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    Everyone But Me Is Reborn Chapter 176

    Chapter 176: extra 2ning Lang And Yang Zhen 2

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    Yang Zhen usually likes to wear men's clothes. After putting on men's clothes, she has a good-looking face and a tall posture. She has heroic eyebrows. Perhaps because of the martial arts since childhood, she has not made every move as tender as her daughter's. Ning Lang has known her for a long time. On weekdays, the bosses of mountain bandits call her "Mr. Yang", and even the people of Qingzhou call her "Mr. Yang". Until she has been the Five Kings for a long time, Ning Lang doesn't know that Yang is really Women.

    Until he got acquainted with the bandits on the mountain, when he was drinking together one day, he heard the bandits talk about the establishment of Qinglong Village.

    It is said that there were countless gangs in Qinglong Mountain in the past, but now the bandits in Qinglong Village are all members of those gangs. It was Yang Zhen that carried a spear and went to Qinglong Mountain, single-handedly single-handedly singled out everyone, convinced everyone, and then established the current Qinglong Village. It turned out that those bandits on Qinglong Mountain were really adultery and looting, and it was also that after Yang Zhen came, everyone obediently relied on hunting for a living, and never dared to cause trouble.

    The mountain bandits sighed while drinking wine: "Where did I know that I still have such a day, and now that I go down the mountain, I dont have to worry about the officers and soldiers coming to us. Even the people of Qingzhou City have something for us. Good face, how could I think of it before, there will be such treatment in this life."

    Ning Lang sighed, "Yang Zhen is really amazing."

    "I heard that the boss is an orphan, and I don't know who she learned this skill from." The bandit said, "She never kept her hands when she hits, and it hurts when she hits. Who has never beaten the boss? But our bandits also rely on their ability to speak. She is capable and we are convinced."

    Ning Lang worshipped authentically: "That should be the kind mentioned in the script. I met an expert when I was a child, so I learned this martial art. If he didn't go to the Qinglong Mountain, but went to the rivers and lakes, it is estimated that there is no The young girl is thinking about marrying him."

    The mountain bandit nodded, and felt that something was wrong after the nod. He quickly said: "Don't get me wrong, our boss doesn't like women."


    Ning Lang's complexion changed drastically.

    The bandit said in horror: "If our boss likes women, how can it be true!?"

    Ning Lang was even more frightened than him: "If your boss doesn't like women, it would be even more shameful!"

    The two looked at each other for a long time, and then said in unison: "Your boss likes men?!" "Of course our boss wants to like men!"


    The two looked at each other again.

    Then fell into a long silence.

    Ning Lang's face was stiff for a long time before he hesitated to pick up the wine bowl, touched a glass with him, and then drank his head up.

    Ning Lang patted his shoulder seriously: "Be careful."

    He now wants to wonder if Yang Zhen singled out all the bandits and gathered all the bandits on Qinglong Mountain to raise his own backyard.

    What is he? ! Did he accidentally hit Yang Zhen and took the initiative to enter Yang Zhen's backyard? !

    Ning Lang was shocked.

    Ning Yanting only married Jiang Yunlan alone, and he didn't have any side rooms. He never messed with flowers outside, and never went to fireworks with his colleagues. Ning Lang was fascinated by his ears, and was somewhat similar to him, and wanted to be like his father and mother in his heart, as long as there is a connected person in this life.

    He was deceived by a Xinger before, but now it feels a little heartache to think of it.

    How could he be like this for Yang Zhen? !

    Ning Lang's eyes were wrong when he saw the bandits.

    Although martial arts could not be compared to others, Ning Lang looked around and felt that he had a very big advantage, and it would be sooner or later that Yang Zhen would attack him. Although Yang Zhen hasn't shot yet, Ning Lang is already ready to start.

    He started going down the mountain frequently again. If he could not stay on Qinglong Mountain, he would not stay on Qinglong Mountain, and even deliberately avoided Yang Zhen to avoid contact with her.

    Yang Zhen was not a fool, he could avoid it, and Yang Zhen quickly realized something was wrong.

    Previously, Ning Lang took the initiative to come forward and said that he wanted to be friends with her, but now it was Ning Lang who took the initiative to avoid her and was unwilling to interact with her. Yang Zhen couldn't help but couldn't figure out where he had offended Ning Lang.

    She has always been quick to move, and she directly found an opportunity to block Ning Lang in the corner, and even stretched out a hand to press on the wall, blocking Ning Lang's escape route.

    Ning Lang looked to the left, it was a wall, and to the right, it was Yang Zhens hand. He suddenly wanted to cry without tears: "You...what are you doing?"

