Evil Emperor's Wild Consort Chapter 1657

Chapter 1657 Returning To The Secret Order 14

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Wen Ya’s expression changed. She sent Wen Yue a fierce glare before placing her attention on Grand Lord Hong Lian and his wife.

“I do admit that based on the Wen family’s current state, I’m afraid that we won’t be able to fight against you! However, you must remember one thing! This is the Secret Order’s territory! There’s no need for me to act this time as themembers of the Secret Order won’t let you off either!”

As Wen Ya was speaking, she failed to notice that the Secret Order’s elders who were about to attack just a moment ago were all in a daze. Even Elder Bai did not speak as if he had been struck dumb…


The Left Emissary crawled to his feet and wiped the blood from the corner of his lips. He stared at Wen Yue, heartbroken.

“I’ve devoted my heart to you yet you would treat me this way. Do I not have any place in your heart? Do you still want to leave with Gu Shengxiao? Alright, I will fulfill your wish! Soon, the members of the Secret Order will kill all of you and throw you into unmarked graves. That way, you’ll be together forever!”

Based on the Left Emissary’s status in the Secret Order, he had never seen Dongfang Yu before. At his current state, he did not notice the peculiar looks on the Secret Order’s elders.

“You want to kill us and throw us into unmarked graves?”

Dongfang Yu laughed. Her smile did not reach her eyes and her beautiful gaze was icy.

“Elder Bai, is that so?”

She slowly turned her gaze towards Elder Bai as her voice dripped with cynicism.

“How dare you! You actually have the nerve to speak to my Master in this manner…”


Before the Left Emissary could finish speaking, he was slapped in the face so hard that he was dizzy for a moment. It took him a while to regain his bearings.

The Grand Hall was instantly silenced.

Some of the crowd who did not understand the situation turned to look at Elder Bai, clearly unable to comprehend the situation at hand.


The Left Emissary was shaken as he stared at Elder Bai in shock, “Why had you…”

“Apologize! Apologize immediately!”

Elder Bai’s expression was ice-cold and he spoke in a firm voice, “Quickly, apologize to her!”


“Apologize if you don’t want to die!”

No one knows how terrified Elder Bai felt.

He was stunned when Dongfang Yu had appeared and he never expected her to turn out to be Gu Ruoyun and Gu Shengxiao’s mother! No wonder he felt as though Gu Ruoyun had looked somewhat familiar. She has that kind of connection to the Sacred Lady.

What a joke. Previously, Wen Ya had even claimed that Gu Shengxiao’s mother had no status or background. If the Sacred Lady has no f*cking status or background, how does the rest of us on the mainland live?

“Master, can you tell me why I should apologize?”

The Left Emissary took a deep breath and asked stubbornly.

Not only had he lost his wife today, he has even been beaten up by Gu Ruoyun. Why should he be the one to apologize now?

A scholar prefers death to humiliation!

I won’t apologize!

“I’m going to beat you to death, you little animal!” Elder Bai slapped the Left Emissary right across his face, flinging him out of the way. His expression was entirely enraged. “Do you not like the fact that I’ve lived for so many years andyou want to f*cking cause my early demise? You little animal, little b*stard, of all the women you had to fight over, you had to snatch Gu Shengxiao’s woman away?”

Elder Bai was trembling with rage. He no longer cared about the shocked look in the Left Emissary’s eyes as he walked towards Dongfang Yu.

“Great Sacred Lady, you’ve returned? Everything which had happened earlier on had been a misunderstanding, it was all a misunderstanding!”