Evil Emperor's Wild Consort Chapter 134

Chapter 134: Gu Ruoyuns Insidious Plan (2)

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This time, nobody would have thought that the Gu family had used someone elses corpse to impersonate Gu Tian. After all, Gu Tian was the flesh and blood of the Gu family. Even though General Gu could be shameless and impudent, it would be impossible for him to allow some stranger who had no relations with the Gu family to be entombed at their ancestral hall!

Even Elder Yu was fully convinced as well...

In the Hundred Herb Hall, Gu Ruoyun was the only one to not display any emotion on her face. She did not utter a single word. Nobody could really tell what was going on in her mind right at this moment.

"Yun'er, Ive carried out your wishes. I wonder whether our promise could..."

General Gu looked at Gu Ruoyun nervously.

After all, the reason why the Plum Sect had not joined the auction was because he had given them his word that he can obtain a Beauty Rejuvenation Pill from the Hundred Herb Hall. If this mission were to fail, one can easily imagine how furious the Plum Sect would be.

"Return home." Lifting up her head, Gu Ruoyun said in an expressionless manner, "I will give you the pill once I have confirmed the identities of these two people."

As he heard her utter those words, General Gu exploded in anger, "Gu Ruoyun, what the hell do you mean by that? Are you trying to say that I would just randomly take two bodies to try to deceive you? No matter what, Gu Tian was my son after all! I ache for him as well! How is it possible for me to allow somebody else to impersonate him and allow that person to be buried with the deceased members of the Gu family? This is such a disgrace to the Gu family!"

General Gu spoke these words in full righteousness, as though it was Gu Ruoyun who was the bad person whose guilt was beyond forgiveness.

However, Gu Ruoyun let out a laugh instead.

For unknown reasons, looking at her smile, General Gus heart unexpectedly shuddered. Slowly, he felt a sense of unease creeping up to his heart.

"Can I ask you this then? How could you tell that these two people that were left with nothing else but bones were actually my parents? Or did you know beforehand the location of their bones but refused to let them be buried in the ancestral hall instead? What intentions are you really harboring right now?"

General Gu was taken aback and his face flushed. His mouth gaped open and closed and he seemed not to be able to come up with any retort.

On the other hand, Elder Yu, who was listening to Gu Ruoyun's interrogation, suddenly came to his senses. His eyes locked carefully at the two bodies right in front of him before giving a sudden yelp, "No! They are not Gu Tian and his wife! Gu Tian's bones had been injured before and it had never healed. Even though these two bodies have already turned putrid, it is apparent that there is no sign of injury at all to the bones. Im very certain that this is not Gu Tians body at all!"

Since this body was not Gu Tian's, then this also proves that the other body was not Dongfang Yus as well...

"What? What do you mean, Elder Yu? These two bodies do not belong to Gu Tian and his wife?"

"I really have belittled the level of impudence General Gu has stooped down to. In order to achieve your purpose, you would even find someone to impersonate your own son? How could somebody even commit such a heinous deed?"

When those people who had still yet to leave the Hundred Herb Hall heard what Elder Yu said, they began to throw disdainful looks at General Gu.

The looks of their eyes triggered General Gu's annoyance, prompting him to grit his teeth in anger and he said, "What did you mean by that? Gu Ruoyun! Are you trying to toy with me now?"

He could see clearly now that Gu Ruoyun had no intention of giving him the pill at all. All of these was just an act to play tricks on him!

"Toying?" Gu Ruoyun lifted her brows and sneered, "Did you think that I have the spare time to play tricks with you? I just wanted to force you to hand over the bodies of my parents! At least I could let them rest in peace! I would never ever have thought that you would randomly find two bodies to trick me instead! Are you sure I am the one who is toying with you now?"

Thats right! She was indeed playing tricks on him. However, she was not dumb enough to admit this to him at all.

"Haha!" General Gu laughed wildly. Gritting his teeth, he spoke ferociously, "Gu Ruoyun, I had really underestimated you! Even Elder Yu of the Hundred Herb Hall could actually be seduced by you! For the sake of your selfish desires, you went ahead and seduced an old man and even went so far as to take advantage of his name to bully others. How do you not feel the slightest shame at all? How did Gu Tian manage to father such a shameless person? If I had known earlier that you would be like this, I should have killed you when you were still young! Rather than allowing you being so treacherous right now and bringing such disgrace to the Gu family!"