    "I still want to ask you, what do you want to do?" Yang Zhen's hand is like an iron arm, no matter how hard Ning Lang pulls, he can't shake it in the slightest. "At the beginning, you came up to the mountain to find me, saying that you wanted to interact with our cottage, and you still want to be my five kings, but now you regret it again?"

    Ning Lang was a bit wronged: "The five kings are what you want me to do."

    Yang Zhen raised his eyebrows.

    Ning Lang immediately changed his words: "Well, I agreed."

    Yang Zhen retracted his hands, put his hands around his chest, and nodded his chin to listen to his explanation.

    "I have also thought about it carefully. You see we are alone and widowed... Male, what if we walk too close and make others misunderstand." Ning Lang swallowed nervously, "If we let them misunderstand our relationship. , You dont care, I still want to marry a wife, if my mother knows that I have a broken sleeve, she will break my legs..."

    Yang Zhen was silent for a moment, and asked, "Are you Broken Sleeve?"

    Ning Lang was horrified: "Of course I am not!"

    "Then what misunderstanding is the misunderstanding you mentioned?" Yang Zhen puzzled: "Are we not brothers?"

    "Dang, of course it is!" Ning Lang stammered: "But you... but you..."

    "What am I? What happened to me?"

    "You...you..." Ning Lang gulped and swallowed, then asked in a low and timid voice, "But you are... are you... are you...broken sleeves?"


    There was a moment of silence around.

    Ning Lang raised his eyelids and glanced at her nervously, seeing her calm face and not talking, her face was faint, and she couldn't see the emotions, and she suddenly became more nervous.

    He shivered and said: "I tell you, you... just follow other people's ideas, don't follow me... I, I, I... I don't like men..."

    "Who told you?" Yang Zhen asked him.


    "I'm a...broken sleeve, this matter." Yang Zhen said through gritted teeth.

    Ning Lang hesitated for a moment, and less than a breathing time, the two villains in his heart had finished fighting, and then the mountain bandit who told him about it without hesitation said it.

    Yang Zhen nodded: "I see."

    After Ning Lang finished speaking, he began to regret again: "Aren't you going to trouble him? I'm the one who misunderstood you. If you want to trouble him, just... just rush to me. That... as long as you don't have any intentions with my body, you can do whatever you want."

    Yang Zhen was silent again.

    After a long time, she said one by one: "I am not a broken sleeve."

    Ning Lang was taken aback, and then let out another long breath.

    Yang Zhen never tells lies, even though he doesn't understand why Yang Zhen's words contradict those mountain bandits' words, but hearing Yang Zhen personally say that he is not a broken sleeve, it undoubtedly made Ning Lang relieved.

    He didn't need to be worried about his ass, he immediately lost all defenses, and even took the initiative to hook Yangzhen's shoulders as usual, looking like a good brother.

    "It scares me to death, then we..."

    Before he could finish his words, the hand that had just been placed on Yang Zhen's shoulder was brushed off.

    Ning Lang was stunned: "Yang Zhen?"

    He heard Yang Zhen say word by word: "I am a woman."

    Ning Lang: "..."

    a bolt from the blue!

    He looked at Yang Zhen stupidly, his face full of disbelief. Ning Lang looked down at the hand he had put on her shoulder just now, and looked up at her face again. After repeating this countless times, he still couldn't react.

    Yang Zhen had already left.

    Ning Lang still stood there dumbly, and couldn't recover for a long time.

    Compared to his good brother who suddenly became a broken sleeve, it shocked him whether his good brother was actually a woman.


    When he learned that Yang was really a broken sleeve, Ning Lang only reduced his time on the mountain, but after learning that Yang was really a woman, Ning Lang didn't even dare to return to the mountain.

    While Yang Zhen was not on the mountain, he sneaked to the cottage, packed his luggage in a hurry, and then fled down the mountain in a panic with his cat cub and hid in an inn in Qingzhou City. .

    The entire Qingzhou City has Yang Zhen's eyes and ears. Yang Zhen naturally knew about this for the first time, but she didn't do anything.

    Ning Lang hugged the cat cub in the inn for many days, but after a few days, he finally left the house.

    He went to various stalls in Qingzhou and bought a lot of things that he would never use in his daily life. Then he put on a bag and took the cat cubs and hurried up the mountain.

    When Yang Zhen arrived in the room, he found that there was a big burden on his desk.

    Her complexion moved slightly and she untied her baggage, and found that there were a lot of rouge gouache and golden hairpin skirts, all of which were used by her daughter.

