Evil Emperor's Wild Consort Chapter 1625

Chapter 1625 Punishing The Traitors 14

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The Red Lotus Territory.

A man was standing at a window with his hands behind his back. His features were handsome yet grim whilean egotistical and domineering air exuded from his being. He was looking quietly out the window but no one could tell what he was thinking.

“Brother Tian.”

A gentle voice rang out from behind him and softened the cold stiffness of his face.

“Brother Tian, are you waiting for Yun’er?”

A woman dressed in white slowly stepped in front of Gu Tian and draped a red cloak over him. Her incomparably beautiful features carried a small smile as she said, “Yun’er only needs to find Shengxiao and she will come back to us in Red Lotus Territory.”

Gu Tian nodded as he slowly turned around and pulled the white-robed woman into his arms.

The sweet, simple and elegant fragrance from the woman’s body caused the man’s heart to soar.It was hard for him to hold back.

“Yu’er, why don’t we give Yun’er and Shengxiao a little brother or sister?”

“Brother Tian.”

Dongfang Yu blushed and pushed Gu Tian away. Her gorgeous features were tainted with pink and it was such a beautiful sight that one could not turn away.

“We’re already so old now, how are we going to give them a younger brother or sister?”

“Yu’er, are you doubting my power?” The man raised the corners of his lips as a confident smile formed on his face. “As long as you are willing, we can give them a little brother or sister. Actually, I’m thinking of having another boy. This way, there will be three men protecting you two.”

Dongfang Yu’s body melted into the man’s arms. In the end, she was paralyzed in his embrace.

Her face was filled with a blessed smile.

This was a smile which had never appeared during her days during of being shut away in the Secret Order for many years…

“Brother Tian, I will do as you say.”

Once she had said this, the peerless woman’s face became even more bashful. However, her eyes were bright and lively.

“When Yun’er comes back again, she’ll get a surprise!”

Grand Lord Hong Lian bent down and swept the beautiful woman up into his arms. He then walked towards the bed with a smile lighting up his typical grim and stern expression. His eyes were looking passionately at the woman in his arms.

The woman did not speak and clearly approves of his decision. Besides, she also wants to have a few more children with him…

The Red Lotus Territory.

Gu Ruoyun lifted her head to examine the city gate and gently stroked her chin. She smiled as she said, “I’ve been reunited with father for such a long time but this is the first time I’ve come to Red Lotus Territory. I also had no idea how the territory looks like.”

Once she had said her piece, she slowly entered the territory.

Mengmeng, who was being carried in Gu Ruoyun’s arms, cautiously glanced at Qianbei Ye who was walking beside her. It pondered for a moment and decided to give up on burrowing into her robes.Otherwise, it was likely that it would be thrown away by this scary man once again!

But it’s been so long since I’ve touched Master’s soft, snowy peaks…

The little fellow felt more aggrieved as it thought about this and its perverted gaze continued to float towards Gu Ruoyun’s chest. Suddenly, a pair of eyes full of warning shot towards it and frightened it so much that it quickly tucked its head down, terrified of continuing its impudence.

“Big brother, that spiritual beast is so cute. Can you ask her if she would sell it to me?”

Suddenly, a voice rang out from the side and caused Gu Ruoyun to frown.

The little fellow had heard this as well. It lifted its furry little head and glanced at the young girl who had been spying on it. A thick sense of disdain filled its eyes.