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    Chapter 1294: Chu Luo Of The Ghost Order 1

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    Chapter 1294: Chu Luo Of The Ghost Order (1)
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    Gu Ruoyun smiled serenely as she picked up and kept the Blood Lotus, seemingly unaffected by the anger on Chu Luo's face.

    "My teacups are very expensive. I think I've made a loss in exchanging this teacup with a Blood Lotus."

    This time, Chu Luo was overcome with rage. She nearly spat out a mouthful of blood as she glared angrily at Gu Ruoyun. She then gritted her teeth and said, "Get your Master to come out and meet me! I don't want to speak to a servant girl."

    "Auntie, is there something wrong with your hearing? My Master has already told you that she's the Master of this palace. Is your hearing deteriorating with age?"

    Someone giggled childishly beside Gu Ruoyun. Chu Luo turned around in anger and glared at the little lolita next to the woman. If it was not for her curiosity about the identity of the Master of this palace, she would never have stayed here and be humiliated.

    "Hmph! Stop getting in my way!" Chu Luo scoffed. "You think that I don't know that the Master of this palace is a man? Besides, this woman has only just reached the exceptional state. She's not even at the refined state and you insist on lying to me by saying that she's the Master of this place?"

    Chu Luo treated the Little Vermillion Bird's words with contempt and stared at Gu Ruoyun with disdain.

    "She's right."

    At that moment, Zi Yun and the others had just rushed over. When they entered the drawing room, they overheard the conversation between Chu Luo and the Vermillion Bird and could not help but chime in.

    "Order Master Chu Luo, Lord Qianbei has handed this place over to our Master. From now on, she is our leader! Hence, she's the Master of this palace!" Zi Yun smiled icily as he stared at Chu Luo.

    "What did you just say?"

    Chu Luo's expression changed drastically. Even though she has never met Qianbei Ye before, she was familiar with his subordinates.

    Yet, even these people were stepping out to prove that this little girl was the Master of this palace?


    Suddenly, she laughed and her smile was filled with disdain and ridicule. "I never thought that you'd pledge your loyalty to this little girl who still smells of her mother's milk. What benefits can she bring you? Are you really going to serve someone who is less powerful than you?"

    Zi Yun and the rest looked at each other upon hearing this. It was true, they had refused to serve Gu Ruoyun in the beginning because this woman's power was inferior to theirs.


    Once they recalled the events which had happened yesterday, the crowd instantly shivered. Gu Ruoyun's rank was not much higher than theirs but her skills in battle have far surpassed their own.

    "Order Master Chu Luo, as the Ghost Order's Master, you have our respect. However, that does not mean that we can tolerate your slander against our Master!"

    The crowd was enraged. After all, Gu Ruoyun had already bribed them thoroughly with pills.

    How could they allow anyone to hurl insults at her?

    Chu Luo's face stiffened, she never thought that these people would stand up for Gu Ruoyun.

    "I was only speaking without thinking." Chu Luo looked somewhat embarrassed. "This time, I had come here to see... Err... Your previous Master. That silver-haired man in red. Can you ask him to come out for a while?"

    Honestly, Chu Luo was really curious about Qianbei Ye's identity especially since he had managed to build such a large palace in the space of just one month. Furthermore, his neighboring organizations did not have the courage to offend him.

    Hence, she really wanted to find out where this man had come from.