Evil Emperor's Wild Consort Chapter 126

Chapter 126: An Auction that Shocked Four Countries (11)

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"Everyone! I am pleased to welcome all of you who have come from such faraway places to attend the auction today at the Hundred Herb Hall."

At this instance, outside of the box, Elder Yu's hoary voice could be heard in the distance.

His tone was filled with excitement, "All of you must have some idea about the articles that are going to be auctioned today! Thats right! They are the legendary pills! Nowadays, these pills can only be obtained from the tombs of cultivators from over ten thousand years ago. The rest of them have been lost in the long flow of time. However, this time, the Hundred Herb Hall is lucky enough to have come across some Beauty Rejuvenation Pills."

The crowd let out a collective hitch in their breaths as their eyes were fixed intensely on the old man who was standing right in the middle of the auction hall, afraid that they would miss out a single word that he said.

"As everyone knows, the well-known Ghost Doctor had multiple scars on her face that not even she herself could cure them. Fortunately, we conducted a test on the Ghost Doctor and we succeeded in healing the scars on her face."

The more Elder Yu talked about it, the more excited he became. It was as if he could see a bright future clearly in front of his own eyes now.

"The Ghost Doctor? The Ghost Doctor who could heal and resurrect the dead?"

"Oh my god! Even the Ghost Doctor consumed the Beauty Rejuvenation Pill as well? I was still doubting the effects of this Pill before this! If there is the Ghost Doctor as a testament, Im going to get it even if it means that I would have to spend my entire fortune on it."

Just as somebody was saying this, Wei Yiyi, who was dressed completely in red, walked into the auction hall under everyones shocked gaze.

Her oval-shaped face appeared enchanting and seductive. There was a faint smile on her red lips while her fair skin lucent and glowing. Everything about her was perfect without even one tiny flaw. Her every twinkle and smile was enticing and provocative.

What a sexy woman she was.

The moment they saw Wei Yiyi, everyone turned astonished with wonderment. Their gazes were fully locked onto the woman's face.

Even though all of her scars were gone, there were still some people who had seen her before and were able to recognize as her as the Ghost Doctor.

Such stance and posture was not something that could be copied easily.

"The Ghost Doctors scars have really all been healed..."

"At first, the wounds on the Ghost Doctor's face had been contaminated with poison. In addition to that, the wounds have been there for a long time. After all, a wound that could not be healed within two years would usually never fully heal in the future. Who would have ever thought that she could recover to this extent? It seems like this Beauty Rejuvenation Pill is truly the real thing."

"My wife loves her beauty a lot. If I could give this Beauty Rejuvenation Pill to her, maybe she would return to how she used to look when she was young..."

Pills could be divided into two types: the primary pills and the secondary pills. Generally speaking, the pills that were needed to increase the level of cultivation or during battle were known as primary pills. As for pills such as the Beauty Rejuvenation Pills which has no effect on cultivation, they were known as the secondary pills.

However, one should never look down on the power of the secondary pills. After all, a woman who was more powerful would care about her appearance even more. Some women were even willing to spend their entire fortunes for the sake of their beauty. This was the exact reason that Gu Ruoyun was not worried about the demand and market for the Beauty Rejuvenation Pills.

"Brother Chen, the Empress Dowagers birthday is in a few days time. If I were to present her this Beauty Rejuvenation Pill, she would definitely be very happy." Looking at Elder Yu with a pair of eager bright eyes, she made up her mind that she must obtain a Beauty Rejuvenation Pill no matter what.

Arching his brows, Zuo Shangchen smiled and looked at Susu. "Susu, if you really need this Beauty Rejuvenation Pill, you dont have to look very far actually. Theres somebody by your side who can provide you just that."

"What?" Susu was astonished and looked at Zuo Shangchen in puzzlement.

An unreadable expression flashed through Zuo Shangchens eyes as he sneaked a glance at Gu Ruoyun, "Xiao Yun'er is the real Master of the Hundred Herb Hall who is pulling the strings behind the scenes. If you really want it, you can just ask her for one. Who knows, maybe she will actually be in a good mood and give you one."

Susu opened her eyes wide in bewilderment.

Gu Ruoyun was the real Master of the Hundred Herb Hall? This was impossible, from the intelligence that had been gathered by her followers, this woman was nothing more than a lowly servant of the Hundred Herb Hall.