Evil Emperor's Wild Consort Chapter 1641

Chapter 1641 The Brainless Lin Xue 8

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Grand Lord Hong Lian laughed icily as he turned his disdainful glare towards Lin Xue who was in front of him. “I’ve heard the guard’s report. It says that you were causing a racket and claiming that I was raping you?”

The man’s tone carried an obvious and powerful murderous intent. How could Lin Xue resist such a powerful aura? Her body trembled and she nearly fell flat onto the ground.

“Grand Lord, Xue’er had initially come to the study to apologize to you and to say goodbye. Who would have thought that when I entered the study…” Tears streamed down Lin Xue’s face as she denounced the unconscious footboy hatefully, “This fellow had charged towards me and behaved immorally! Xue’er had believed that only you, Grand Lord, was alone in the study so I had misunderstood the situation. Xue’er is truly innocent! Please, Grand Lord, grant me your support!”

When the Grand Lord saw how Lin Xue was explaining herself, his eyes grew even colder, “Qing Lin, wake him up.”

“Yes, Grand Lord.”

A guard by Grand Lord Hong Lian’s side walked towards the footboy before raising his hand to slap him fiercely on the back. The footboy finally woke up.

At that moment, the effects of his drug have worn off but his previous actions with Lin Xue was still fresh in his mind. It caused the footboy’s face to change and he quickly crawled towards the Grand Lord and kowtow-ed fiercely.

“Grand Lord, please spare my life. I had eaten the lotus seed porridge that you had rewarded me with and I don’t know what came over me but I felt as though my entire body was on fire. It was also at that time when Miss Lin Xue had walked in. She then stripped me of my clothes and cried out your name, Grand Lord. She even said that she wanted to have your child. When I heard those words, I lost all my senses and this had happened.”

The footboy had not heard Lin Xue call the Grand Lord’s name nor did he hear her saying that she wanted to give birth to the Grand Lord’s child. However, he knows that this explanation was the one which would be the most beneficial towards him!

Pushing the blame onto others was not something that Lin Xue alone was well-versed with!

“You’re spouting nonsense!”

Lin Xue’s expression changed greatly and she pointed angrily at the footboy. “It was you who had forced yourself on me regardless of whether I agreed to it or not yet you dare to make bogus accusations. Grand Lord, you must support me. Someone like this should be hacked to pieces and left without a whole corpse!”

As both sides were blaming each other, Gu Ruoyun pushed Qianbei Ye’s hand away and slowly walked towards the study table. She picked up the empty bowl and put it near her nose, sniffing it gently.

“What is it, Yun’er?” Grand Lord Hong Lian turned towards Gu Ruoyun and asked.

Gu Ruoyun put down the bowl and replied calmly, “It contains the residue of the Happy Union Herb.”

The Happy Union Herb. One only needed to hear the words ‘happy union’ to understand what it meant!

Lin Xue’s face turned from white to green and back again. Suddenly, she lashed out and charged towards Gu Ruoyun as if she had gone mad.


Lin Yang’s face drained of color as he quickly wrapped his arms around his out-of-control sister. “Stop causing trouble. Will you only be satisfied once you’ve caused your own death?”

Since Lin Xue was unsuccessful in seducing the Grand Lord, perhaps she might have gotten away with only a small punishment. However, if she touches the Eldest Lady, knowing the Grand Lord’s protectiveness, he would give her a fate worse than death!

“Gu Ruoyun, you sl*t, you’re afraid that I would snatch the Grand Lord away. You’re scared that I would give birth to a son and take your position away!” Lin Xue thrashed about in Lin Yang’s arms as she shrieked like a madwoman, “You are a ruined woman, you’re going to take the Grand Lord’s power and marry another man. That’s equivalent to using the Grand Lord to feed this gigolo. You are a leech who lives off him to feed an outsider. What right does a woman like you have to command the Red Lotus Territory? I want to bear the Grand Lord’s child and fight with you for the entire territory!”