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    Chapter 1206 Cracks

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    The dazzling beam impacted the Four Element Shield and tore it apart after a short pause. The impact of the light burst onto the Law Shield and slightly deformed it. At least four to five thousand law runes were roused and kept flickering on the surface of the shield.

    The huge force sent Lin Yun flying back several dozen meters before the ray of light thoroughly dissipated.

    Lin Yuns expression became serious. Needing four to five thousand law runes to resist the attack meant that it could definitely compare to a 1st Rank Heaven Mages 9th Tier single-target spell.

    But the puppet before him clearly wasnt at the Heaven Rank and hadnt awakened wisdom or relied on an external source of power, that attack purely came from mana.

    Lin Yun was familiar with this. He had yet to advance to the Heaven Rank, yet was able to display the power of a 2nd Rank Heaven Mage when bursting with full power. He was using his overwhelming mana to forcibly suppress others and display fighting strength comparable to Heaven Rank powerhouses.

    And this Pseudo Heaven Puppet before him was the same.

    He took out his Book of Death and the radiance of the Element Chapter shone. Purple light also shone from the Draconic staff as the Purple Dragon Incarnation was ready to appear at any time.

    Before Lin Yun could counterattack, another puppet of the same model came out of the opening, followed by twenty peak level 39 puppets. They looked just like the six sword puppets and four casting puppets he had previous encountered.

    Crimson radiance repeatedly flickered within those two Pseudo Heaven Puppets eyes. As for the puppets behind them, they started moving as if they had received a command.

    The twelve melee puppets instantly split up and surrounded Lin Yun. Those seemingly rusted swords all flashed with magical radiance and the rust instantly peeled off. A layer of faint golden light enveloped the blades and runes started appearing on the blades.

    The blades left clear white trails as they cut through the air.

    The group of crazy sword puppets transformed into afterimages as they closed in on Lin Yun. The eight casting puppets raised their arms and started casting simple Firebolts. Several dozen flew over every second.

    The two Pseudo Heaven Puppets raised their arms. Their left arms kept shooting red-colored rays, while the right arms shone with light-colored radiance that released those thick beams of light.

    Lin Yun summoned twelve fire vortexes which burst with a torrent of flames, submerging everything within several hundred meters. Using Fire Elemental Incarnation, he kept flickering within the flames.

    But after a few seconds, those two Pseudo Heaven Puppets used a storm of Firebolts to tear most of the fire vortexes. Their fighting awareness was terrifyingly high.

    Those twelve sword puppets were unafraid of death as they firmly stuck to Lin Yun, their several dozen sharp blades continuously slashing towards Lin Yuns vitals.

    Lin Yun frowned. Even after more puppets appeared, these guys coordination was still terrifying. It was as if they were one. Their combat systems should be linked together by some method, and the upper limit was unknown.

    These two Pseudo Heaven Puppets and twenty peak level 39 puppets could burst with enough power to kill a Heaven Rank powerhouse within ten minutes.

    There was no gap or break in this kind of dangerous situation. With the coordination and the powerful energy systems, they could already be considered as perfect. If he remodelled just ten of these puppets, they would be at the Pseudo Heaven Rank and would be able to kill a 1st Rank Heaven powerhouse without much difficulty.

    Lin Yuns spells didnt cause too much damage to the puppets. Even those peak level 39 puppets resisted a few spells without suffering too much damage. They would at most pause for a moment before rejoining the fight.

    As for Lin Yun, he wasnt planning on destroying the puppets. Their energy systems had huge research value and he wouldnt be able to progress his research if he only had a couple.

    Especially if he wanted to transform the puppet factorys assembly line in the Natural Demiplane. At least a few dozen energy systems were required to develop a mana source for the puppet factory.

    But after five minutes, these guys still showed no flaw in their cooperation, their cooperation was seamless. They would continue for several months until their energy systems burst stopped, or until they got rid of Lin Yun.

