Evil Emperor's Wild Consort Chapter 1615

Chapter 1615 Punishing The Traitors 4

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Once the Clan Leader had said his piece, he turned towards the rest of the Dragon Clan and lamented bitterly, “Everyone, you must have heard what Murong Xiao had said, he wants us to give Lan Ge’s body to him. Humans have always enjoyed using the blood of demi-beast humans to raise their power but do we really want to pledge loyalty to a cruel human like him? Just because he has the Dragon King?”

Even though the Dragon King’s figure had only appeared for a short while, it has carved its image into everyone’s minds.

Furthermore, that image really existed. Which wasalso to say, the Dragon King really was in Murong Xiao’s hands.

“Clan Leader, the Dragon King is our faith. Anyone chosen by the Dragon King can’t be wrong. Besides, it was Lan Ge who had been rude first. Lord Murong isn’t cruel.”

“That’s right, Clan Leader. We better submit. The Dragon King has recognized him, what right do we have to refuse?”

The crowd of dragons chattered in succession.

A smug look appeared on Murong Xiao’s features when he heard their voices. However, because his entire body was shrouded in darkness, no one had noticed this look on his face.

The Clan Leader’s expression changed from green to white and back again. His angered expression soon turned to frustration.

Lan Ge instantly felt nervous. He clenched his fists tightly as his blue eyes stared unblinkingly at the Clan Leader.

Many years ago, this was how these people had forced the Clan Leader to abandon him!

Could it be that after so many years, history was going to repeat itself? However, this time, he does not dare toguarantee that he would be able to bear this feeling and that he would not fall apart!


The Clan Leader slowly turned his eyes towards Lan Ge and his stern gaze softened, “I, your maternal grandfather, have let you down…”

Lan Ge’s lips cracked a bitter smile as if he already knows the Clan Leader’s decision.

Looks like history will repeat itself. No matter how many years have passed, the person that the Clan Leader will abandon in the end is still me!

“You’ve suffered so much hardship in the world outside all these years and I’ve never been able to protect you. I had even declined your entry into the Dragon Clan.” There was an unmistakable tremor in the Clan Leader’s voice. “However, there are mistakes that I won’t repeat for a second time! You have recognized a good Master and from now on, you should stay by her side. She will be able to ensure that you live on.”

Lan Ge’s eyes widened in shock.

He had thought that his maternal grandfather would abandon him again but this time, he has actually…


Lan Ge cried out, unable to stop himself. Tears welled up in his blue eyes.

His voice caused the elders whose backs had been turned against him to stiffen. All they could sense was an endless desolation behind them.

“Dragon King, you are our Dragon Clan’s faith and this is the truth! However, I don’t see why you’ve been blinded into choosing someone like this!”

“Clan Leader!”

The dragons cried out in shock as if they never expected their Clan Leader to rebel.

“No matter what happens, I will never submit to you nor will I hand the Dragon Clan over to your hands. Today, even if I die, I will drag you down to hell with me! I will then have my soul destroyed as a price to ask the Dragon King for forgiveness!”

The Clan Leader’s eyes were wide open, showing fine lines of red blood vessels. It was a heartbreaking sight.

Gu Ruoyun did not say a word as she watched this. Instead, she silently waited to see how the Dragon Clan would manage this.

She did not expect things to turn out this way…

She had thought that the Clan Leader would abandon Lan Ge again. After all, he had done this before but this time, the Clan Leader had chosen to sacrifice himself to save Lan Ge!