Evil Emperor's Wild Consort Chapter 1618

Chapter 1618 Punishing The Traitors 7

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“What are you doing?”

The members of the Dragon Clan were thoroughly furious. They glared at Gu Ruoyun with red eyes and looked as if they wanted to chop her to pieces and eat her up.

“What am I doing?” Gu Ruoyun curled the corners of her lips and replied casually, “Can’t you see it for yourselves?”

Everyone’s body froze and they slowly turned around. All they could see was the purple spirit dragon slowly vanishing in the sky after being slashed by the blade. However, thatdragon did not seem to be in any pain and its eyes had remained just as lifeless.

Just like an… Illusion?

There was another purple dragon in front of the vanishing purple dragon as well. That purple dragon also has the transparent body of a spirit but it was far more expressive and lively than the one which had vanished.

His eyes looked down at the world while the space between his brows carried an arrogant air.

“What’s the meaning of this? Why are there two Dragon Kings?” The crowd was shocked, unable to understand this sudden change.


An elderly voice rang from the purple dragon and his tone was extremely proud. “This figment of the imagination wishes to masquerade as me? Human, speak. What is your purpose in trying to take the Dragon Clan and my body!”


It was like five strikes of lighting had just crashed onto their heads.

The crowd was shocked when they heard the question posed to Murong Xiao.

“This… This is the real Dragon King? That last one was just an illusion?”

“We had been tricked by an illusion! Also, I noticed that it was Gu Ruoyun who had released this Dragon King. No wonder she’s been so steady. She has had theconfidence of success from the very beginning!”

The expression in Lan Ge’s eyes was a little complicated. She had saved his life once again!


Murong Xiao chuckled softly. His voice was gloomy and creepy which caused oneto feel terror.

“Dragon King, you’ve finally appeared.”

This time, he no longer denied it! Instead, he had admitted that that previous dragon was not the real Dragon King straightaway.

“You’ve done all of this just to find me?” The Dragon King stared domineeringly down at Murong Xiao. His elderly voice carried a sharp, stern tone.

“No!” Murong Xiao shook his head. “You alone are not worth my painstaking efforts. I want the Dragon Clan because I lack power. The Dragon Clan’s power is great and would have worked out well as servants for me!My intention in taking your body was indeed to draw you out. As long as your body is in my possession, it would be impossible for you to not show yourself!”

Unfortunately, the conclusion that Murong Xiao wishes for would never come to fruition!

When Gu Ruoyun met the Dragon King for the first time, the latter had been imprisoned in a precipitous cliff and was unable to escape. If she had not journeyed to the Dragon Clan, Murong Xiao would never have met the Dragon King even if he had managed to take his body away.

Besides, based on a previous conversation between Gu Ruoyun and the Dragon King, one would know that he simply does not care about his own corpse!

An attempt to use his body to draw the Dragon King out was simply an indulgence in fantasy!

“Dragon King, command your Dragon Clan to serve me!” Murong Xiao raised his chin and ordered.

The Dragon King narrowed his eyes as a cold smile flashed across them. “Serve you? On what grounds? Someone like you doesn’t have the right to make us submit! Even if my soul was completely destroyed, I will never accept you!”

“This may not be your choice to make.”

Murong Xiao smiled mysteriously. He then dug a forest-green pearl out from his clothes.

When everyone saw the pearl, their expression changed.

“TheSoul-Binding Pearl!”