Evil Emperor's Wild Consort Chapter 1647

Chapter 1647 Returning To The Secret Order 4

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The Secret Order was an existence that even the Governor has to give way to!

Since the Wen family’s daughter has managed to marry into the Secret Order, this shows that they have run into good fortune!

“Vermillion Bird, Azure Dragon, White Tiger, and Black Turtle, come out.”

Gu Ruoyun coldly gave the order after the passerby had spoken.


At that moment, four rays of light emerged from her body and turned into a pair of handsome men and beautiful women who stood in front of Gu Ruoyun.

“Destroy all this. Crush the Wen family home and find my big brother.”

“Yes, Master.”

The four instantly charged towards the Wen family home once they had received Gu Ruoyun’s command. With one shot of dragon’s flame, the Wen family home’s door was smashed into two.

“Lady, do you want to dig your own grave?”

The passerby jumped with fright from Gu Ruoyun’s action and quickly exclaimed, “I’ve said it very clearly! The Wen family’s daughter is marrying the Secret Order’s Left Emissary and this family will rise as a result. Even without this, the Wen family are certainly not people that anyone can offend!”

Gu Ruoyun ignored the passerby as she walked through the Wen family home’s smashed gate.

At the same time, countless Wen family guards rushed out from the gate to surround Gu Ruoyun and the others. They bellowed, “You have some nerve to dare cause trouble in the Wen family home! Do you want to die?”

Qianbei Ye gently raised the corner of his lips and pulled Gu Ruoyun into his arms. His bloodthirsty yet demonic red eyes swept across the guards as he asked, “Where’s Gu Shengxiao?”

The lead guard did not bother to answer Qianbei Ye’s question and sneered, “There is no Gu Shengxiao in the Wen family. By daring to cross the Wen family, you’re digging your own graves! Be good and surrender if you want a less painful death. Perhaps we might even leave you with whole corpses!”

“You, on what grounds do you have to stand in my way?”

The Vermillion Bird laughed icily as a sinister look flashed through her adorable doll-like features.

“Oh, there’s a little brat as well? I never thought that kids nowadays would turn out to be so savage and have the audacity to threaten us. Go to hell!”


As the guard spoke, he saw the Vermillion Bird’s tiny body flashed towards him and was soon face-to-face with him. She reached her little hand into his chest and when she took it out, her tiny hand was holding on to a still-beating, bright red heart.

The guard trembled. He then looked at his chest which now has a hole. His eyes opened wide before he slowly collapsed onto the ground.

“Now, who else dares to call me a little brat?”

The Vermillion Bird raised her brow while her voice carried a sense of dominance, “It’s likely that your ancestors weren’t even born when I was born. The sights I’ve seen are farmore than you’ll ever experience in a few lifetimes! Of course, the people I’ve killed in this lifetime can probably be piled into a mountain. On what grounds do dogs and offal like you have to cause a ruckus in front of me?”

During this period of time, the Four Divine Beasts’ powers have grown substantially. They managed to vanquish all the guards in one breath.

“Azure Dragon, Vermillion Bird, and Black Turtle, you can clean things up. I will find and bringGu Shengxiao here.” The White Tiger, Yunyao, looked at her companions as she spoke with a serious look on her face.

“Alright, you go. We’ll clean everything up very nicely here. Not even entrails shall be left.”

The Azure Dragon’s gaze landed upon Yunyao. There was a sense of tenderness in his eyes.

When Gu Ruoyun noticed this, she stroked her chin and asked with a grin, “Xiao Ye, shouldn’t we organize the matter between the Azure Dragon and the White Tiger?”