Evil Emperor's Wild Consort Chapter 1637

Chapter 1637 The Brainless Lin Xue 4

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“Big brother, we will still continue with today’s plan. I only need you to secretly help me to place the drug. As for the drug, I’ve already prepared it.”

Lin Xue remembered her plan and smiled complacently.

“Xue’er! Are you only satisfied if you throw your life away?” Lin Yang’s face flashed with anger. “Are you still unaware of the Grand Lord’s personality? He will kill you, he really will kill you! The Grand Lord is not the type of person to be merciful to women! I heard that there was once a woman named Bai Yin in the Grand Lord’s residence. That woman had even fought by the Grand Lord’s side for many years. In the end, the Grand Lord had killed her for the Eldest Lady’s sake!”

Lin Xue pursed her lips in a nonchalant manner, “They must have been too stupid and had not drugged the Grand Lord! The Grand Lord is a man who takes responsibility. As long as the rice is cooked, we need not be afraid of having him acknowledge the debt. Big brother, you will be chased out of the Grand Lord’s residence tomorrow. We only have tonight! There’s no time to waste.”


Lin Yang stared at his stubborn and willful little sister in frustration.

Why could she not see it based onthe previous situation? The Grand Lord had paid her no attention at all. Even if her tactics worked, he would never take responsibility for her predicament. Perhaps he would have her killed after dealing with her!

“Big brother, if you refuse to help me,I will jump1.”

Lin Xue ran to the edge of the lake and turned to look at Lin Yang as she threatened to jump.

“I’ve told you, if I don’t give the Grand Lord a child, I will kill myself in front of you!”

“You…” Lin Yang’s heart trembled violently. He shut his eyes before opening them again after a long while. He looked at Lin Xue and said, “I understand, I will help you, Xue’er. I only hope that you won’t be so willful from now on.”

Lin Xue smiled complacently as if she never noticed the pale look on her own brother’s face.

“I have confidence that I will give the Grand Lord a boy. By then, the Madam and Eldest Lady will depend on my will for survival. As for this Red Lotus Territory, I will never hand it over to anoutsider2! The Red Lotus Territory’s throne can only be inherited by a son!”

The banquet dragged on for quite a while beore it ended. However, Grand Lord Hong Lian still had a number of tasks to complete. Hence, he had asked Dongfang Yu to retire and get some rest first while he settled these matters.

After all, everything must be in order before he hands theRed Lotus Territory to Gu Ruoyun.

In the study.

Grand Lord Hong Lian’s head was buried in a pile documents and his brows would furrow and relax fromtime to time. Suddenly, someone knocked on the study door. “Grand Lord, the kitchen has sent over a midnight snack. May I enter?”

“Come in.”

Grand Lord Hong Lian replied indifferently.

A footboy entered the study. He was carrying a bowl of lotus seed porridge as he slowly made his way towards the Grand Lord.

The Grand Lord picked up the spoon, and careful tasted it. He frowned at the first bite, “Was this lotus seed porridge not prepared by the Madam?”

“Reporting to the Grand Lord, this had been prepared by a maidservant from the kitchen.”

“I see.” Grand Lord Hong Lian nodded and frowned. “I was wondering why the taste of it was so different from the ones Madam has prepared. I still prefer lotus seed porridge made by the Madam so I will reward this bowl to you.”

The footboy’s face filled with joy.

His happiness was not because of the lotus seed porridge but because this was a reward from the Grand Lord.

“It’s getting late and I will retire with the Madam. You may leave after you’ve finished eating the lotus seed porridge.”

After he had spoken, Grand Lord Hong Lian rose to his feet and left the study, closing the door on his way out.