Evil Emperor's Wild Consort Chapter 1646

Chapter 1646 Returning To The Secret Order 3

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“You…” Wen Ya’s expression changed. She then softened her tone and continued, “Wen Yue, you’re a member of the Wen family as well so you understand the Art of Puppet-Making. Gu Shengxiao’s willpower is far too strong so even though we’ve refined him into a puppet, he’s now only in a half-controlled state! However, you must understand that based on our Wen family’s abilities, it’s only a matter of time before we gain full control of him. Therefore, you must marry the Left Emissary or Gu Shengxiao will not survive!”

“Besides…” Wen Ya sneered and continued, “As a slave, Gu Shengxiao cannot attack his Master! If the Wen family tries to kill him, he can’t fight back. Yue’er, are you certain that you want to watch him die?”

Wen Yue took a deep breath.

She knows that Wen Ya has found her weak spot.

Gu Shengxiao was her weak spot!

“I will marry him.”

Those words seemed to have taken all of her energy to say and caused her body to droop and nearly collapse on the ground.

“If you had listened obediently in the first place, wouldn’t we be done with the matter already?” Wen Ya’s voice turned warm and gentle again. “Yue’er, tomorrow is your wedding day. I hope that you will make the preparations today.”

After that, Wen Ya left the room, leaving Wen Yue to stare out the window and daydream all on her own.

Tears were streaming down Wen Yue’s beautiful face and she lifted her hand to gently wipe them off. Her pale face was full of despair and agony.

“Big Brother Gu, I don’t want to marry anyone but you but I can’t act of my own free will now. I will marry the Left Emissary for your sake and I will live well. Only then will they stop giving you trouble.”

“Still, you really are quite silly, Big Brother Gu. You had clearly managed to escape that day yet you’ve come back to this place! I know that you had wanted to raise your power level to save your sister and the only way you can receive an instant increase in power was to be turned into a puppet.”

“So, I had chosen to support you then. I know that whatever decision you’ve made, it would be the right one. Big Brother Gu, I really wish I could see you again one last time. You are so outstanding, so brave, so perfect…”

Those handsome yet cold features floated into her mind’s eye. Wen Yue smiled but her smile was very sad and her eyes carried a tragic air.


She understood that she could not possibly see him again in this lifetime.

“Is this the Wen family home?”

Gu Ruoyun paused on the street as she stared at the bright red banner with the word ‘happiness’ on Wen family gate in front of her. She raised her brows, “Is someone getting married in the Wen family?”

“Hehe, don’t you know, Miss?”

A passerby overheard Gu Ruoyun’s words and kindly explained to her, “It’s the Wen family’s Second Young Lady, Wen Yue’s wedding day. Wen Yue’s intended is a man with unmatched qualities!Have you heard of the Secret Order? She’s getting married to the Secret Order’s Left Emissary. Tsk, tsk. I really don’t know what kind of luck the Wen family has run into to be able toreceive the favor of a member of the Secret Order! The Wen family’s marriage sedan has just left, likely on its way to the Secret Order.”

Initially, not many people had known about the Secret Order’s existence.

However, the Secret Order has appeared before the eyes of the world ever since the assessment.

The First City’s citizens could be excused for being ignorant when it comes to the Four Great Protectors and they could also be excused for not knowing the Governor’s identity. However, all of them were familiar with the meaning behind the words ‘Secret Order’.