Evil Emperor's Wild Consort Chapter 1644

Chapter 1644 Returning To The Secret Order 1

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Gu Ruoyun slowly lowered her hand as she stared coldly at Lin Yang’s ugly expression.

“I’ve not given you permission to die. You’re certainly not allowed to die!”

Under most circumstances, Gu Ruoyun would never have used such methods to deal with Lin Yang. However, Lin Yang had helped Lin Xue to frame and seduce her father. This violated her taboo which was why she had reacted so cruelly.

Nothing was more important to her than her parents! Even though Lin Xue’s efforts had been unsuccessful, she would not tolerate it either.

“Father, send someone to watch over them later in case they try to commit suicide.”

Gu Ruoyun did not look at Lin Yang anymore as she turned around to face Grand Lord Hong Lian.

“Don’t worry, Yun’er, leave this matter to me.”

Grand Lord Hong Lian’s gaze was tender when he looked at Gu Ruoyun. When he turned to address the Lin siblings, his gaze turned cold and grim again. “I had given you a warning but, unfortunately, you’ve willfully acted on your own so don’t blame me for being cruel. You, take these two away.”

“Yes, Grand Lord!”

The guard who was standing next to Grand Lord Hong Lian stepped forward and escorted the now demented-looking Lin siblings away.

After they had left, the study reverted back to silence. Only the torn and tattered clothes scattered around remained as proof of everything they had experienced…

“Yun’er, it’s late now, you should go and get some rest.”

Grand Lord Hong Lian looked at Gu Ruoyun and his grim features turned gentle with smiles, “I will deal with everything after this.”

Gu Ruoyun nodded and did not add anything else as she left the study with Qianbei Ye. After they had left, Grand Lord Hong Lian held Dongfang Yu in his embrace as they also headed towards their bedchamber.

Gu Ruoyun stayed for almost half a month in the Red Lotus Territory. During this half a month, Zuo Shangchen had sent over the last medicinal ingredient she needed to lift the puppet’s body from her brother. He, however, had not appeared. This gave Gu Ruoyun a very bad feeling and she felt uneasy.

Furthermore, Grand Lord Hong Lian had insisted on handing over all of Red Lotus Territory to Gu Ruoyun but she hadrejected him. In the end, Dongfang Yu suggested making Gu Ruoyun the Young Grand Lord instead.

Gu Ruoyun did not object to this.

On this day, Dongfang Yu and Gu Ruoyun were in the middle of a conversation when a guard rushed in.His face was full of anxiety as he exclaimed, “Madam, we have news of the Young Master.”


Dongfang Yu instantly rose to her feet as her beautiful face lit up with excitement, “Qing Lin, you say you have news of Shengxiao?”

“That’s right.” The guard named Qing Lin nodded. “Our men have been scouting around the area surrounding Wen family home. We’ve just received definitive news that the Young Master has been spotted in the Wen family home! However, the Young Master was not looking too good…”

“I understand, Qing Lin. You may take your leave.”

Dongfang Yu took a deep breath to suppress the eagerness in her heart. She then turned to look at Gu Ruoyun and said, “Yun’er, we must go to the Wen family home this instance!”

“Agreed.” Gu Ruoyun nodded. “Mother, father is not in the residence now. Why don’t you wait for him to return and then come to the Wen family home together? Xiao Ye and I will make our way there first.”

“Take good care of yourself.”

Both their hearts were filled with excitement over this news. Though Dongfang Yu wants to follow Gu Ruoyun to the Wen family home immediately, she understood that she has to wait for Grand Lord Hong Lian to return first.