    After a light sigh, Lin Yun flickered a few times before pausing. He then flickered behind a sword puppet and put his hand on its waist. His palm transformed into a flickering shadow. In an instant, that fierce sword puppet exploded into a pile of components.

    But at the same time, two thick rays of light fell on both sides of Lin Yuns body, accompanied by several Firebolts attacking him from all directions. Eleven sword puppets blades were already slashing at Lin Yun from behind and from his sides. They were locked onto every single part of his body.

    Lin Yuns expression turned serious. These guys reaction speed was too fast, the huge amount of energy coming from their energy system allowed them to forgo the need to save mana. They could burst with all of their power at any time, and none of their systems would be burdened by a lack of mana.

    These attacks blocked all of Lin Yuns possible escape routes, he couldnt even dodge with a Flame Flash, especially these two rays of light, even a 2nd Rank Heaven Mage would be hit by one of them, they simply couldnt be dodged.

    Lin Yun took one step back, but his body seemed to have drawn an arc which allowed him to barely dodge the two thick rays of light. He even dodged more than half of the several dozen Firebolts and only a dozen blades landed on his Law Runic Shield.

    Over ten thousand Law Runes instantly pulsated on the Law Runic Shield and his mana consumption increased a dozen times.

    With the help of the huge impact, Lin Yun was sent flying over a hundred meters away.

    As he landed, the eleven sword puppets were already rushing over and the casting puppets Firebolts were already aiming at him.

    A smile could be seen at the corner of Lin Yuns mouth. He suddenly closed the Book of Death and even the purple light of the Draconic Staff dissipated.

    He gave up all his buffs and only relied on his own pure power to fight. This perfect cooperation, this perfect suppression, wasnt that the kind fight he wanted?

    A fight that could squeeze every drop of his strength, a fight that could test his battle experience and fighting instincts? Only this kind of fight could shake the gate between the Heaven realm and the Archmage realm.

    Lin Yun even dissipated his Law Runic Shield, only using his Four Element Shield. That shield could resist those ordinary Firebolts or sword slashes, but it was no different from paper in front of the Pseudo Heaven Puppets light rays. It would absolutely be torn apart in an instant.

    Life-threatening situations were the best opportunity to squeeze ones potential.

    Enderfa came out of the Spell Wheel and looked at Lin Yun as if he was a lunatic.

    "Damn, Merlin already went insane"

    Lin Yun was smiling, flames burning in his eyes. If he burst out with all his strength, these puppets would be destroyed within thirty seconds, and it would take ten minutes if he wanted to keep the energy systems and components intact.

    But now, Lin Yun had to dismantle the rest of the puppets just by relying on his casting ability and control.

    Sensing his rising fighting intent, the stable door in Lin Yuns soul slowly shook.

    Lin Yun instantly rushed out. The sea of flames was instantly torn apart, but Lin Yun was able to arrange a flaming path ahead of time and used that path to timely flash away.

    Lin Yun suddenly started his counterattack. These puppets didnt change at all, their fighting style was based on the good coordinations of the set of battle systems. No matter what Lin Yun did, they would only calculate the fastest way to get rid of Lin Yun.

    Sharp blades kept slashing at Lin Yun and their sharp aura even pricked Lin Yuns skin. The damage was minimized when they brushed across the Four Element Shield.

    After dodging three times in a row, Lin Yun suddenly flashed in front of a puppet. The puppet had just swung its four blade arms, and taking advantage of that small gap, Lin Yuns palm twitched and he instantly turned that sword puppet into a pile of components.

    This opportunity couldnt be taken by the two Pseudo Heaven Puppets, because just as the sword puppet exploded into a pile of components, there was another sword puppet in between Lin Yun and the two Pseudo Heaven puppets.

    The rays of light were very powerful and so fast that they could only be dodged in advance, but they had a huge weakness: They would only display their terrifying power with direct impact, a graze couldnt cut it.

    If the two Pseudo Heaven Puppets attacked at this moment, they would inevitably destroy that puppet while Lin Yun could take advantage of that opportunity to dodge easily.

