

“Elder Bai is really adaptable to the circumstances.” Grand Lord Hong Lian stared at the two as they left and laughed coldly. He then said, “If this were anyone else, forget about crippling themselves. Even if someone else had crippled him, he might not be able to continue living.”

Grand Lord Hong Lian was unconcerned whether those two would return to cause trouble for them.

Two crippled cultivators were completely insignificant.

“Aside from doting on his disciples, there isn’t much of an issue with Elder Bai. However, he had destroyed his entire life because he had doted on his disciples. He understood that if he does not cripple himself, I would never have let them leave this place alive.”

Dongfang Yu’s eyes grew cold. “Therefore, he had made a pretty good decision. Brother Tian, we’re done here and we should go. My Master isn’t here either so there’s no need for me to linger.”

The Master she had mentioned was the Secret Order’s Order Master.

Gu Shengxiao furrowed his brows and turned towards Wen Yue, “Are you willing to come with us?”

The Wen family has been destroyed and Wen Ya was dead. Aside from the Master of the Wen family who had journeyed to the Governor’s Palace and escaped the attack, there was no one else left in the Wen family. Hence, Wen Yue naturally has nowhere to go.

Therefore, Wen Yue quickly nodded when she heard Gu Shengxiao’s invitation and her eyes filled with gratitude.

“Big Brother Gu, thank you, everyone, for saving me.”

Gu Shengxiao wanted to say something more but was afraid that his words might cause Wen Yue to misunderstand. In the end, he shut his mouth and said nothing.

The straight-tempered Wen Yue was used to his coldness and did not mind his silence…

“Come, let’s return to the Red Lotus Territory. If there’s anything else to say, we shall discuss it once we’ve returned to the Territory.”

Grand Lord Hong Lian held Dongfang Yu’s body as his crimson robes shot into the distance.

“Let’s leave as well.”

Qianbei Ye gently wrapped his arms around Gu Ruoyun’s body as his demonic red eyes gleamed with a smile.

His eyes have only ever beheld her existence.

Gu Shengxiao watched as the four of them sped into the distance. He then looked at Wen Yue and frowned. “You can follow along on your own1.”


Wen Yue replied obediently as she followed behind Gu Shengxiao.

To her, as long as she could gaze at Gu Shengxiao from a distance, she was satisfied.

Even if that man does not love her.3

The Red Lotus Territory was located near the First City so the group had reached their destination within a day. When they had returned to the Grand Lord’s residence, Gu Ruoyun revealed her next objective…

“Yun’er, you want to journey to the Deserted Snowlands?”

Grand Lord Hong Lian was shaken and he knit his brows. “What do you want to do in the Deserted Snowlands?”

“Father,a friend of mine had journeyed deep into the Deserted Snowlands to find theSorceror’s Enchantment Blossom to help merefine the Celestial Puppet Pill that broke big brother out of his puppet state. This friend had sentsomeone else to bring theSorceror’s Enchantment Blossom to me but he was nowhere to be found. Perhaps he has run into some issue the Deserted Snowlands and was unable to return as a result. Hence, I must fo look for him.”