Evil Emperor's Wild Consort Chapter 1620

Chapter 1620 Punishing The Traitors 9

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Now, there was only one conviction in Gu Ruoyun’s heart.

She must grow stronger!

Only when she has grown stronger would she be able to face the dangers alongside Xiao Ye and not rely on him to save her at any time!

However, if she wants to grow stronger, she would have to face danger head-on.

“Sir Qianbei, aren’t you going to help her?”

The Clan Leader saw that Gu Ruoyun has been injured by Murong Xiao’s attack and he had quickly turned towards Qianbei Ye.

At this moment, no one noticed that the Clan Leader had addressed Qianbei Ye with reverence.

Qianbei Ye curled the corners of his lips as his eyes stared at the chilly figure in the air. After a long moment, he slowly replied, “She can do it!”

He then paused before adding, “I believe in her.”

Before the fight started, Gu Ruoyun had warned Qianbei Ye to let her face this battle alone!

This was why Qianbei Ye had held back and did not react.

Gu Ruoyun needs to grow and that meant that she has to face her own battles! These people would be her stepping stones into growth!

In the air.

Murong Xiao hit Gu Ruoyun’s chest again and caused her to stumble backward. She held the enormous Nine Emperors in her hand as she wiped the blood from the corner of her mouth and summoned, “Dragon King, return!”


The Dragon King turned into a purple ray of light upon hearing this and instantly shot into the sword’s blade.

Once the Dragon King, the Nine Emperor’s weapon spirit, has returned into its blade, the sword released an enchanting glow.

“If my guess is correct, that thing in your hand must be a legendary divine weapon.”

A hint of greed flashed through Murong Xiao’s eyes. “A divine weapon of this class is wasted in your hands. How about this, I will take up the onerous task of accepting it. Don’t worry, once I’ve accepted your divine weapon, I will also accept the Dragon King, its weapon spirit.”

Murong Xiao had immediately understood that the Dragon King has become the weapon spirit of Gu Ruoyun’s divine weapon after witnessing him flying into the blade!

Since that was the case, he would take this divine weapon. By then, be it the Dragon King or the divine weapon, both would belong to him!

“You want to take the Nine Emperors away? I’m afraid that you don’t have that capability!”

The Nine Emperors has emerged!

The heavens were moved!

At that moment, the azure sea turned into a magnificent red like a sea of fire, attracting the attentions of others.

The Nine Emperors was like a crash that moved the heavens. When it danced, the sea of flames which enveloped the sky above them rushed towards the Nine Emperors in Gu Ruoyun’s hand.

A dragon’s roar sounded from the Nine Emperors. Heaven was rendered asunder and the earth cracked as the entire ground shook.


Gu Ruoyun finally made her move. A tremendous amount of powerful sword’s energy followed by a murderous air flew towards Murong Xiao and slammed fiercely onto his chest.

Murong Xiao raised his hand to block the sword’s energy but the push from the attack caused him to stumble backward.

“I’ve told you, this divine weapon is really wasted in your hands!” Murong Xiao jeered. He looked at Gu Ruoyun’s delicate features and clicked his tongue, “Little girl, if my guess is right, you should be only twenty years of age? You haven’t even reached the age of thirty! However, you’ve already broken through to the mid-stage of the Refined State at this age. I’m afraid that no one in this entire mainland can surpass your talent.”


Is this girl only slightly over twenty years of age?

Most of them know that some people could maintain their youthful looks and stop aging once they reach a powerful stage of their cultivation. Now, however, Murong Xiao had just pointed out that Gu Ruoyun was only over twenty years old?