    After dismantling another sword puppet, Lin Yun kept wandering around the battlefield, continuously flickering.

    When flashing away, not only did he have to consider the angle, he also had to consider all of the puppets attacks. After all, Flame Flash wasnt Teleportation, being attacked during the flashing process was very troublesome.

    Even if he wasnt killed by a ray during the flash, he would still be half dead. If he was slashed, he might end up losing a limb.

    This was a test of strength, of pure fighting experience and instant reaction, he wasnt relying on his powerful magic.

    After another half a minute, Lin Yuns silhouette suddenly appeared between two sword puppets. This was the gap in the two sword puppets defenses as they had just slashed down,it would take a bit of time for them to attack Lin Yun.

    This time was enough for Lin Yun to prevent their attack and dismantle them

    Mana surged as he put both hands on the puppets back and released his first magic attack of the past few minutes.

    He cast a few Bursting Flames at a good angle and hit the right arms of the two Pseudo Heaven Puppets.

    These two Pseudo Heaven Puppets rays of light were on the verge of shooting out when the side of their right arms were hit by five Bursting Flames.

    The five Bursting Flames impact let out an explosive force absolutely comparable to an 8th Tier Spell. This kind of power simply couldnt influence these two Pseudo Heaven Puppets, but it was enough to alter the aim of their arms.

    This was just enough!

    The two glaring white light shot like lasers and ended up aiming seven to eight meters away from Lin Yun.

    At the same time, a Ward of Fire blocked the other puppets for an instant, and by adjusting the position of his body, only three Firebolts landed on his Four Element Shield.

    And that kind of power couldnt tear through his shield.

    After a second, the two sword puppets exploded into a pile of components. And as if that was nothing, Lin Yun even took the initiative to attack, taking advantage of the fact that the Pseudo Heaven Puppets rays of light couldnt be shot immediately. He flashed to the casting puppets side and dismantled four in a row.

    After that successful attack, light shone once again from those two Pseudo Heaven Puppets cannons. Lin Yun had already decisively given up on the plan to disassemble puppets.

    In midair, Enderfa foolishly looked at Lin Yun and was completely stunned.

    Merlins fighting style Heavens, he is only using the power of a 9th Rank Archmage! Hell, what is he trying to do? His battle experience has reached an unfathomable level.

    How did he do it? He is calculating the changes at every step and then answers to it ahead of time to to calmly dismantle a few puppets. As long as he can keep doing that, then the power of the 9th Rank should be more than enough to dismantle all these puppets, and they wouldnt be damaged in the slightest, not a single rivet would be destroyed.

    Enderfa was blankly staring at the scene, but he couldnt see the flames burning in Lin Yuns eyes. His mana consumption was huge and his mind was taut to its limit. Even his Magic Array was operating in an overload state.

    The Magic Array wasnt recognized as the most powerful Magic Conducting Rune for no reason. At this time, it had already converted every wisp of the battlefield, every single movement of the puppets, every piece of information into data.

    As long as Lin Yun wasnt negligent, he would receive the least amount of damage. This was a mages battle, the art of mage combat wasnt relying on force to suppress ones opponent. The stronger one would win and could survive.

    Lin Yun suddenly felt a kind of satisfaction. That formidable gate he couldnt shake seemed to tremble with the vibration of his spiritual world and a small crack appeared.

    After dismantling five more sword puppets, Lin Yun suddenly targeted those two Pseudo Heaven Puppets.

    He first lured the Pseudo Heaven Puppets into releasing their rays of light and instantly gave up on dismantling the puppet before him to flash to one of the Pseudo Heaven Puppets side.

    Several dozen Firebolts shot towards Lin Yun. According to the patterns, the perfect timing for the puppets attack was when Lin Yun approached and dismantled a puppet.

    But this time, Lin Yuns fierce mana poured into the Pseudo Heaven Puppets body and cut off the connections between its joints and energy source.

