Evil Emperor's Wild Consort Chapter 1370

Chapter 1370: Defiance 2

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Chapter 1370: Defiance (2)
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The two disciples of the Secret Order felt mildly annoyed. They laughed icily and were about to speak when they suddenly noticed Elder Tianren walking towards the oncoming Gu Ruoyun.

They were in shock as their eyes followed Elder Tianren's movement in astonishment.

Could it be that the elder knew that these people were spies with intentions of sneaking into the Secret Order? Was that why he had decided to act personally? However, that does not seem correct as well. There were no signs of anger on the elder's face and instead, he was smiling. Furthermore, it was unusual for Elder Tianren to be standing outside the gates. They suddenly felt very uncomfortable.

"Elder Tianren is actually here to personally greet us, you overwhelm us with your favor."

Despite her words, the smile on Gu Ruoyun's face was indifferent. There was no sign of surprise on her face at all.

"Hehe." Elder Tianren chuckled. "I heard that you had been barred outside the gates yesterday. To avoid anyone else from acting out of ignorance, I felt that it would be better if I had come here personally. Little girl, I've already made arrangements for your room to be tidied up, come with me."


Gu Ruoyun curled the corners of her lips indifferently and slowly walked into the Secret Order as the two disciples at the gates watched in terror.

The two disciples were entirely shocked. They were unable to regain their senses even after those figures have disappeared. They continued to stare dazedly at Gu Ruoyun and the others as they slowly made their way in. A sense of terror then crept up from within the disciple's hearts which made them tremble.

We're finished.

They were really guests of the Secret Order and we had stopped them from entering!

The two Secret Order disciples felt an urge to bang their heads against the wall at the thought of this to make up for their previous mistake.


"Gu girl, these are the living quarters which we've arranged for you." After leading Gu Ruoyun into the courtyard, Elder Tianren turned around and fixed his gaze upon her with a smile. "This courtyard belongs to you. Besides, no one will disturb you here no matter what you wish to do. However, there is one thing I need to inform you."

"What is it?" Gu Ruoyun raised her brows and asked.

"Little girl, even though you have received the title of champion, whether you can accept the inheritance will depend on your performance in the Secret Order. Our Clan Leader will be testing you personally. Once you have passed the tests, the Secret Order will then give the inheritance to you." Elder Tianren looked at Gu Ruoyun and said, "After all, your powers are still not strong enough. In order to successfully receive the inheritance, there is no other way."

Most importantly, the Clan Leader had wanted to test her and see if she has the right to meet the Sacred Beast.

"I understand." Gu Ruoyun nodded. "What should I do next?"

"Hehe." Elder Tianren laughed. "You don't need to do anything. Just cultivate in the Secret Order, that is enough. The spiritual energy in the Secret Order is much denser and this is very useful for your cultivation. I hope that you will value this opportunity."


Gu Ruoyun smiled faintly and replied airily, "I will then enter cultivation in a while."

The spiritual energy in the Secret Order is dense enough. With the addition of the Spirit Gathering Pill, her cultivation process would be half the work with twice the effect.

"Gu girl, if there's anything that you need, you can come to see me at the Elders' Courtyard. After all, you are the champion of the Secret Order's assessment. Whether it's the Clan Leader or me, we look forward to seeing your progress."

Elder Tianren then laughed heartily before he kindly exclaimed to Gu Ruoyun, "If there's nothing else, I'll take my leave now."