Evil Emperor's Wild Consort Chapter 1624

Chapter 1624 Punishing The Traitors 13

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“Lan Ge is a Pill Master as well?” The Clan Leader was even more shocked. Suddenly, he realized that he really does not know his maternal grandson at all.

Gu Ruoyun smiled calmly but did not elaborate on it. Instead, she turned her gaze towards Long Xin and the others.

Long Xin shivered when he saw the look in her eyes and unconsciously shrank towards the person beside him. His eyes continued to dartaround as if he was thinking of some way to get out of this.

“The foreign aggressors have been dealt with so how should we manage the domestic problem now?”

The Clan Leader shivered and frowned, “Long Xin is an elder of the Dragon Clan after all. I-”

“-Have been too soft. You will be trapped again sooner or later!” Gu Ruoyun cut the Clan Leader off before he could finish his sentence. She glanced at him again and said, “I don’t want any traitors to remain in the Dragon Clan!”

The Clan Leader’s mouth was agape but he was speechless.

“Even though Lan Ge has now been recognized by his ancestors, he won’t be staying in the Dragon Clan for a long period of time. There are still other matters for him to attend to. Hence, once he has finished refining the pills for the Dragon Clan, he will leave the Dragon Clan.” Gu Ruoyun paused before she continued, “In the matter of punishing the traitors, I will find another person to manage this!”

The Clan Leader lowered his head and sighed.

He knows that Gu Ruoyun was disappointed by his earlier conduct.

However, each time he remembers how he hasinteracted with Long Xin and the others for so many years, he could not do it…

Even though the Clan Leader had felt the urge to kill Long Xin when he had betrayed him, now that he has calmed down, he found that he could not bear to act!

“You are the strongest in the Dragon Clan so you will still need to bear the responsibility as the Clan Leader.” Gu Ruoyun naturally understood the Clan Leader’s train of thought. She did not say much and her eyes searched through the crowd before landing upon Long Yan.

“Long Yan, you will become the Hall Master of the Penal Hall and watch over the Dragon Clan’s criminals. Will you do it?”


Long Yan was shocked. He stared at Gu Ruoyun in astonishment as if he never thought that something as good as this would land on his head.

Indeed, in contrast to the indecisive Clan Leader, Long Yan was fiercer in his convictions.

“Long Yan, Lady Gu is speaking to you. What are you dreaming about?”

Long Ling’er quickly nudged Long Yan as she saw that he has fallen into a daze.

Long Yan instantly returned to his senses. A sense of joy flashed across his eyes as he vowed solemnly, “Lady Gu, ah no, Lord Gu Ruoyun, don’t worry, I won’t disappoint you. I will take up the mantle of the Penal Hall’s Hall Master and fiercely punish these traitors until they comprehend the meaning of a fate worse than death!”

Gu Ruoyun was willing to grant him this so he must perform his duties well! Besides, Long Xin had nearly caused the entire Dragon Clan’s destruction so how could Long Yan let him get away with it so easily?

If he did not skin him alive, his name would not be Long Yan!

“I will stay for three more days in the Dragon Clan. During this time, I will teach Lan Ge and get him to refine the pills for you. I will depart after three days! Furthermore, I will be taking the Dragon King’s body with me.”

Gu Ruoyun swept her gaze across the Dragon Clan as she slowly declared.

“Lady Gu, since the Dragon King has recognized you as his master, his body is naturally yours to take.” The Clan Leader smiled and his eyes filled with reverence.

It was obvious that Gu Ruoyun’s previous behavior has subdued every single one of them…