    And a second later, numerous rays fell on this Pseudo Heaven Puppets body while Lin Yun hid behind it, remaining uninjured. Only two Firebolts hit his Four Element Shield due to their angle of attack.

    Lin Yuns sudden change of strategy caught those puppet off guard. Their battle systems could combine their battle experience and improve themselves in battle in order to find the best way to deal with their opponent.

    But after following the calculations of their battle systems, they found out that the puppet wasnt dismantled and ended up taking all of the damage.

    One second later, the group of puppets gave up on casting and the few sword puppets rushed over, and at that exact moment, the Pseudo Heaven Puppet was dismantled.

    Lin Yun had already used Mirror Image Incarnation during this time and left it at his original location while he used two Flame Flashes to cross over several dozen meters.

    He sneered when the Mirror Image Incarnation was torn apart by the group of puppets a second later. The flames burning within his eyes rose up and in the depths of his soul, illusory flames suddenly appeared and attached themselves to that stable gate. Cracks slowly appeared on the surface of the gate.

    Ten minutes later, every puppet was torn apart and only a Pseudo Heaven Puppet was left behind. Even if Lin Yun stopped using tricks, it couldnt handle his pressure.

    A minute later, Lin Yuns hand landed on that puppets shoulder and his wrist softly shook. It took an instant for that Pseudo Heaven Puppet to explode into a pile of components.

    As the battle ended, Lin Yun stopped moving and closed his eyes. He calmly adjusted the raging power within his body while entering his sea of consciousness. He looked at the layer of flames on that steady gate and could see the almost invisible small cracks.

    After opening his eyes, a wide smile appeared on Lin Yuns face. Getting started was always the hardest part, even a microscopic crack was a huge start. It wouldnt take long before this gate was opened.

    The gap between ordinary and extraordinary would be thoroughly breached and a brand new world would emerge in front of him. As for his weakness of not possessing Extraordinary Power, it would be fixed and his power would advance by leaps and bounds.

    He would be able to feel many benefits he couldnt feel before once he advanced.

    Lin Yun put away the parts that fell on the ground, especially the energy systems of the two Pseudo Heaven Puppets. Those were specially sealed and put away. The energy systems of the other puppets were also treated with caution.

    After that, deciphering the battle system was of the highest priority. These puppets could display such formidable power, and the power they could display would increase exponentially with more puppets. This was all due to the battle systems.

    The strongest Archmages of his mage army were at the 3rd and 4th Rank, and they would be killed within a minute if they had to fight a 9th Rank Archmage.

    But once fifty of them joined up, the power they could display would be several times to a hundred times higher and it wouldnt be too hard for them to get rid of a 9th Rank Archmage. This was the power of cooperation. When facing a monster like Xiuban, the mage army would be able to suppress him.

    Once he cracked the battle systems of these puppets, his puppet armys power would increase a dozen times.

    After cleaning the battlefield, Enderfa swayed down from the sky, his three faces looking at Lin Yun as if he was a monster.

    "Merlin, are you about to advance to the Heaven Rank?"

    Lin Yun nodded.

    "Im almost there. One or two more large battles and Ill be able to push open that gate."

    Enderfas three faces looked sullen. He groaned but didnt say anything.

    Hell, that Merlin should be less than thirty, no, he is definitely in his early twenties Yet he is already advancing to the Heaven Rank?

    How long has it been? Is this monster-like guy the reincarnation of a God? How could he have so much knowledge?! He seems to know everything, even stuff I dont even know.

    He must be the reincarnation of a God, right, that must be it. Its absolutely impossible for an Archmage to kill a few Heaven Rank powerhouses and advance to the Heaven Rank so fast unless he is the reincarnation of a God.

    How could the Extraordinary Transformation be so easy? Without the help of external force, that process should take at least a few years for the preparations to be complete. Damn, Merlin is really about to advance to the Heaven Rank.

    Lin Yun finished cleaning up the battlefield, not even leaving a single rivet behind. He picked up everything before walking through the opening he had made before the fight.