Endless Pampering Only For You Chapter 507

Chapter 507 Why Would I Like Her?

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Chapter 507: Why would I like her?
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Han Qiqing rolled her eyes at him. “So anyone who knows Chinese is fated to be your soulmate? Are you shameless?”

Holding her chin as she smiled and watched the two bickering, Mu Xiaoxiao teased Song Shijun, saying, “Shijun, I thought you liked Qiqing. Am I wrong?”

Upon hearing that, Song Shijun, who was originally bickering with Han Qiqing, seemed as if someone stepped on his tail. “How is that possible! Why would I like her?”

Han Qiqing was very displeased with his disgusted look. “Aiyah, what’s this look on your face? Do you hate me that much? Like I care, I don’t even like you!”

“I don’t like you either!” Song Shijun obviously had to retort and maintain his self-esteem as a man.

“I don’t like you even more!”

“I don’t like you the most!”

The two men began to bicker again. Mu Xiaoxiao shook her head, unsure whether to laugh or cry. She had the feeling that the two were very compatible, just like a pair of jokers.

Mu Xiaoxiao moved closer beside Yin Shaojie and nudged him with her elbow. And she whispered in his ear, “Do you think it’s possible for Shijun and Qiqing to be together?”

Although she knew that Qiqing liked Lu Yichen, one-sided love was a torment.

Moreover, Mu Xiaoxiao couldn’t tell how much Lu Yichen liked Qiqing.

Although Lu Yichen had now allowed Qiqing to get closer to him and the two seemed to have become friends, when Mu Xiaoxiao saw them together, there was an inexplicable feeling… that they weren’t compatible with each other.

Perhaps it was because Lu Yichen had never seriously paid attention to Qiqing?

Girls were always very sensitive in this aspect. From observing the eyes and the attitudes of a boy, they could tell whether a boy liked a girl.

Mu Xiaoxiao thought that Han Qiqing and Song Shijun were not bad a match. The two had known each other since young, and by now, they understood each other very well.

Hearing her question, Yin Shaojie smiled and said, “That depends on them. We can’t interfere.”

Matters of love weren’t things that outsiders could interfere with.

Agreeing with him, Mu Xiaoxiao nodded and said, “Let’s have nature take its course then.”

In any case, no matter who Qiqing ended up with, it’d be good as long as she was happy about it.


After dinner, the group walked out of the luxurious clubhouse. Mu Xiaoxiao remembered something and asked Song Shijun, “Where’s Sijue? Wasn’t he also invited to dinner? Why isn’t he here?”

Cough—they only remembered it when dinner was over.

Song Shijun said, “Oh, him. He had an appointment today. It’s at a hotel nearby.”

Ye Sijue was different from them. He had been involved in his family’s business early on, so he would usually have to meet with clients.

Han Qiqing said, “Sijue seems to be very busy recently. I don’t think he can find the time to help you in your search. Actually, you don’t need him. You already have them. They are more than enough to find someone in City A.”

She pointed to Yin Shaojie and Song Shijun in front of her..

One is the young master of the Yin family of the Big Four Families. The other is the son of the mayor. No matter how big City A was, it’d be no problem to find someone with the power of those two.

Song Shijun smiled and said, “Exactly. It won’t be too difficult to find someone, unless… someone is hiding her.

Mu Xiaoxiao pondered for a moment and was slightly worried, but still, she said, “That’s unlikely, right?”