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    Chapter 1590: Endure

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    Though she was quite strong, Theo's stamina was not unlimited, so, after playing around for the better part of three hours, the fun gradually came to an end. Afterward, she was beyond exhausted, but, like an affectionate cat, she lay across Vahn's lap, emulating the sound of purring as he stroked her hair and body. His hand would meander about periodically, but, more often than not, it would end up near Theo's butt, causing her to nuzzle against him whenever he gave it a gentle squeeze...

    At the same time that Vahn was caressing her body, Theo was returning the favor, a silken glove on her right hand as she absentmindedly stroked his still-erect member. There was a glazed look in her eyes, and, though they had never had sex, Theo had become rather fond of her Master's marginally oversized meat rod. It was a little excessive, but, much like the man it belonged to, it was incredibly warm, and, despite appearing intimidating at a glance, she knew it would never hurt her. Rather, at some point in the not-so-distant future, she knew it would bring her unparalleled pleasure and an unequivocal sense of comfort.

    Seeing Theo's mouth edge closer to his shaft, Vahn lightly smacked her butt, muttering, "It seems the kitty isn't quite satisfied..."

    Without any discernible sense of shame, Theo released a sonorous 'Nyaa~' before languidly raising her body to a seated position. Then, after a bit of adjustment, she was straddling his waist, her labia wrapping around his startlingly hot rod so that she could grind against him. She was exceptionally tired, but, knowing they would soon be parting ways, Theo didn't want to just fall asleep and waste the night away...

    Understanding Theo's thoughts, Vahn just lightly shook his head, a wry yet affectionate smile on his face as he extended his hands to pinch her perky nipples. They were a lighter shade than the rest of her body, their base coloration a pale pink that made them stand out quite a bit. If not for the large crest at the center of her chest, they would have been the most dominant feature amidst the gentle brown slopes. for visiting.

    If he were being honest, Vahn was a little annoyed whenever he saw Vrixho's crest, but, unless Theo wanted it removed, he had no intention of bringing it up. Instead, he intended to learn a little more about Vrixho's character when the opportunity presented itself...

    Due to her Master's use of [Hands of Nirvana], Theo's hips gradually slowed to a stop as she steeled herself against his teasing. She was forced to bite her lip, her eyes shut as she fought the urge to try and stop his actions. What she didn't expect was, just as it started to become unbearable, he moved his hands from gently rolling her nipples to cupping her face. Her fur-covered ears began to waggle against her will, and, even before she opened her eyes, Theo already knew what her Master had in mind, her mouth parting in anticipation.

    After pulling Theo close enough that their lips could brush against each other, Vahn surprised Theo quite a bit by whispering, "I want to form a Pactio with you..."

    Though she would normally wait for permission, a shudder ran through Theo's body as a heavy volume of love juices erupted from her lower body, staining Vahn's stomach and the bed beneath. Her first instinct was to apologize, but, before she could form the words, Vahn sealed her lips with his own, gently kissing her until she was able to calm enough to answer, "Please...I want it...a Pactio with Master..."


    Not far from where he was sharing an intimate moment with Theo, a very similar scene was playing out in the room Vahn shared with Eva. She was also wearing nothing but silky white lingerie, and, as a 'precaution' against him going too far with Theo, she had been keeping him company for the last three hours. She had resolved herself to having sex, but, knowing she wasn't 'truly' ready, Vahn had managed to keep his sensibilities despite having two youthful beauties allowing him to lead them as he pleased...

    With Eva straddling his lap in much the same way as Theo, Vahn ran his thumb along her bottom lip, an impassioned yet reflective look on his face as he muttered, "She said yes...are you ready?"

    Hearing Vahn's question, Eva swallowed hard, a ruddy hue extending all the way down to her neck as she answered, "Just do it..."

    Without waiting further, Vahn began to kiss Eva rather passionately as a magic circle seemed to draw itself beneath the sofa. Even the creator of the Pactio system might not be able to compete with him in its use, so, even without using the special chalk, Vahn was able to produce the magic circle in less than three seconds.

