Evil Emperor's Wild Consort Chapter 1642

Chapter 1642 The Brainless Lin Xue 9

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Lin Yang wanted to reach out and cover Lin Xue’s mouth. Obviously, it was too late now. The young girl had quickly spewed those words in one breath. She had not given him the chance to react at all…

Gu Ruoyun was not enraged. She only gently raised the corners of her lips as she looked at Lin Xue with a forced smile.


Was she talking about Qianbei Ye?

However, Xiao Ye does indeed have very fair and beautiful features…


Suddenly, a large hand reached out from the side and lifted Lin Xue high up into the air before violently slamming her against the wall.

Her head collided with the wall and blood trickled down, dyeing the snow-white wall red.

Lin Xue was in a daze as she stared at that cold and handsome man who looked like the god of death. She felt as if a sharp weapon had pierced through her heart.

“Grand Lord, the Madam is useless. She can’t give you a son but Xue’er can do that. Xue’er only doesn’t wish for the world you’ve fought for to fall into the hands of an outsider.”

Lin Yang shut his eyes, no longer able to bear watching this scene. He knows his sister’s character very well. Perhaps bringing her to the Territory had been hisbiggest mistake1

“Who told you that I don’t have a son?”

Grand Lord Hong Lian seemed to have emphasized these words to cause Lin Xue even more pain.

Lin Xue’s entire being froze before she shook her head profusely. “Impossible, I’ve never heard that the Grand Lord has a son. You must be lying to me. That’s right, you’re lying to me.”

“Lying to you?” Grand Lord Hong Lian scoffed icily, “What part of you is worth my lies? My son is Gu Shengxiaoand is also Yun’er’s big brother. However, I’m not the sort of person whovalues males more than females.What’s the difference between having a son or a daughter? The person I will give the Red Lotus Territory tois my daughter! Even if Shengxiao does not exist, it’s certainly not your place to have any opinions!”

Lin Xue’s heart was like dead ashes. Her eyes were dazed and vacant as an endless agony chewed on her heart like ants.

“Grand Lord, a daughter married is like water spilled. By giving the territory to your daughter, it means that you’re destined to give this power to an outsider.” Lin Xue spoke as she stared dazed at Grand Lord Hong Lian.

She hates Gu Ruoyun.

No matter what, she does not wish for Gu Ruoyun to inherit this power. Hence, she was using all of her energy topersuade the Grand Lord2.

“You say that Xiao Ye is a gigolo?” Gu Ruoyun walked towards Lin Xue and curled her lips into a smile. Her smile did not reach her eyes and her gaze was as cold as ice, “I can tell you that Xiao Ye has given me an engagement gift as big as the sky! The organization he has built can conquer the heavens and earth. Now, it has become my engagement present!”

“Besides…” Gu Ruoyun paused as her clear and cold eyes flashed with murderous intent, “You had tried to seduce my father. By doing so, you have already violated my taboo so I’m now wondering how I should punish you.”

Lin Xue was dumbstruck.

Did this woman just say that her man has given her an engagement gift as big as the sky? That this engagement gift could conquer the entire world?


That’s simply impossible!

An arrogant woman like her would only attract pretty boys with no powers who wish to exploit her. Truly powerful cultivators would never have given her a second look…

“Yun’er, I never thought that you two would haveprogressed so quickly3. You’ve even accepted the engagement gift.”

Grand Lord Hong Lian’s entire face was full of resentment. He looked at Qianbei Ye who was next to Gu Ruoyunand said, “Furthermore, if my guess is correct, this fellow’s power has already broken through the Refined State. Am I right? Hasn’t he reached a level above the Refined State?”