Evil Emperor's Wild Consort Chapter 1635

Chapter 1635 The Brainless Lin Xue 2

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Initially, Lin Yang had wanted his little sister to make a good impression on the Grand Lord. However, who would have thought that this little girllacked any sort of common sense and would slander the Eldest Lady in front of the Grand Lord. Knowing the Grand Lord’s protective attitude, he would never spare them now!

“Grand Lord!”

Lin Xue shook her hand from Lin Yang’s grip. There was a stubborn look on her pretty and pampered features as she said, “Grand Lord, I’m not twisting the truth! I’m only apologizing to the Eldest Lady knowing that I’ve done wrong.”


A clear sound rang out in the hall, silencing the crowd. Everyone was staring in shock at the devastatingly beautiful woman who was standing in front of Lin Xue.

Lin Xue was stunned and she stared at Dongfang Yu in astonishment. She could not believe that the Madam had the audacity to slap her in front of so many people!

Does the Madam not fear disapproval from the people of the Red Lotus Territory?

It was obvious that Lin Xue has attached too much importance to herself. The people of the Red Lotus Territory watched out for their best interests and followed the Grand Lord obediently.They would never object the Grand Lord and his wife’s decisions.

“You… You’ve hit me?”

Lin Xue’s eyes turned red. The left side of her face was now very badly swollen and she felt wronged. She sobbed as she said, “Madam, even though you are the Grand Lord’s wife, you can’t simply hit others.”


Lin Yang’s heart clenched as he forcefully grabbed her arm and scolded with an ashen face, “Come with me quickly! The Madam is not someone whom you can afford to offend!”

“Lin Yang, let her stay!” Dongfang Yu glared at Lin Yang icily as she commanded coldly.

Even though Lin Yang wants to drag Lin Xue away, he was unable to move under Dongfang Yu’s coercion. His eyes filled with a deep horror.

He regretted it!

He regretted that he had failed to discipline his sister properly and he also regretted listening to her and bringing her here in the first place!

“You said that my daughter had hit you?” Dongfang Yu’s eyes slowly turned towards Lin Xue and she smirked, “I understand my daughter’s personality very well. Usually, she wouldn’t even pay any attention to someone like you, much less look at you.”

Was that not the case?

When the two had their dispute in the street, Gu Ruoyun had not even looked at Lin Xue at all. If Lin Xue had not tried to grab Gu Ruoyun, Qianbei Ye would not have been provoked to attack her.

Hence, when Lin Xue heard what Dongfang Yu had said, the hatred in her heart thickened.

Isn’t she only the Grand Lord’s daughter? She could only have that conceited attitude by riding on the Grand Lord’s reputation!Sooner or later, I will give birth to the Grand Lord’s son and replace her!

“You feel unwilling to give in, don’t you?” Dongfang Yu looked at Lin Xue with a sneer. “Let’s not mention who had wronged who first! Let’s say that my daughter has indeed hit you! If you had not done something that she could not tolerate, she would never have struck you! Even if that wasn’t the case, what can you do? My daughter can strike whomever she wishes! If she wishes to kill someone, I will help her to do that! Who are you to have the audacity to feign a pitiful look and win compassion? Don’t think that I’m ignorant of the fact that though you may look like you’re apologizing, you have been belittlingmy daughter in every word you’ve said! Now, it isn’t just my daughter who has struck you, I’ve struck you too. What are you doing to do about it?”

The uninhibited dominance in Dongfang Yu’s words shocked Lin Xue to the core. She could only staredazedly at Dongfang Yu.

“I thought that you would be reasonable, I never thought…”


Suddenly, a grim laugh burst out from the side.

The crowd watched as Grand Lord Hong Lian slowly rose to his feet. The space between his brows was filled with arrogance and his voice was incomparably domineering. “In this Red Lotus Territory, anything my daughter and wife says is reasonable!”