    And beside the burden, there was a kitten. Seeing her, the cat cub immediately gave a pitiful "meow". It stepped back two steps, letting go of its fleshy body, revealing its pressing underneath. Of a letter.

    Yang Zhen picked up the letter.

    She opened it and saw that it was Ning Lang's handwriting.

    Ning Lang said on it that he did not know that she was a woman before and did a lot of rude things to her. He really didn't know how to apologize. As long as Yang Zhen was willing, he would be willing to be a cow or a horse. When Yang Zhen saw this, he couldn't help but laughed out loud. Ning Lang also babbled a lot of things, and in the end, he finally mentioned this burden.

    Ning Lang said that because he didn't know how to apologize, he bought some things according to his sister's preferences. If Yang Zhen didn't like it, he would go to the mountain and buy again.

    Ning Lang's handwriting was really ugly, and Yang Zhen barely finished reading it before putting down the letter paper.

    She has been practicing martial arts all the year round and has keen senses. Naturally, she was aware of the sudden heavier breathing of someone nearby since she picked up this letter.

    "Come out."

    Ning Lang walked out from behind the pillar in a serene manner.

    "This...has been discovered by you." Ning Lang touched his head and said, "That, I really didn't mean it. If I knew you were a woman, I wouldn't do anything to you. What...how do you punish me, just punish me, I will not fight back."

    Yang Zhen stretched out his hand to wrap the things again, a big baggage fell into his arms, and the box of jewelry inside the bag clanged.

    Ning Lang hurriedly caught, and even more scorned: "You don't like it."

    "What's wrong with the woman." Yang Zhen said, "Although I am a woman, none of these people in the cottage are my opponents. I treat you as a brother, and I didn't think about it. If its crooked, do you blame me in turn?

    Ning Lang replied again and again: "Yes, yes, it's all my own thinking, it's my fault, it's all my fault."

    Yang Zhen glanced at him, stretched out his hand and hooked his finger: "Come out with me."

    Ning Lang didn't know why, seeing that she had already gone out, he quickly put the baggage on the table and followed out with the cat cub.

    They went directly to the training ground.

    In the martial arts training ground, there are still many mountain bandits practicing martial arts inside. Seeing them appear, especially seeing Ninglang, who will never be here, all the mountain bandits stopped and looked curiously in their direction. Ning Lang felt the attention of the people, waved hello everywhere, not checking for a while, and didn't even know when Yang Zhen stopped in front of him, and suddenly hit her back.

    Ning Lang stepped back several steps at once, and quickly apologized: "Sorry, sorry, I didn't look at the way."

    Yang Zhen: "..."

    Yang Zhen hooked his finger at him.

    Ning Lang hurried over again, stopped a few steps away from her, looked at her blankly, and asked, "What are you doing?"

    "Put down your cat."

    Ning Lang quickly put the cat on the ground.

    "Then come and hit me."

    Ning Lang was dumbfounded.

    He looked at Yang Zhen, then looked down at himself, for a while, he didn't know what to do and react. Ning Lang looked around at a loss, but saw that everyone looked like a good show.

    Ning Lang's eyes fell back to Yang Zhen, and his face was tangled: "That's not good."

    "I said hit me."

    Ning Lang had to tentatively raised his hand.

    His cat had already ran aside, hiding behind the other bandits, and poking out his head from behind those bandits timidly, looking like he didn't want to see it.

    Ning Lang shook his fist, soft and without any strength.

    Then he just felt that the sky was spinning before his eyes, and he thumped and fell to the ground. Then, pain came from all over his body. Ning Lang's face changed drastically, and the screams were already uncontrollably yelled: "It hurts, it hurts"

    Yang Zhen bent down slightly and appeared in his field of vision.

    "What are you doing?!" Ning Lang was about to get angry, his eyes touched her face, and the anger was suffocated again, and asked in a good voice, "It's good, why are you hitting me?"

    "It's good, why don't you do anything?" Yang Zhen frowned, "I asked you to hit me. Did your strength just now want to shake hands?"

    Ning Lang said bitterly: "But I...you..."

    "Because I am a woman?"

    Ning Lang said nothing. This is the fact.

    This is the case with his tutor since he was a child, and he cannot beat women.

    If Yang Zhen was a man, he would treat Yang Zhen as a brother, so he would naturally dare to do everything, but now it is different. Yang Zhen is a woman. What he could do before, now he can't do it casually.

    Yang Zhen snorted coldly, then raised his foot and walked out.

    When Ning Lang sat up, she had already walked far away.

    Ning Lang was puzzled, opened his hands and embraced the cat cub who was running towards him, and looked at the surrounding bandits in a puzzled way: "What's wrong with him?"