    Generally speaking, the person with weaker magical power would become the Ministra in a Pactio, but, due to the influence of his Source Energy and the willingness of the participants, Vahn was able to retain his status as the Magister. This was extremely easy with Theo, as she sincerely viewed him as her Master, but, in Eva's case, Vahn had to spend the last three hours 'convincing' her to entrust herself to him. Though this had been made easier by the four years they had spent together, it was still difficult for Eva to fully commit to a relationship.

    Even now, Eva still believed she was beyond redemption, so, rather than say she didn't trust him, it was more accurate to say she didn't trust herself. The last four years had helped to melt the walls around her heart, but, until she could complete her vengeance, she was unable to allow herself to move forward. She had a fear deeply rooted in her heart that warned her of ever getting truly close to people, a trauma engraved into her very existence by the Mage of the Beginning...

    As the light from the magic circle began to gradually fade away, a rather ornate tarot-like card fell to the ground. It was customary to grab the Pactio card to determine what kind of Artifact had been obtained, but, without minding the card in the slightest, Vahn and Eva continued to kiss for nearly ten minutes before the latter finally turned her face to the side, gasping for air.

    Seeing Eva's tomato-red face, Vahn's smile became even more affectionate as he gently guided her to look back at him. Her icy-blue eyes appeared slightly hazy in the low-light of the room, and, even if she tried to hide it, Vahn could see the love contained within. Thus, despite knowing she would be troubled by his words, Vahn mustered up all his sincerity, stating, "I love you, Evangeline Athanasia Katherine McDowell...if that card shows the symbol for 'Eternal Partners', I hope you'll finally accept my proposal..."

    Hearing Vahn's words, Eva furrowed her brows quite a bit as a conflicted look flashed across her countenance. She had recently been considering whether or not she wanted to live the life of a mortal after they defeated the Mage of the Beginning. Immortality had brought her a lot of pain, but, despite her misgivings, she ultimately nodded her head before asking in a meek voice, "If it doesn't...are you finally going to stop proposing to me every day...?"

    Without any delay, Vahn shook his head, plainly stating, "No way. If it doesn't say Eternal Partners, that just means I'll need to work harder in the future. I've told you countless times, Eva...no matter what, I'm not going to give up on you. Even if you-"

    Before Vahn could say anything about her falling in love with someone else, Eva covered his mouth with both of her hands, a slightly angry look on her face as she said, "I told you not to say stuff like that..."

    After waiting for Vahn to nod his head, Eva removed her hands from his mouth, leaning over to pick up her Pactio card. She was actually extremely nervous, as, for a number of reasons, she could easily imagine it showing the symbol for eternity. Vahn held the most important position in her heart, and, if he had been more 'forceful' in his methods, she wasn't confident she could actually resist him...

    As this thought crossed her mind, Eva cautiously flipped over her Pactio card at an angle that Vahn wouldn't be able to see. The moment she saw her own appearance on the card, the redness of her face compounded. Illusory steam began to rise from her head, and, without even reading the runes and text on the card's face, Eva hid it against her chest, shouting, "You can't look...!" on instinct.

    Before Vahn could try to coax her into showing him the card, Eva floated free from his lap before taking things a step further by teleporting away. This left the former with a wry smile as he sat alone and naked on the sofa. He was tempted to give chase, but, knowing how quickly Eva could resort to violence when she was like this, he decided to give her a minute or two to calm down first...


    Knowing it wouldn't be too long before Vahn came looking for her, Eva found a secluded place in the middle of the jungle. Then, after manifesting some clothes to properly cover her body, she, very slowly, took a peek at her Pactio card. The image on the surface caused a fresh shade of crimson to creep onto her face, but, rather than look away, Eva inspected it closely, her throat feeling tense and dry as she read the words 'Socium Aeternum' near the bottom.

    Though she had thought herself prepared, Eva's legs became weak when she read the words. This actually wasn't too surprising, but, when she saw what she was wearing in the Pactio image, it was hard to remain calm. After all, rather than a normal raiment or artifact, the version of herself in the image was, quite literally, wearing a white wedding dress. She was even holding what appeared to be a bouquet of Orange Blossoms, five-petaled lily-like flowers that represented 'eternal love'.

