Evil Emperor's Wild Consort Chapter 1384

Chapter 1384: The Challenge (6)

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Chapter 1384: The Challenge (6)

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Have you used all of your attacks?

Gu Ruoyun glanced at the ashen-faced Yun Yan and spoke indifferently, If thats the case, its my turn now.

Yun Yan was momentarily dazed. While he was still in his daze, Gu Ruoyun aimed her broken sword at him and a thread of dark blue flames filled the air, gathering towards the blade. He does not know why but when he saw the dark blue flames merging with the blade, Yun Yan felt very uncomfortable.

He has never felt such an uncomfortable feeling before!

You said that if I were to lose, you would make me warm your bed? Gu Ruoyun turned her gaze towards Yun Yan and smiled calmly, Since youve said something like that, you should have been prepared for failure!


Just as Gu Ruoyun spoke, the broken sword with the dark blue flames instantly shot towards Yun Yan. At that moment, Yun Yans face drained of color as he raised his longsword in panic, blocking the force that caused him to feel palpitations.


A clear, ringing noise sounded and the dilapidated broken sword suddenly became extremely sharp, instantly slicing Yun Yans sword into two. Yun Yan felt a coolness on his neck and the eerily cold broken sword was now pointed at his throat, carrying a chilling temperature.

Yun Yans face was completely ashen as if he did not know what Gu Ruoyun had just used to defeat him.

Out of everyone in the crowd, perhaps only Elder Tianren understood that Gu Ruoyun had completely utilized the power of the Nine Underworld Flames in order to use this broken sword to defeat the refined state Yun Yan! Without the Nine Underworld Flames, she would never have been able to display such great power with only the broken sword.

Elder Tianren sighed and flashed an exasperated, bitter smile. I really dont know what kind of luck this little girl has run into to enable her to obtain the Nine Underworld Flames. Now, even though she is only at the late-stage of the exceptional state. she can use the Nine Underworld Flames to fight against a refined state cultivator!

This was the power of the Nine Underworld Flames!

Unfortunately, Gu Ruoyun was not powerful enough at the moment and could not display the Nine Underworld Flames power to its true potential!

Gu Ruoyun, I have unfortunately lost to you. I will keep my word so you may kill me or cut my flesh. Do whatever you please! Yun Yan then shut his eyes, calmly accepting his fate.

After all, Gu Ruoyun had mentioned that if Yun Yan lost, he would have to give his life to her!

Would she not want to kill him now?

Gu Ruoyun put the broken sword in her hand away. She then swept her clear and cold eyes across Yun Yans body as she replied calmly, Thats true, your life now belongs to me. Hence, from now on, you must listen to my orders!

Yun Yan was shocked. His eyes opened wide as he stared at Gu Ruoyun in disbelief, Youre not going to kill me?

Why would I kill you? Gu Ruoyun looked at Yun Yan and asked.

This time, Yun Yan was in a daze. He muttered, Didnt you want me to give my life to you? I thought that you were going to kill me…

Could I have misunderstood her?

Yun Yan looked rather embarrassed at the thought of this.

I had said things like warming my bed to her because I thought that Gu Ruoyun had intended to kill me.

Yet, I now realize that Ive misunderstood her…

At this moment, Gu Ruoyun also arrived at a sudden realization. As it turns out, Yun Yan had misunderstood her wager from the very beginning.