    The mountain bandits understand very well.

    "Boss Yang and you are brothers, originally not because you are a man or a woman, but because you suit her appetite. But now because she is a woman, you don't dare to do this, and you dare not dare, of course she gets angry "The mountain bandit said.

    Ning Lang wondered: "But she was originally a woman, and I should be more polite to her, shouldn't it be right? If she treats her as before, her innocence will not be lost."

    "That's why Boss Yang is angry."

    Ning Lang didn't understand even more.

    He didn't know why Yang Zhen was angry, but these bandits had been following Yang Zhen and had already figured out Yang Zhen's temper. It was very clear. Ning Lang hugged his cat and asked after them.

    He used the fine wine he bought from the bottom of the mountain, but he finally opened the mouths of the bandits.

    "Boss Yang has always been like this, you know, although she is a woman, she is better than all of us. At first, when we knew she was not a man, we despised her, but she beat us one by one. We are on the ground, and since then we dare not say anything." The bandit said, "You see Boss Yang is dressed in men's clothes on weekdays. If she doesn't say anything, we can't even see that she is a woman."

    Ning Lang pondered for a moment and asked: "She doesn't like being a woman?"

    "Of course it is not. She usually does this dressing, but it is more convenient. Women's skirts are not suitable for hands-on." The bandit said: "It's just that Boss Yang never feels that being a woman is much worse than a man. She On weekdays, be brothers with us and make good friends with us, without distinction between men and women, only to see whether we are in harmony."

    Ning Lang was even more entangled: "But this...it's too rude."

    "If everything is to be done according to etiquette, we people are not here now, and we have been captured by the officers and soldiers."

    Ning Lang thought about breaking his head, but still couldn't think of it.

    He didn't dare to go down the mountain, so he secretly returned to his house, but still couldn't sleep at night. He wanted to get up to make the cat, but the cat was also asleep.

    The night on the mountain was very quiet, Ning Lang sneaked out.

    He actually saw Yang Zhen outside. Yang Zhen was sitting on a big rock, drinking wine and looking into the distance in a daze. Ning Lang stood below and looked at her for a while, but Yang Zhen found him and looked back at him: "Come up."

    Ning Lang climbed up with both hands and feet.

    Yang Zhen handed over a wine glass, and Ning Lang tangled.

    "Drink, the mountain wind is cold."

    Ning Lang just took it.

    The strong alcohol poured into the stomach, the head in the stomach was burning, and the cold hands and feet warmed up.

    Ning Lang asked her, "What are you looking at?" He followed Yang Zhen's eyes and looked at the shadowy Qingzhou City in front of him. It was already late at night, and Qingzhou City was darkened with only a few spots of light. , Is a lantern hung on the eaves.

    Ning Lang said, "What's so good about this?"

    "The world is peaceful, Guotai Min'an, what's so bad?" Yang Zhen asked him.

    Ning Lang had nothing to say.

    "Look there." Yang Zhen pointed to a place to show him: "Decades ago, there was a war here. It turned out that it was in ruins. Now it is newly built. There was no one there before, but now it is Many people have already lived."

    Ning Lang narrowed his eyes, and couldn't see where she was referring.

    Ning Lang followed her words and said, "That's really amazing."

    Yang Zhen: "I'm talking nonsense."

    Ning Lang: "..."

    "Do you know what Qingzhou was like decades ago?"

    Ning Lang shook his head. He is not from Qingzhou, so no one knows what Qingzhou was like decades ago.

    "A few decades ago, there was endless war and chaos here." Yang Zhen said: "Because of the remoteness, there are not many officers and soldiers stationed here. There is no way, the people of Qingzhou can only support themselves. Everyone here will be self-defense. No matter whether it is a man or a woman, whether it is an old man or a child, as soon as the enemy comes, they will immediately wake up from their sleep and take up weapons to fight the enemy."

    Ning Lang was stunned when he heard: "Then they are really amazing..."

    He paused, and then said: "I can't see it now, I haven't seen any wars when I get here..."

    "It's all over." Yang Zhen said flatly: "The war is over. Qingzhou is now peaceful."

    "That's great."

    "Yeah, that's great."


    Ning Lang was speechless again.

    He turned his head to look at Yang Zhen. It was very dark at night, and there were no torches for lighting besides, only the hazy light from the full moon in the sky. The soft moonlight shining on Yang Zhen's face softened the lines of her face. Ning Lang blinked, and finally saw a bit of tenderness on her face that was invisible in normal days. The tenderness was towards Qingzhou City, like a compassionate mother looking at her child.