    Feeling a little overwhelmed, Eva buried her face into her hands in a vain attempt to try and calm herself down. Whenever she peeked between the cracks of her fingers, however, the card was still there, a vibrant smile visible on the veiled woman depicted in the card. Part of her was tempted to activate it, but, knowing Vahn would appear shortly, she quickly dismissed that thought. Then, for a very brief moment, she considered ripping up the card then and there, but, imagining the look on Vahn's face, she simply didn't have the heart to do so.

    Realizing she had made an irrevocable mistake, Eva couldn't help but lightly mutter, "Fuck..." as she stared blankly back at the card. She knew Vahn wouldn't force her against her will, but, now that it had come to this, it was almost impossible to refuse his proposal. Rather, she had already agreed to his terms before and after making the Pactio, so, even if he didn't insist, her pride would compel her to agree. This made her feel simultaneously exhilarated and terrified, feelings of warmth contending against the urge to pull out her own hair...

    Just as Eva began to consider the viability of 'running away', she sensed a subtle fluctuation in the surrounding space. This was Vahn's way of letting her know he was about to arrive, as, if he really wanted to, even she wouldn't be able to sense his movement through the void. Others had to force a transfer using a phenomenal amount of magic power, but, as if it took absolutely no effort at all, Vahn was able to 'walk' through the void to reach his destination in an instant.

    Realizing it was 'impossible' to run away, Eva's shoulders drooped slightly as a familiar warmth appeared to her right. She made no attempt to stop Vahn from picking up the card, her long bangs more than capable of covering her eyes when her head was lowered...


    Though he was momentarily distracted by the stunning image of Eva in an ornate white dress, Vahn managed to tear his eyes away long enough to read the words written across the bottom. He could feel his heart palpitate before his brain fully processed them, but, having noticed Eva's state before he arrived, he did his best to restrain his excitement. He wanted nothing more than to flit away into the moonless sky with her in his embrace, but, until she had officially said yes, doing something so 'extreme' probably wasn't the best idea...

    Since he might not get a better moment, Vahn decided to push his luck a bit by moving to the front of Eva and taking a knee. Her head raised slightly in response to his actions, so, taking advantage of the opportunity, Vahn preferred one of his proudest masterworks. Like every wedding ring he had forged, it was the absolute pinnacle of what he could achieve as a blacksmith, and, though it looked relatively simple, it was one of only two SS-Rank Artifacts he had ever forged...



    Rank: SS (Divine)

    P.Def: 0

    M.Def: 0

    Abilities: Indestructible(Divine), Yin Elemental Affinity Increase(SS), Magic Nullification(S), Physical Nullification(S), Abnormal Status Immunity(S), Soulbound(Unbound)

    Use: 'Permanence': For the duration of three minutes, the user is completely impervious to all forms of harm, cannot be bound, and has unlimited control over Yin, Darkness, and Ice Elemental Energy. (Warning: Item destroyed after use.)


    Feeling a powerful resonance with the ring proferred forth by Vahn, Eva's eyes instinctually followed it's movements. Part of her was terrified by it, but, compared to the overwhelming anticipation that was steadily rising within her heart, it was completely negligible. She knew Vahn must have forged it himself, and, despite never seeing it before, Eva had the distinct impression the ring was an intrinsic part of her, something precious and irreplaceable...

    Though he had proposed thousands of times before, this was the first time Vahn had brought out a ring. This added a palpable amount of gravitas to the situation, to the point Eva didn't even register the long speech Vahn had prepared. It was only when he called her name that she pulled her eyes away from the ring, meeting his loving gaze as he asked, "Eva...will you marry me...?"

    Unlike all the other times he had asked her, Eva didn't immediately answer. Instead, she just stared at him, her blue eyes showing an incomprehensible mix of emotions, all buried behind a surprising mask of calm. This continued for nearly an entire minute, her expression slowly transitioning into a deadpan as she averted her eyes and answered, "Fine...I'll marry you...idiot..."

    Unable to contain himself any further, Vahn wrapped up Eva in his arms, and, like a rocket aiming for a distant world, he took off into the night sky, laughing like an idiot the entire way...

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