Evil Emperor's Wild Consort Chapter 1656

Chapter 1656 Returning To The Secret Order 13

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“Let’s see which of you dares to lay a hand on my daughter!”

Suddenly, an icy voice rang out from the air and caused the crowd to freeze.

A snow-white figure then appeared before their eyes.

She was an incomparably beautiful woman and her features bore a striking resemblance to Gu Ruoyun’s! However, in contrast to Gu Ruoyun’s chilliness, this beautiful woman’s face was as cold as ice. No one dared to take a second look at her.

Next to the woman was a handsome and grim-looking man. His eyes were very pronounced and they were haughty and unruly. His crimson robes were as magnificent as flames, giving him the addition of a domineering air.

Gu Shengxiao’s body stiffened when he heard the woman’s voice. He then slowly turned around and his gaze landed upon the couple who had stepped out of thin air.


Dongfang Yu quickly stepped down and walked towards the woman in front of her. She then checked her daughter all over with concern.

“How are you? Are you alright? Did those people hurt you?”

Gu Ruoyun shook her head. “I’m fine. People like these can’t hurt me.”

Dongfang Yu then turned her beautiful eyes to look at the black-robed the man next to Gu Ruoyun. Her gaze softened as she said, “You’re Shengxiao, right?”

Gu Shengxiao’s throat felt a little dry and he could not make a sound. He only stared wide-eyed at Dongfang Yu as his dark eyes filled with excitement.

“You, boy!”

Grand Lord Hong Lian subsequently walked over as well, patted Gu Shengxiao on the shoulder and burst into laughter, “What? Aren’t you going to address your parents? This kid does look a lot like me, he’s exactly like me especially around the nose and mouth.”

No matter how the Grand Lord looked at him, he felt that Gu Shengxiao looks a lot like him!

In reality, their similarity lay only in their personality!

“Father, mother.”

Gu Shengxiao moved his lips and finally called out to them.

How many years has it been?

How many years had I last seen my parents?

Now that they were in front of him, he did not know what to say…

“Kid, is this little girl the one who had helped you before?” Grand Lord Hong Lian raised an eyebrow and turned towards Wen Yue. “Don’t worry, little girl, you had helped my son so I’ll definitely make sure you stay safe! Tell me who has bullied you and we will vent your frustrations for you.”

Wen Yue blushed and replied shyly, “Uncle, saving Big Brother Gu was a matter that I was perfectly happy to do.”

“Regardless of that, you had saved my son. We should help you out.”

Dongfang Yu changed her previously ice-cold demeanor and her face lifted with a gentle smile as she looked at Wen Yue kindly.

Wen Yue bit her lip and said, “It was Wen Ya. Wen Yahad forced me to marry the Left Emissary and I had no choice but to comply! When Big Brother had arrived here, I had wanted to back out of the marriage but the Left Emissary refused and insisted that I can only be his wife.”

Tears welled up in Wen Yue’s eyes as she recalled the grief she had suffered during these past few days. It was a good thing that the hard times were now over and good times were just beginning. Not only has Big Brother Gu arrived,but his parents had also appeared as well…

“Mother.” Gu Ruoyun walked towards Dongfang Yu’s side and smiled. “Wen Yue had agreed to marry the Left Emissary to save Big Brother. She had even agreed to stay married to the Left Emissaryso that we could escape.”

“Isn’t this forced prostitution?”

Grand Lord Hong Lian raised his brow and looked at Wen Ya coldly. “Also, we still have debts with the Wen family that were left unsettled! Now, it’s about time that we make them pay!”