Evil Emperor's Wild Consort Chapter 1638

Chapter 1638 The Brainless Lin Xue 5

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“Big brother, are you sure that the lotus seed porridge has been sent in?”

A young girl was standing in a courtyard. Her face was full of joy while her eyes burned passionately.

“That’s right. The Grand Lord enjoys having a bowl of lotus seed porridge prepared by the madam while he handles business. This has become his habit. It’s about time, I think the Grand Lord should have finished the lotus seed porridge. You can go in now.”


The young girl jumped gleefully. The man’s cold and handsome features flashed across her mind and a sense of shyness appeared on her face,“Theis Grand Lord may be a little more advanced in age but based on his features, you can’t tell how old he actually is at all. Furthermore, he is very handsome. If I can have one night with him, I will be satisfied.”

Lin Yang shook his head in exasperation and said, “Let’s head over, Xue’er. You must be careful and you can’t let the Madam see you. Otherwise, you will bring the disaster of your demise.”

“Hmph, as long as I become the Grand Lord’s woman, would she dare to lay a finger on me?”

The young girl scoffed icily. In her heart, as long as she gives the Grand Lord a son, she would receive the highest authority in the Red Lotus Territory!

“Let’s go, brother. I’m afraid that the Grand Lord might leave the study if we drag things on for too long.”

Once she had spoken, she dragged Lin Yang and quickly headed towards the study.

At this moment, the footboy who had just finished the lotus seed porridge was blowing out the candles in the study when he staggered and nearly stumbled to the ground. He quickly crawled to his feet and felt an incomparably burning sensation throughout his entire body. He needs to find someone to violently let it out.


The room’s door was pushed open and the scent of a woman’s fragrance rushed towards him. It caused the footboy tolose control and charge towards her, pushing the young woman who had entered the study onto the ground.

“Aiya,” the young girl cried out in a delicate and pretty manner. There was an obviously bashful tone in her voice. “You’re so rough.”

Ln Xue did not expect someone as cold as the Grand Lord to be so crude when it came to matters like this. Besides, he even has the foul-smelling scent of sweat! When he pressed his lips against hers, the stench of bad breath assailedher and almost caused her to puke.

At this moment, there was no light in the room and the night sky was so dark that if one reaches out their hand, they would not be able to see their fingers. Hence, Lin Xue was unable to see thatthe person who had pushed her onto the ground was not the Grand Lord but the Grand Lord’s footboy instead.

After an unknown amount of time, Lin Xue felt as if her body was being torn apart from the agony and could not help but cry out very loudly. To anyone who was unaware of the situation, theywould think that she was being raped.

“Help! Someone! Save me! The Grand Lord is raping me!”

Lin Xue wailed as she cried out.

However, because the person on top of her had been drugged, his mind was in a blur and he did not hear her wailing. Therefore, he continued to put all his energy into his exercise.

This was the effect that Lin Xue had wanted.

She wanted Dongfang Yu to witness everything the Grand Lord was doing to her with her own eyes. This way, that arrogant woman would be so furious that she would leave! Perhaps then there would be no need for Lin Xue to become a concubine but she would be made into his legal wife instead!

In his chambers, the Grand Lord was being affectionate with Dongfang Yu when the room’s door burst open and a guard rushed in.

However, the guard was stunned when saw what the Grand Lord and Dongfang Yu were doing.

“Get out!”

The Grand Lord’s voice was deep and low but it was thick with murderous intent. It frightened the guard so much that he shivered and threw himself down on the ground and knelt with a thump.He no longer dared to look at the two at all.