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Elixir Supplier Chapter 176

Chapter 176 Small Disease Desperation

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She was just like a vehicle that had run over ten thousand miles, desperately in need of maintenance, especially considering her age. Like machine parts, the various organs in her body were already slowing down and deteriorated further.

“Did you not take any medicine after visiting the hospital?” asked Wang Yao.

“We took some medicine, but there was little effect,” said the charming lady.

“How about this, I’ll prescribe some medicine, but the treatment period might take a while,” said Wang Yao.


Wang Yao thus gave a prescription using only common herbs found in regular pharmacies.

“Just follow the prescription; the method to use the medicine is written down. Let your mom rest, and don’t make her angry,” said Wang Yao.

“Okay, thank you, doctor.”

The mother-daughter pair had the clinic prepare and boil the medicine, the whole batch of which they would be able to collect in the afternoon.

“Could I see the medicine preparation equipment?” Wang Yao asked Pan Mei.

“Of course you can.”

In one room of the clinic, Wang Yao saw a modern Chinese medicine decoction machine. It wasn’t particularly big, just about the size of a bucket made of stainless steel and automated.

Following the times, the various medicinal methods had improved. The labor-intensive ways of the past were slowly eliminated just like the medicine-decocting equipment, which was convenient and efficient. Who would still use a wood fire to prepare medicine nowadays?

However, contemporary equipment may not necessarily be better than ancient ones, such as in pottery. Although technology had improved, we are still unable to create some porcelain works done in ancient times.

“The medicinal herbs must be of good quality,” Wang Yao reminded. This was all he could do now, after all, he could not force the clinics to use wood fires.

“Don’t you worry. Even if it wasn’t your prescription but some other doctor’s, we would do our best to use the good quality herbs,” Pan Mei said.

When it comes to common medicine, the difference between high and low-quality herbs wasn’t actually too big, and the efficacy of the medicine would not differ greatly. Nonetheless, this was a problem of attitude, pointing towards one’s sincerity and responsibility for one’s patients.

In one morning, Wang Yao saw two patients. Both were getting on in age and suffering from headaches and poor sleep. These problems were relatively easier to treat.

At noon, he didn’t return home but went with Wang Mingbao for a meal.

“Hai, today isn’t Wednesday, what did you go to the clinic for?” Wang Mingbao asked.

“I wanted to see a few more patients,” Wang Yao explained.

“To earn more money?”

“To earn experience. How’s Wei Hai? Does he still look for you often?” Wang Yao asked.

“Nope, he’s better now. His complexion has improved, and he has regained his self-confidence. It’s not like a while back when he looked like he had lost his spirit,” Wang Mingbao said.

“That’s good; a strong mentality helps with recovery,” Wang Yao said.

“Are you still going back in the afternoon?” Wang Mingbao asked.

“Uh-huh,” Wang Yao replied.

After lunch, they went to Wang Mingbao’s shop to sit for a while.

Just as they were chatting, the shop staff knocked and came over.

“Boss, there’s someone who wants to buy a large number of materials for decoration and wants to know if we can offer a discount,” the staff said.

“Please have him wait,” Wang Mingbao replied.


“Wait for me for a bit; I’ll be back shortly,” Wang Mingbao said.

“Actually, it’s about time for me too. I should be going back to the clinic,” Wang Yao said. As the two of them were leaving, they ran into the customer whom the staff had mentioned earlier.

It wasn’t one person, but a husband and wife pair that looked to be over 30. The gentleman was slightly round, possessing an elegant demeanour, while the lady was taller than him and was somewhat good looking and well-taken care of.


Wang Yao’s footsteps stopped, and his gaze fell upon the lady’s body.

Her waist was slightly swelling, indicating that she was pregnant. The husband and wife pair looked close.

“Hello, I am the shop owner,” Wang Mingbao introduced.

“Hello, my name is Pang Yan,” Pang Yan said.

As the two of them were talking, Wang Yao’s gaze was still focused on Pang Yan’s wife.

“How about we go into my office to talk?” Wang Mingbao asked.

“Sure,” Pang Yan replied.

Wang Mingbao thus ushered Pang Yan and his wife into his office. After a short while, they came out and were preparing to leave.

