Evil Emperor's Wild Consort Chapter 1658

Chapter 1658 Returning To The Secret Order 15

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Great Sacred Lady?


Those words were like a bolt of lightning on a clear day and struck everyone in the area dumb.

This gorgeous woman in white robes was the Secret Order’s legendary Sacred Lady?

Heavens, they were just about to attack the Sacred Lady’s children! This time, even if the Order Master were to emerge, she might not even protect them!

“Sacred Lady? Impossible!”

The Left Emissary has suffered a heavy hit. His face changed color and his lips turned white as he trembled gently, “The Gu siblings are the Sacred Lady’s children? This is impossible, definitely impossible!”

Suddenly, he seemed to remember something and turned towards the sluggish Wen Ya.

“Wen Ya, you sl*t, this is all your fault! Didn’t you tell me that the Gu siblings have no background? This is all your fault!”

His hand gripped fiercely around Wen Ya’s neck and began to strangle her!

If it had not been for this sl*t, I would not have offended Gu Ruoyun! Hence, this is all her fault!

Wen Ya choked for air as she stared pleadingly at Wen Yue, asking for help.

Wen Yue turned away when she saw Wen Ya’s pleading eyes and did not spare her another glance.If it had not been for Wen Ya, she would never have had to suffer so much torment.

Wen Ya was in despair.

Her hands fell limply to her side and swung gently in the air. Her eyes rolled back and her tongue lolled out. The Left Emissary’s grip grew tighter and tighter and the sound of her breathing slowly disappeared.

Gu Ruoyun did not say a word. It was likely that she also never suspected that Dongfang Yu was the Secret Order’s Sacred Lady.

No wonder Elder Tianyi had taken such good care of her when they had first met. He had done so not because she had accepted the Secret Order’s inheritance but most likely because of Dongfang Yu…

“Elder Bai, your disciple has insulted my daughter. Shouldn’t you give me an explanation for this?”

“Great Sacred Lady.” Elder Bai laughed bitterly and gently closed his eyes. He then opened them again and they were filled with determination. “I will cripple him of his power and chase him out from the Secret Order!”

Elder Bai knows that this was the best conclusion. If the Sacred Lady were to dole out the punishment personally, this little animal’s life would cease to exist.

“As for me…” Elder Bai paused and continued, “I will cripple myself of my own powers as well and leave the Secret Order!”

“Master, no!”

The Left Emissary’s features drained of color. “I don’t want to become a good-for-nothing, Master!”


Elder Bai raised his handand slammed it violently upon the Left Emissary’s chest. At that moment, a powerful energy was channeled into the Left Emissary’s chest. His body was flung aside and he spat out a mouthful of blood as his face turned even paler.

Elder Bai’s hand slowly landed on his own chest…

Just as it has happened with the Left Emissary, Elder Bai gathered his energy into his chest and destroyed his Qi Center.Blood poured out from his mouth and his legs crumpled heavily on the ground.


The Left Emissary felt the power leaving his body. His eyes filled with fear and he murmured weakly.

“Sacred Lady, I had not been strict enough in disciplining my disciple. As a result, this little animal had crossed you and had offended your daughter. Hence, I have destroyed my Qi Center as punishment. Please forgive me, Sacred Lady!”

Dongfang Yu did not even spare them a glance as she replied emotionlessly, “You can leave now!”

“Thank you, Sacred Lady, for sparing our lives.”

Elder Bai joined his fists before he strenuously got back onto his feet. He then walked towards the Left Emissary who was still collapsed on the ground.