Evil Emperor's Wild Consort Chapter 1631

Chapter 1631 I Want To Bear The Grand Lord A Child 5

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“When a girl is of age, she must be married off. We shouldn’t control her too much.” Grand Lord Hong Lian sighed. “Yu’er, you must be tired as well. Go and get some rest first. I still have some matters to complete.”

Dongfang Yu smiled gently.

“Alright, I’ll go back to the room first. Don’t tire yourself out.”

In reply, Grand Lord Hong Lian pulled Dongfang Yu into his arms and forcefully planted a gentle kiss on her lips, “Wife, wait for me in our chambers. Once I’m done with work, I will come to find you.”

Dongfang Yu did not say anything more and only smiled at Grand Lord Hong Lian. She then headed towards their room.

A young girl was staring at the lovey-dovey pair from not too far away and her eyes were filled with deep jealousy.

“Xue’er, I’ve told you that the Grand Lord and Madam have a great relationship. If you butt in like that…”

“I don’t care!”

The young girl sulkily raised her head with a stubborn expression on her face, “I must give the Grand Lord a son, only then can I be above everyone else! Once I give birth to the Grand Lord’s son, he will treat me the same way as the Madam!”

At this moment, the young girl remembered the scene when she had met Gu Ruoyun and the cloudiness in her eyes deepened.

It goes without saying that these siblings have rotten luck. They had been one step too late so they did not see Gu Ruoyun and Grand Lord Hong Lian’s warm reunion. Hence, she continued to believe that as long as she gives the Grand Lord a son, she could make Gu Ruoyun and Qianbei Ye kneel and apologize to her!

“Xue’er, even if we want to drug the Grand Lord, it will have to be at the right time. Besides, based on someone as powerful as the Grand Lord, it won’t be that easy to plot against him. Give me a few days to make the preparations, okay?”

“I should have known that you still don’t agree with my idea.”

The young girl fiddled with the corner of her robes as her expression began to twist. “Forget it, I’m not going to depend on you. Just introduce me to the Grand Lord. I will complete this matter myself!”

The guard sighed as he stared at the young girl’s determined features. His heart felt uneasy as if something bad was about to happen…

Grand Lord Hong Lian decided to hold a banquet to celebrate Gu Ruoyun’s returnand at the same time, to allow the Red Lotus Territory’s citizens to get to know their Eldest Lady.

At this moment, Gu Ruoyun was informing her parents in the Grand Lord’s official residence about recent events.

As they listened, Grand Lord Hong Lian and Dongfang Yu fell silent. After a long while, the grim man in red robes lifted his head as his deep, dark eyes flashed with determination.

“Yun’er, if Shengxiao is in the First City, he might be on his way to the Wen family. I will send a trusted aide to scout the area near the Wen family. I believe we will be able to find him.”

Grand Lord Hong Lian’s heart would spit with fury whenever he thought about how his son has been turned into a puppet. He has the great urge to storm into the Wen family home immediately and kill them all.

However, he has no idea at this moment whether Gu Shengxiao has fallen back into their clutches or not. Hence, he did not dare to act rashly and blindly.

“Not many will be able to hold out big brother at his current strength. The only people I’m worried about are the Wen family!” Gu Ruoyun gently lowered her eyes. After a long moment, she lifted her gaze and said, “However, the Wen family only managed to refine him into a puppet after much difficulty so I don’t think they would act rashly towards him.”

“That’s right.” Grand Lord Hong Lian rose to his feet. “Yun’er, it’s getting late and we should join the banquet. Let’s go.”