Evil Emperor's Wild Consort Chapter 1640

Chapter 1640 The Brainless Lin Xue 7

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Before Lin Yang could make sense of it all, Grand Lord Hong Lian was already right in front of him.

The Grand Lord curled his lip into a cold and grim angle under Lin Yang’s horrified gaze and ordered in a domineering manner, “Are you going to open the door or shall I do it myself?”

His voice carried a murderous air and caused Lin Yang to shiver. He finally returned to his senses and knelt to the ground with a thud, crying out anxiously, “Grand Lord, please consider my loyalty in all these days towards you and spare my little sister’s life. I will be extremely grateful.”

Grand Lord Hong Lian lowered his head and stared coldly at the kneeling Lin Yang. A cold and grim smile appeared on the corners of his lips.

“Once, I had saved you from death and given you a place to stay. However, you indulged your sister in her outrageous behavior. Now, you dare to speak of your loyalty towards me?”

Lin Yang’s body shuddered. His behavior today was a clear betrayal of the Grand Lord’s trust towards him, how could he speak of loyalty now?

When Lin Yang thought about what his little sister was about to face, his heart filled with horror. This was also the first time he thoroughly regretted not disciplining his sister.


Grand Lord Hong Lian no longer bothered with idle chit chat and instantly lifted his leg to kick the study room’s door open. He then coldly spat, “Light the candles!”

“Yes, Grand Lord.”

Lin Xue, who was intertwined with the footboy at the moment, suddenly heard a familiar yet cold voice. It shocked her so much that her body shook. After that, someone said the words ‘Grand Lord’ and sent shockwaves through her mind. Her body stiffened.


How could the person who has arrived to catch us in the act turn out to be the Grand Lord?

Since that person who has just arrived was the Grand Lord, who was the man pressed up against her?

A sense of dismay overtook Lin Xue’s heart and it was so unbearable that she nearly suffocated. It was also at this moment that the candles in the dark study were lit. She immediately saw an ugly and vulgar face above her in the candlelight.

Especially since that ugly person was still doing his exercise on top of her.

“Don’t look, Yun’er.”

Qianbei Ye quickly reached out to shield Gu Ruoyun’s eyes. At the same time, he turned his head, afraid that the couple’s naked bodies would taint their eyes…


An unbearably distressed voice chimed in.

The crowd watched as Lin Yang staggered towards Lin Xue. When he saw the man who was pressed down against Lin Xue, his vision blackened and he nearly fainted.

How can this be?

Why did the person doing these things to Xue’er turn out to be the footboy?

“Get off my sister!”

Lin Yang angrily reached his hand out and punched the man on top of Lin Xue out of the way. He then quickly helped Lin Xue up as his face filled with anxiety, “Xue’er…”

Lin Xue’s face was as white as snow and her lips were trembling slightly. After a long time, she abruptly returned to her senses, ran to one side and puked.


She propped her hand on a wall as her entire face twisted in agony. Each time she thought about how that ugly freak had kissed her with his bad breath, her stomach would feel as though it was churning with an overwhelming force. She felt the urge to throw up all the food she had eaten over the past few days!

Once she has finished puking, she immediately rushed to Grand Lord Hong Lian’s side and knelt to the ground. “Grand Lord, you must back me up! You must back me up! This ugly freak has raped me and I want to kill him. I must have him killed!”

Her first time was supposed to be dedicated to the Grand Lord. She never thought that an ugly freak has taken it instead! How could the arrogant and proud Lin Xue possibly bear this? Therefore, she has already mentally torn that ugly freak into shreds!