Evil Emperor's Wild Consort Chapter 1645

Chapter 1645 Returning To The Secret Order 2

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Furthermore, based on Gu Ruoyun’s current rank of power, it was unlikely that the Wen family could do anything to her.

At the Wen family home.

The bedchamber was filled with an elegant fragrance. A woman was seated in front of the window daydreaming as Wen Ya entered the room.“Wen Yue, the Wen family has found you such an outstanding son-in-law so why aren’t you happy? Have you really fallen for Gu Shengxiao?”

Wen Yue’s body stiffened. She then gently lowered her eyes and remained silent.

“Yue’er, the Lord Left Emissary thinks very highly of you. Even while he was serving his sentencein the Secret Order, he has been thinking about you all this time! You should be honored to have such an outstanding man who desires you as his wife.Tomorrow is your wedding day, I hope that you’re ready.”

Wen Ya had wanted to give Wen Yue more advice but she saw the latter turn away from her.

Wen Yue’s action stirred up trouble within Wen Ya and her voice slowly grew colder.

“Wen Yue, let me tell you this. You must marry him even if you don’t want to! What’s so great about that kid, Gu Shengxiao? He’s now nothing but the Wen family’s slave. As a slave, how can he be fit for you? The Lord Left Emissary is different. He’s a member of the Secret Order and you should know the Secret Order’s position very well! Marry him and from that moment on, the Wen family’s fortunes shall rise as well!”

A few months ago, Wen Ya had encountered Gu Ruoyun during the Secret Order’s assessment! While they were going through the assessment, Wen Ya hadrelied on the Left Emissary’s protection to cause trouble for Gu Ruoyun. Despite all that, that woman had still managed to successfully enter the Secret Order and had also received the Sacred Beast’s approval!

However, Wen Ya does not place any importance on Gu Ruoyun. So what if she had been lucky enough to receive the Sacred Beast’s approval? At the end of the day, she was not a permanent member of the Secret Order! Otherwise, the Order Master would not have allowed her to leave the Secret Order.

Unfortunately, Wen Ya had no idea that when Gu Ruoyun had left the Secret Order, she had also taken the Sacred Beast with her. If Wen Ya had known about this, she might never have dared to trouble Gu Shengxiao again.

She was also unaware that the Secret Order’s Sacred Lady was Gu Shengxiao’s mother, Dongfang Yu!

How could the Left Emissary be compared to the Secret Order’s Sacred Lady?

“Yue’er, the Wen family has nurtured you for so many years. Could it be that we’ve brought up a thankless wretch? Now, our Wen family has been disastrously hurt and the Murong family is also constantly causing trouble for us. If you don’t marry a member of the Secret Order, it would be difficult for our Wen family to stand firm on this mainland.”

Wen Yue pursed her lips but did not reply. She no longer has any kindred feelings towards her so-called family, all that was left was a boundless hatred.

Now, for their own sake, they want her to marry a man she does not love?

Wen Yue felt like laughing. She laughed out loud coldly but did not say anything else as if Wen Ya had not existed.

“Yue’er, you had helped to sneak Gu Shengxiao away once. At that time, I had known that you must have fallen for him. Otherwise, why would you risk danger and help him to escape? However, who would have thought that Gu Shengxiao would be so stupid as to give himself up! Now, he’s in our hands. As a puppet, the Wen family can make him do anything and he has no way to refuse. If we asked him to kill himself, he would kill himself. If you want Gu Shengxiao to live, you better get married like a good girl!”

Wen Yue finally spoke, “You have turned Big Brother Gu into a puppet and now his powers are so great. Why don’t you get him to settle all your problems? Why must I marry the Left Emissary?”