Evil Emperor's Wild Consort Chapter 1628

Chapter 1628 I Want To Bear The Grand Lord A Child 2

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The guard stared in grief and lamented at his own sister. At this moment, his heart felt like it was dripping with blood.

“You’re talking nonsense! I’ve heard it before, the Grand Lord is a very defensive person. As a guard in his territory, he will certainly be on your side! However, you are too cowardly and don’t even have the courage to stand up for me. If father and mother were still alive,they would never let me suffer to be bullied this way1!”

The young girl crawled up from the ground and her little face glared angrily at the guard, “You’re simply a coward!”

The guard stumbled backward and nearly fell onto the ground. His face carried a bitter smile.

All these years, when had he not ended up badly bruised for the sake of standing up for his sister? There even a few times when he had narrowly escaped being beaten to death! If Grand Lord Hong Lian who had been passing by had not saved him, he might have been dead by now!

As the Grand Lord had saved him and given him a place to stay, he did not wish to cause a fight in the Red Lotus Territory. He also does not want to lose the shelter he had acquired with such difficulty.

However, this stubborn little sister of his could only see that he did not defend her and neglected to notice when he had been riddled in scars for her sake…

“Little sister, I…”

The guard’s lips were dry and he wanted to explain but the young girl cut him off.

“Big brother, who do you say is more powerful, Grand Lord Hong Lian or those two?” The young girl’s eyes darted back and forth as she asked.

“Grand Lord Hong Lian, of course.”

In the guard’s heart, the Grand Lord holds the most powerful existence. No one else could be compared to him.

“Big brother.” The young girl raised her head, enlightened, before she replied with determination, “I want tobear the Grand Lord a child2!”

The guard nearly somersaulted head first onto the ground. He quickly grabbed the young girl’s shoulders as his face filled with anxiety, “Little sister, you must never have these thoughts. The Grand Lord already has a wife! If you want to be with the Grand Lord, that is simply an impossibledream.”

“Hmph, so what if he has a wife? I never said that I wanted to be his wife, I only want to be his concubine!” The young girl’s face filled with irritation. “Big brother, if you can’t protect me, I’ll find someone else to protect me! If I become Grand Lord Hong Lian’s woman, he will certainly protect me and won’t let anyone else bully me! If you still consider me your sister, you will help me!”

“Little sister…”

The guard’s face displayed a bitter smile as he said, “You don’t know the Grand Lord at all. His eyes and heart only behold the Madam alone and only the Madam can bring a smile onto his face. You are asking for trouble. Besides, I’ve heard that women who have tried to approach the Grand Lord were punished! Furthermore, the Grand Lord is old enough to be your father!”

The young girl’s eyes continued to dart around. “I don’t care that the Grand Lord is old! As long as he is powerful, that will do. Besides, I’ve heard that the Grand Lord is very handsome and doesn’t look old at all! Big brother, didn’t you say that he has only one daughter? If I give him a son, I may rise as a result. I might even replace the Grand Lord’s wife! How could a powerful man like the Grand Lord not want a son to inherit his legacy? If he only has a daughter, she will be married off sooner or later. In contrast with letting some cheap outsider into his family,why not leave it to his own son?”

The guard’s eyes opened wide as if he never thought that his little sister would have such thoughts. His face changed instantly.

“Little sister, the Grand Lord will not let you come near him! Besides, it’s impossible for anyone to replace the Madam…”