Evil Emperor's Wild Consort Chapter 1632

Chapter 1632 I Want To Bear The Grand Lord A Child 6

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Perhaps it was due to hearing about how Qianbei Ye had risked his life in the Dark Earth Realm to save Gu Shengxiao,Grand Lord Hong Lian’s attitude towards him has undergone a great change to the extent that he has even accepted Qianbei Ye as their future son-in-law.

Dongfang Yu was very satisfied with having Qianbei Ye as their son-in-law. She was like a mother-in-law who likes her son-in-law more and more each time she sees him.

This describes Dongfang Yu’s feelings entirely.

“This time, we won’t just be introducing Yun’er but Xiao Ye as well! Brother Tian, I can see that Yun’er is now an adult and her powers are a cut above the rest. Why don’t we give the Red Lotus Territory over to them?”

“Haha!” Grand Lord Hong Lian burst into laughter. “Not bad, this is a very good idea. Yun’er, from now on, Red Lotus Territory will be in your charge. Your mother and I will enjoy a world with only the two of us.”

Gu Ruoyun’s mouth twitched. She never expected her own father to give the Territory over to her just like that.

“Forget it, wait until big brother has returned. You can give the Red Lotus Territory to him. I don’t want to be tired out with running this territory.”

“That’s none of my business, I was going to give the Red Lotus Territory to you anyway. If you don’t want to be overworked, you can pass it to your brother.”

Grand Lord Hong Lian looked like a rascal and whether Gu Ruoyun accepted it or not, he would shove the responsibility of the Red Lotus Territory to her regardless of that.

Gu Ruoyun was astonished as she stared speechlessly at the man’s handsome and grim features. She looked thoroughly exasperated.

“Father, you can’t be like this…”

“Precious daughter, since the Red Lotus Territory is now yours, you shall manage it in the future.” Grand Lord Hong Lian was completely unbothered by her complains. He patted her shoulder and said, “You can fail however you like in the future. Come, we shall join the banquet now.”

It was a very dark night.

At this moment, the Grand Lord’s official residence was shining with light. Maidservants were bustling about non-stop, busy with work.

The crowd in the hall kept looking out the door. Their eyes were filled with anticipation.

“This banquet was organized to celebrate the Eldest Lady’s return. I wonder what kind of person she is? However, the Grand Lord’s daughter certainly can’t be that bad at all.”

“That’s hard to say. What if she had not inherited any of the Grand Lord’s good qualities?”

“Shh, the Grand Lord will be arriving soon so you better stop your speculations. The Grand Lord loves the Eldest Lady deeply. What if you end up provoking the Grand Lord? You might invoke the cruelest punishment on yourself.”

In order for each and every person in the Territory to get to know Gu Ruoyun, the Grand Lord’s trusted aides and guards were attending the banquet alongside the other lords who wanted to curry favor from the Grand Lord as well.

At this moment, Lin Xue’s fists were clenchedtightly as she stood in the crowd.Her expression was filled with jealousy.

“Xue’er.” The young guard standing next to her was afraid that she would lose control of her temper and quickly reminded her with a whisper, “I will introduce you to the Grand Lord today but you cannot be too rash. If you anger the Grand Lord, no one can save you.”

Lin Xue snapped impatiently, “I know! You’re so naggy! I know how to behave properly and I don’t need you to bother! I will definitely give the Grand Lord a son anyways!”

Just as she had spoken, two figures entered the hallunder the chilly moonlight. They were walking side by side and wouldlower their heads to whisper to each other occasionally. They looked particularly warm and sweet. They were followed by a young man and a woman.

One of the women was dressed in green robes. Her features were pristine and delicate, bearing a striking resemblance to the Grand Lady. There was a gentle smile in her clear and cold eyes.

She was carrying a furry little animal in her arms. It looks so adorable that one immediately wishes to reach out and stroke its soft fur.