Evil Emperor's Wild Consort Chapter 1629

Chapter 1629 I Want To Bear The Grand Lord A Child 3

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“So, big brother, this is where I’ll need your help.” The young girl changed from her previous rage to a grin and linked arms with the guard. “Doesn’t the Grand Lord have a high opinion of you? You can seize the opportunity and slip him a drug. By then, the rice would have been cooked so he can’t deny it! Clearly, something isn’t right since the Madam has never given the Grand Lord a son after so many years. Why wouldn’t the Grand Lord want a son? If I bear him a son, the entire Red Lotus Territory would become mine! I will then give those two who had bullied me a fate worse than death!”

A vicious light flashed across the young girl’s eyes, giving her pretty little face a sense of malice.

The guard was shaken and he narrowed his eyes. “Little sister, the Madam is very nice to me as well. Doing this is asking me to betray them. If I really do this, how can I be worthy of their kindness by taking me in?”

The young girl scoffed and replied offhandedly, “The person who had saved you was the Grand Lord and has nothing to do with the Grand Lady! Big brother, I’m your little sister. Why are you helping an outsider? I don’t care, you have to help me. Otherwise, I will die in front of you, I really willkill myself in front of you1!”

When he heard the young girl’s threats, the guard’s expression became even more heartbroken.

Previously, something like this had happened before.

His little sister had taken a liking to someone else’s spiritual beast and forced him to take it for her! Initially, he had refused to do that but who would have known that not too long after that, his little sister had attempted to commit suicide?If he had not managed to save her in time, they might be in completely different worlds right now.

Therefore, in his helplessness, he had snatched that rather powerless yet exceeding dull and adorable spiritual beast for her.

The worst thing was, his little sister had become disinterested in the spiritual beast not too long after and hadpromptly slaughtered and cooked it2!

He understood that if he refuses to help her,this little girl would certainly commit suicide3!

”Fine4,I’ll help you5.”

The guard opened his eyes which were filled with helplessness.

Grand Lord, I’m so sorry that I’ll be breaking my promise and committing treasonous acts against you! However, once I’ve helped my little sister to fulfill her wish, I will use my death as compensation for my crime!

A decision formed in the guard’s heart at the thought of this and he lowered his head to look at the young girl’s exhilarated expression. He then smiled bitterly, “Xue’er, promise me one thing. If you successfully manage to give the Grand Lord a son, don’t trouble the Madam or the Young Lady too much! The Madam has always treated me very well, I don’t want…”

“Hmph!” The young girl scoffed, “If they know what’s good for them and listen obediently, I certainly won’t cause trouble for them. If the Madam commits the crime of jealousy because the Grand Lord has taken me in, I won’t spare her! I believe that no matter how much the Grand Lord treasures the Madam now, as long as I’m pregnant with his son, the Grand Lord will love me even more.”

Everyone in the Red Lotus Territory knows that Gu Ruoyun was Grand Lord Hong Lian’s daughter but no one knew that the Grand Lord has a son, Gu Shengxiao, as well!

However, even if Gu Shengxiao was not his son, it was no one’s place to give orders in the Red Lotus Territory’s matters!

The young girl’s wild imagination would soon result in a tragic end! The guard, who had betrayed the Grand Lord Hong Lian in order to help his sister, would not meet with a good end either…

Outside Grand Lord Hong Lian’s official residence, the two guards at the door saw Gu Ruoyun strolling towards them and quickly stepped forward to stop her.

Before they could speak, the green-robed woman slowly said, “Tell Grand Lord Hong Lian that Gu Ruoyun has returned.”