    He couldn't help but said: "You look like a woman at last...Ah!" Ning Lang screamed and fell off the stone.

    Yang Zhen stood up and looked down at him from the top: "What did you just say?"

    Ning Lang was suddenly frightened into a quail, and he trembled and said: "I...I'm not wrong, you are a woman in the first place, can't people tell me?"

    Yang Zhen said in an unpleasant manner: "It's good, what are you doing with this kind of thing? What's wrong with me being a woman? I'm not a man, so you mind so much?"

    "I don't mind." Ning Lang got up from the ground with a grunt, and quickly explained: "Of course I am not talking about women. It's just me...you are going to marry, I treat you as a brother, you Think of me as a brother. What if your future husband misunderstands you? It's fine if we hug and hug you. If I hug you, this... won't your innocence be gone?"

    "Innocent?" Yang Zhen regained his senses abruptly, and pointed him around: "You are here, this is Qinglong Mountain, and the people who live on Qinglong Mountain are all mountain bandits. Will ordinary people marry a mountain bandit?"

    Ning Lang was speechless for a while.

    "I'm not worse than anyone." Yang Zhen said, "None of you can beat me. If you are on the battlefield and the sword is eyeless, you won't be spared because you are a man or a woman. If it's just because I am a woman, then Tell me this is not okay, thats not okay, are you looking down on me?"

    How could Ning Lang think of so much.

    He stared at Yang Zhen blankly, not even knowing why Yang Zhen suddenly lost his temper.

    Yang Zhenping recovered his breath, and then sat down again.

    Ning Lang also tentatively crawled back and sat next to her again.

    "What do you want to do in the future?" Yang Zhen asked him.

    "doing what?"

    "What's the goal?"

    Ning Lang thought about it seriously: "I want to be an indomitable person, protecting our family, protecting my sister, that's enough."

    "and then?"

    "What then?"

    "How do you want to protect your family, protect your sister?"

    Ning Lang thought about it again, and said, "As long as I become better, it's fine."

    "How powerful is it?"

    "I can become as powerful as I can be." Ning Lang said earnestly: "I know, I am a stupid person and can't do anything badly. I used to let my father, my mother, and my sister. I worry about me. There are so many people in the world who are better than me. They are talents, just like Zhu Hanshan can write it down quickly after reading an article, and I may not remember it for a day. They compare, and I wont be able to match them in my life. I can only do my best to reach the most powerful level I can achieve. Thats enough."

    "What if one day someone more powerful than you appears?"

    "That's no way." Ning Lang said: "I don't want to be an enemy, so I can try my best to avoid it. You said that no matter how many powerful people in this world, is there anyone who can be better than the emperor, but the emperor is also There will be natural and man-made disasters. I can only do my best, nothing more."

    Yang Zhen did not speak.

    He also said: "My sister is even more powerful than me. Although she is a girl, if she becomes a man, she will definitely be better than most men in the world. I don't mean to look down on you, I am also in my heart. I think you are very powerful. Its just that my sister is my own sister, and she is still a girl who hasnt come out of the cabinet. Even if she gets close to her, I have to avoid some, let alone you have no relationship with me. Even if you are a mountain What about the bandit, as long as it is someone who likes you, he will definitely not mind your identity."

    Yang Zhen suddenly looked back at him. Ning Lang scratched his cheek uncomfortably.

    After a long time, she looked away and looked down the mountain again.

    The city of Qingzhou below the mountain is now immersed in the night, silent and quiet, with only a few scattered cage fires. When the day breaks, those cage fires will be extinguished, and the people of Qingzhou City will come out of their houses and start their day's work. They are bold and kind, they have a passion for blood, and they have never feared any enemy, in order to protect their family, even if both are stained with blood.

    Yang Zhen said, "I don't want to marry."


    Yang Zhen stood up and stared at the city from a distance: "I have only one goal from beginning to end. It is to rely on the weapon in my hand to protect the people of the Li people in the world."

    She raised her hand, pointed at Qingzhou City, turned her head and said to Ning Lang word by word: "As long as I am here, there will be no accidents in Qingzhou."

    In the night, her eyes were shining, as if a ball of flame was hidden, dazzling astonishing.

    Ning Lang stared at her blankly. He heard the night wind roaring, he heard his chest beating a drum, and even heard the cicadas screaming in the middle of the night, the leaves rustling, and it was as if he heard the spring surging and the sand rolling down. , And the seeds that broke out of their shells deep in the gravel, shook their young leaves delicately.

    He could not even hear clearly, did he respond with a "OK".

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