Evil Emperor's Wild Consort Chapter 1654

Chapter 1654 Returning To The Secret Order 11

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“Gu Ruoyun, do you dare to fight me on your own?”

The Left Emissary looked at Gu Ruoyun with a gloomy look on his face and asked coldly.

“Fight you on my own?” Gu Ruoyun raised the corners of her lips haughtily as her eyes danced with a grin, “What a waste of time…”

The Left Emissary looked very smug when he heard this. He knew that Gu Ruoyun was lacking in power which was why she doesnot even have the courage to fight him on her own! However, just as he was feeling very pleased with himself, the woman’s chilly voice rang out again.

“Why don’t the Secret Order’s members attack me all at once?”


Her aggressive and egotistical words were like a stroke of lighting which crashed into the crowd, exploding them into confusion.

What does she mean by ‘the Secret Order’s members attack me all at once’? Was she unaware of how powerful the Secret Order was? Forget about the elders who were at the late stage of the Refined State, even the disciples of the Secret Order would be strong enough to drown her to death with their spit.

Yet she actually dared to spout such arrogant words?

The Left Emissary was struck dumb for several seconds before he returned to his senses. He then let out an angry roarand charged towards Gu Ruoyun.

“Gu Ruoyun, you can go to hell!”

His features were extremely sinister. His mind has been entirely brainwashed by rage and he had lost all sense of rationality.

At this moment, he only had one thought in mind to kill the Gu siblings!

His anger could only be appeased by killing them!

Despite facing the Left Emissary who was charging towards her,Gu Ruoyun did not move a single muscle. She remained standing on the same spot like a fool.

It’s over!

When Wen Yue saw the Left Emissary’s sword poised to drive through Gu Ruoyun’s chest, she shuther eyes, unable to bear the sight of it. She gasped internally but there was one thing which confused her.

Big Brother Gu has always adored his little sister. Why isn’t he making a move when his sister is in danger?


A clear noise suddenly rang out, causing Wen Yue to open her eyes. When she turned to look, she was shocked.

The Left Emissary’s blade was pressing against Gu Ruoyun’s chest buther body seemed to be made out of cast iron.Not even her clothes had been torn! It was as if the longsword had landed on a steelplate.

When the Left Emissary saw this, his face finally showed a change as his eyes filled with horror.

“I’ve told you, fighting against you alone is such a huge waste of my time.”

The woman’s clear and cold voice slowly rang out and caused the Left Emissary’s heart to tremble. He was about to pull his sword away when he noticed that the woman in front of him was slowly raising her hand…


A gentle slap landed on the Left Emissary’s face. The sound was loud and clear as it echoed throughout the hall.


Gu Ruoyun had only used one light slap to send the Left Emissary, who was mid-stage Refined State cultivator,flying out of the way. When he crashed onto the floor, he was still unable to grasp the situation and his face was full of shock…

Wen Yue was in also a daze.

Hadn’t the Left Emissary said that Gu Ruoyun’s power was only at the late-stage of the Exceptional State?

Has anyone ever seen a late-stage Exceptional State cultivator defeating a mid-stage Exceptional State cultivator in one second?

“Gu Ruoyun, you’ve got some nerve to cause trouble in the Secret Order!”

Elder Bai’s expression changed instantly as his body flashed and reappeared in front of the crowd. “If you obediently apologize to my disciple, I will let you leave this place. If you don’t apologize, once our Order Master emerges from his closed-doorcultivation, your days are numbered!”

Elder Bai knows that he was no match for Gu Ruoyun so he had used the Order Master’s name to intimidate Gu Ruoyun. He believes that regardless of what state Gu Ruoyun’s power was at, she was definitely no match for the Order Master!