Evil Emperor's Wild Consort Chapter 1653

Chapter 1653 Returning To The Secret Order 10

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Once the Left Emissary had said his piece, he turned to look at the silent Elder Bai and said, “Master, you’ve heard what she just said, she does not respect the Secret Order at all! I’ve decided to teach this woman a lesson. When the Order Master asks about this, you must back me up. It was this woman who had provoked me first, I’m only acting for the Secret Order’s sake!”

Elder Bai nodded. “Such a savage little girl should be given a lesson. Do it. I will bear witness in the Order Master’s place.”


The Left Emissary turned towards Gu Ruoyun when he heard this. “You’re only at the late stage of the Exceptional State yet you dare tochallenge a Refined State cultivator like me! You will soon understand the difference between the both of us.”

A few months ago, Gu Ruoyun had indeed been at the late stage of the Exceptional State. However, only afew months have passed so the Left Emissary still thinks that her power has not grown by very much.

“Left Emissary!”

Wen Yue panicked. She tried to reach out and stop the Left Emissary but she was restrained by Wen Ya.

“Yue’er, you’re really stupid. What’s so great about Gu Shengxiao? He has no status and no background. How is he any more powerful than the might of the Secret Order? This decision of yours is a whole other level of stupidity! You would insist on looking at Gu Shengxiao while you refuse such an outstanding man like the Left Emissary who is right in front of you!”

“Let go of me!”

Wen Yue’s expression changed.

Even though Gu Shengxiao’s power has increased substantially, he still could not be compared to a powerhouse like the Secret Order. Hence, how could Wen Yue not worry for their safety?

“You sit right here and watch! Watch how the intruders of the Secret Order meet their end!”

Wen Ya held Wen Yue’s shoulders with a firm grip and sneered, “Those who oppose the Secret Order will never meet a good end!”

There was one more thing she had not mentioned…

Those who oppose the Wen familywould face dire consequences as well.

“Big Brother Gu, forget about me. All of you, run!” Wen Yue’s expression was full of anxiety and her eyes were filled with deep worry.

Gu Shengxiao looked at her grimly, “I won’t drag anyone down over my business!”

I won’t drag anyone down over my business…

Those words poured like a bucket of ice water onto Wen Yue’s heart, filling her with pain.

This cold and heartless man was saving her not because he could not endure the thought of her marrying the Left Emissary! His only motivation was that he did not want to drag others down because of his business.

She would never exist in his heart!

Even so, she does not wish for him to lose his life here nor does she want him to risk his life for her.

“Left Emissary, let them go! As long as you let them go, I will marry you willingly!” Wen Yue bit her lip and used all her might to spit out those words.

In the beginning, she had thought that as long as Gu Shengxiao was safe, she could confess her feelings and the Left Emissary would let her go! However, she had been wrong! Regardless of who she loves, the Left Emissary would never let her go!

Since that was the case, why not use her lifetime of happiness to exchange it for the safety of the man she loves?

“It’s too late!” The Left Emissary smiled sinisterly. “You must marry me while these people will still die! Especially you, Gu Ruoyun. You had the audacity to disrespect the Secret Order so I will end your life here!”

Wen Yue’s body trembled as she stared at the Left Emissary as if he wasunrecognizable.

This might be the first time she realized how vicious and merciless this man actually was…