Evil Emperor's Wild Consort Chapter 1636

Chapter 1636 The Brainless Lin Xue 3

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The implication behind the Grand Lord’s words was that no matter how many transgressions his wife and daughter may commit, they would never be in the wrong!

This was the benefit of having power. As long as onehas power, everything they say would become reasonable. Those who were powerless could only follow their rules.

In contrast to Dongfang Yu’s slap, Grand Lord Hong Lian’s words were like a bucket of ice-cold water which has been dumped on Lin Xue’s head, causing her entire body to feel an icy chill.She even lost the will to look at the Grand Lord.

“Lin Yang, remove her from our presence. From now on, I don’t ever want to see her again and don’t let her bother my daughter either.” Dongfang Yu’s voice was incomparably icy and lacked the warmth she had when she was speaking to Gu Ruoyun.

“Furthermore, pack your things tomorrow and leave the Red Lotus Territory!”

Dongfang Yu’s voice caused Lin Yang’s body to freeze up. He then crumpled to the ground with a thud and knelt down. His face was extremely pale as he spoke, “Madam, I have sinned, I was not strict enough in disciplining my little sister. I won’t make such a mistake again! Please, Madam, consider my loyalty and forgive me this once.”

“A lack in strict discipline? While it’s true that you did not discipline her enough, are you aware of your real mistake?” Dongfang Yu lowered her head and stared coldly at the man who was kneeling before her before speaking indifferently, “Your biggest mistake was to bring her herein front of us despite knowing that she has a dispute against my daughter. This proves that you place no importance upon my daughter! Lin Yang, you are quite a talented and very hard working person so initially, we had planned to train you well. Unfortunately, you’ve disappointed us!”

Lin Yang hung his head in shame. He knows that this time, he has committed a mistake which he could not take back.

“The Red Lotus Territory does not need people who disrespect my daughter!” Dongfang Yu raised her hand and laughed icily. “Initially, the Grand Lord and I were planning to announce the handover of the Red Lotus Territory to my daughter’s control at the end of the banquet. However, to prevent any more arrogant people from disrespecting her, I will now make the announcement!”

Dongfang Yu has a cold and distant characterand was not the type of person to lose her temper. Obviously, Lin Xue’s actions have thoroughly angered her this time!

Gu Ruoyun was her reversed scale. Also, she had failed to protect Gu Ruoyun for over twenty years so how could she possibly allow anyone to bully her now? Hence, she has to set an example so that no one would dare to cross her!

Lin Xue stared shakily at Dongfang Yu as her body trembled.

The Grand Lord wants to give the Red Lotus Territory to his daughter? Was this not equivalent to giving his legacy to an outsider? Truly, the lack of a son means that he will only ever work for others! Having had no son must have been the Grand Lord’s greatest agony!

“Xue’er, let’s go.”

When Lin Yang saw that no one in the crowd was on their side, he quickly dragged Lin Xue out the door. He walked swiftly, clearly eager to leave this quarrelsome situation.

Perhaps Lin Xue also understood that the situation was not favorable towards them as she had not resisted this time and allowedLin Yang to drag her out the door.

“Big brother, I’m not satisfied. I can’t accept that I’ve failed! I may not be as beautiful as the Madam but I’m not ugly either. Furthermore, there are many men who have courted me. Why doesn’t the Grand Lord like me? After being with the Madam for so many years, isn’t he fed up yet?”

Lin Xue paused in her footsteps and whined indignantly under the night sky.

“Enough!” Lin Yang’s expression sank and he finally lost his temper, “If had not been for you, I would not have been chased out of the Red Lotus Territory either! Regardless of how unsatisfied you are, so what? The Grand Lord doesn’t fancy you. No matter how young or how pretty you are, it’s useless!”