“Uhmm…” Just then, Wang Yao opened his mouth, causing the pair to turn and look at him.

“Uh, I’m a doctor,” Wang Yao said.


The pair was stunned upon hearing Wang Yao and were clearly unsure what he wanted to say.

“I suggest that you guys should go to a hospital to do a check-up,” Wang Yao said while pointing at the lady.

“What do you mean?” Pang Yan’s expression had turned ugly.

“This lady’s breathing has become a little rushed, and her complexion looks poor. Of course, this is just my suggestion.”


The man got angry after hearing this and immediately turned to leave, while his wife hurried behind him.

“Hey, hey, what are you up to?!” Wang Mingbao asked after the pair had left.

“You’ve been staring at that lady’s belly from the moment you saw her. Also, in what way was her complexion poor? Wasn’t it very good?” Wang Mingbao asked.

“That’s just the covering effect of her make-up. Her eyes don’t have much life in them; that means that she’s not feeling well,” Wang Yao explained.

It would be fine if it were a normal person, but this was a pregnant lady. At times like this, it was precisely when the body needed nourishing.

Outside the shop, the couple entered their car.

“You know him?” asked Pang Yan, in a low voice. His expression darkened.

“No, I don’t,” His wife said. “Perhaps he’s just talking nonsense?” As she said this, her body trembled slightly.

The man did not reply and stepped on the pedal to leave.

“She really should visit the hospital,” Wang Yao said.

“I trust you, but they probably think you’re some mentally unsound person now,” Wang Mingbao laughed as he said.

“They wouldn’t choose not to buy from you because of this, would they?” Wang Yao suddenly asked. Earlier, his warning to the couple was purely from good intentions.

“If they don’t, so be it. I don’t lack customers anyway,” Wang Mingbao replied.

“Okay, I’m leaving.”

Wang Yao returned to the clinic. However, there was not a single patient in the afternoon.

As the sky began to darken, some of the old doctors were beginning to leave. These old doctors were just here to come late, sit around, and leave early. After all, they were getting on in their years and would get tired even just by sitting for a whole day. They were mostly grandpas and grandmas earning some income on the side, and watching them, Pan Mei didn’t say much. She merely maintained a pleasant and approachable smile throughout, which was a rather admirable attitude.

After 5 pm, only Wang Yao was left in the clinic. When working, he always came on the dot and left on the dot.

“Doctor Wang, it seems like there’s nothing much left already. You can leave early if you want.”

“There’s no hurry; I’ll just read books first,” Wang Yao said, smiling.

In his hand was a book, Chinese Medicinal Acupuncture. Ever since the miraculous acupuncture in Cangzhou by Master Sang, he began to research into the field of study and would read relevant documents and materials.

Ding dong. At around 5:30 pm, a 50-year-old man entered the clinic, looking unwell and holding his stomach.

“Doctor, as I was eating, my stomach suddenly started hurting. Even when I went to the toilet, I couldn’t poop. Could you take a look at me and prescribe me some medicine?”

“Stomach ache, Doctor Wang. Could I trouble you to take a look?” Pan Mei asked Wang Yao hurriedly.

“Sure,” Wang Yao said while putting down the book.

“Hey, Doctor Wang is it?” The man looked at Wang Yao and smiled widely.

“You are?”

“Ah, I once brought a relative to see you. After eating the medicine you gave her, her headache immediately got better.”

“Oh, that’s good to hear. Let me take a look at you now. You look like you’re hurting too much to stand.”

“Ah, yes please.”

Wang Yao felt with his hand, and his expression changed.

“You should immediately go to the hospital and check up your heart!” Wang Yao said.

“Ah, what’s wrong?!” This 50-year-old man’s face turned grim after hearing that.

“Check your heart; there is a blood clot,” Wang Yao said.

Once a blood clot occurs in the heart, it would be extremely dangerous. If not treated well, it could cost a person’s life.

“Sister Pan, please call an ambulance!” Wang Yao shouted.

“Okay!” Pan Mei, who was sitting at one side, immediately picked up the phone to dial for the ambulance. After all, this was a matter of life and death.

“Don’t panic,” Wang Yao said as he went to ask Pan Mei for some Chinese medicine to protect the heart.