Evil Emperor's Wild Consort Chapter 1633

Chapter 1633 I Want To Bear The Grand Lord A Child 7

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That little beast sensed the crowd’s attention and raised its head to sweep its eyes across all four corners of the hall. When it noticed that there were many beautiful women present, it became excited!

That was right, it was indeed excited. Its eyes narrowed pervertedly at those women’s lovely curves. Such a vulgar expression should never have appeared on this adorable little face.

Next to the green-robed woman was a silver-haired man who was dressed in crimson robes.

His features were so incomparably beautiful that they could bring cities to ruin. His red eyes carried a gloomy light and only displayed a smile when he looked at the woman by his side.

His smile had caused everyone in the room toabandon their souls.

“It’s them!”

Lin Xue recognized Gu Ruoyun who had followed Grand Lord Hong Lian at first glance. “Why is it them? Why have they arrived with the Grand Lord to the banquet? What is their relationship?”

The young guard did not reply as his eyes stared fixedly at Gu Ruoyun. Gradually, a sense of understanding appeared in his gaze.

“When I had first seen this woman, I had thought that she looked familiar but I couldn’t figure out why. Now, I can see that she resembles the Madam! If my guess is correct, she must be the Madam’s daughter.”

Lin Xue’s features turned pale in an instant as her eyes filled with astonishment.

She never thought that the woman she had run into on the street not too long ago would turn out to be Grand Lord Hong Lian’s rumored daughter!

Lin Xue gritted her teeth at the thought of this as her eyes filled with dissatisfaction.

“Xue’er, forget it. You better stop this squabble with the Eldest Lady. The Grand Lord has always been very protective of her. If he finds out about your attitude, he will never spare you.”

The guard still wanted to give his final advice.

However, Lin Xue was annoyed with his manner of address, “Whose Eldest Lady is she? From which sect? I refuse to acknowledge this Eldest Lady! You don’t need to say anything more either!”


The guard panicked and he quickly looked around. When he realized that no one had taken notice of them, he continued to chide her, “Stop causing trouble, will you only be satisfied when you’ve destroyed yourself?”

“Big brother, if I don’t bear the Grand Lord’s child, I will truly destroy myself!” Lin Xue’s expression was full of determination, “In your opinion, is a daughter or a son more important to a man?”

The guard was silenced. There was no need to answer such a question. In any man who was concerned with succession, a son would always be more important than a daughter.

“Someone like the Grand Lord should not be deprived of descendants.Otherwise, the entire Territory will be given away to an outsider! When I’ve given birth to his son, his daughter will then lose all of hislove.”

There was a sense of hatred in the young girl’s eyes. “Big brother, do you know that I really, really hate those two for humiliating me in public? Especially that silver-haired man. It’s a pity that he has such a peerless face but would attack a woman unprovoked.Men who raise their hand against women should all die!”

The guard was shaken as if he never thought that this small dispute would bring about such a bone-deep hatred within his little sister.

“Hence, I must give birth to the Grand Lord’s son. Once I’ve had a son with the Grand Lord, this damned girl will be forced to call me her mother and would have to rely on me for survival! By then, she must fawn over me. Otherwise, I will make the Grand Lord chase her out of the house!”