Evil Emperor's Wild Consort Chapter 1649

Chapter 1649 Returning To The Secret Order 6

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Gu Ruoyun fell silent for a moment before she gently nodded, “Let’s go to the Secret Order together.”

Gu Shengxiao smiled. He then seemed to have remembered something and stepped in front of Qianbei Ye. His voice was dry and hoarse as he spoke, “Thank you…”

Even though he knows that Qianbei Ye had saved him for his sister’s sake, that man had still saved him! Therefore, Gu Shengxiao’s heart was filled with gratitude towards Qianbei Ye at this moment.

“You are Yun’er’s brotherand my older brother-in-law. No matter what it is, I only did what I was supposed to.”

Qianbei Ye curled the corners of his lips as a light flickered in his demonic red eyes.

“Azure Dragon, I want you and the others to stay here.” Gu Ruoyun fell silent for a moment before she turned towards the Four Divine Beasts. “My parents will be arriving here soon. When they do, inform them that we’re making our way towards the Secret Order.”

“Master, you can go ahead with no worries.” The Vermillion Bird grinned, “We will wait for your parents here and take care of the rest.”

Gu Ruoyun turned around and said, “Let’s go.”

Mengmeng grew excited when it heard that they were going to the Secret Order.

It had originated from the Secret Order so it feels a great sentiment towards the Secret Order. Now that it was going back to its hometown, how could it not feel excited?

Unfortunately, whether they were human or a spiritual beast, both were liable to make mistakes when they get excited…

As Mengmeng was far too excited, it accidentally touched Gu Ruoyun’s breasts with its paws. When it returned to its senses, it suddenly felt a powerful coercion from the man next to it.

“Yun’er, this fellow is too much of a pervert. Let’s not bring it along.”

Qianbei Ye then picked it up and threw it at the Azure Dragon.

“Squeak, squeak, squawk!”

The little fellow cried out in rage. Its eyes were filled with extreme grief like an abandoned wife.

“At the end of the day, this little fellow had originated from the Secret Order so we have to bring it to the Secret Order. How about this, I’ll let it stay in the Ancient Divine Pagoda and I’ll only call it out when we need to.”

Gu Ruoyun scooped the little fellow up from the Azure Dragon’s arms. She ignored its pitiful little face before cruelly throwing it into the Ancient Divine Pagoda…

“Now, we can leave.”

She shrugged as she said.

The Secret Order.

The whole place was decorated with lanterns and colored banners and the entire mountain was filled with celebration.

The disciples of the Secret Order knows that this was the Secret Order’s Left Emissary’s wedding day.

As the Order Master and Elder Tianren have been in closed-doorcultivation over the past few days, the Left Emissary’s master, Elder Bai, was the one who organized this wedding!

“The first bow to the heavens and earth!”

The master of ceremony’s spirited voice rang out in the great hall and brought everyone’s emotions along with him.

The Left Emissary gazed at Wen Yue warmly as his eyes filled with tenderness. As Wen Yue’s face was covered by a red wedding veil, he could not see her expression.

However, the Left Emissary believes that Wen Yuemust be as excited as he was1at this moment.

“The second bow to the parents!”

Elder Bai, who was seated upright in the great hall, looked in satisfaction at the newlyweds below him as he accepted their kowtow.

“Thirdly, enter the bridal chamber!”

When the last syllable was uttered, Wen Yue clenched her fists as her eyes filled with agony. Her features were extremely pale.


The Left Emissary walked to Wen Yue’s side and whispered into her ear, “You are now finally bound to me. You can say that we are lovers who have finally gotten together. From now on, no one can stand in our way.”