Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1994

    Chapter 1994 The World Is Huge But Home Is Wherever You Are Part Fourteen

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    And in reality, she was making things difficult for him.

    But what could he do? One false step brings everlasting grief!

    He swore to never step into The First Wealth ever again. If he did, he would chop off his legs.

    He didn’t want to continue talking to her. He said a few words before ending the call.

    He opened the drawer and retrieved a box of cigarettes, which had been opened for a long time. He took a cigarette and lighted it. He took a puff and stopped.

    He let the cigarette burn as he frowned. He was thinking of ways to make the Pomeranian gain five kilograms.

    Inject it with growth hormones?

    He was a doctor. He couldn’t be so cruel to such a cute dog.

    He thought about it and shook his head. He pulled the chair closer towards the table and held his computer mouse. He logged into his QQ account that he hadn’t used in a long time. He scrolled for a long time before finding the person he was looking for.

    ‘Old Beast, are you there? I need your professional advice. It’s urgent. I’ll be waiting here for your reply.’

    It showed that the person he was messaging was online. But Young Master Lu wasn’t sure if he would reply immediately after he saw his message, so he followed up with another message.

    As he waited anxiously, he took a deep puff of the cigarette. White smoke billowed from his mouth and he drowned in his sorrows.

    He didn’t want to move into the apartment alone. And he didn’t want to leave the house without money to even top-up his car petrol.

    After a while, Old Beast replied,‘Why is a doctor like you asking for mya veterinarian’sprofessional advice? You’ve become a veterinarian yourself?’

    Lu Yinan ignored his sarcasm. He asked directly,‘How do I make a Pomeranian gain five kilograms in seven days?’

    Old Beast replied,‘Is your brain fried?’

    He knew it! It was simply an impossible task.

    Darned Hooligan, how could she come up with such a ridiculous challenge?

    Old Beast was a world-renowned veterinarian. If he didn’t have a clue, then it must be impossible. Lu Yinan vented in frustration,‘Aish. It’s a long story. I just need to know how to make a Pomeranian gain five kilograms in a week.’

    Old Beast replied,‘Unless you bring it for surgery, it’s an impossible task.’

    Before Young Master Lu could reply, he immediately added,‘But why do you want to make a Pomeranian gain five kilograms in a week? Are you planning a big project? Are you doing experiments? Are you doing chemical research?’

    Lu Yinan was speechless.

    This was some high-level sarcasm!

    Young Master Lu almost spat blood. He closed the chat with Old Beast and placed the cigarette into his mouth.

    F*ck. He had to find a way to make the Pomeranian gain five kilograms in a week.

    He found the keys to the apartment in his office desk drawer. When he returned to the apartment, he opened the door to see a familiar figure. He smiled in comfort.

    “Aunt Wu.”

    It was their helper back at the Lu mansion. She took care of him since he was of a young age.

    He entered happily and changed out of his shoes.

    “Young Master, you’re back.” Aunt Wu smiled benevolently at him.

    Lu Yinan asked in excitement, “Aunt Wu, did Zhou Shuang ask you to come here to take care of me?”

    He knew it! That hooligan couldn’t bear to let him suffer alone outside.

    Aunt Wu smiled and shook her head. “No. Madam stewed some bones and sent me here to feed Little Sissy.”

    Young Master Lu’s smile instantly disappeared. He frowned. “Little Sissy?”

    Who could it be?

    “That’s him! Isn’t he cute?” Aunt Wu pointed at a white dog sitting beside the coffee table.

    Lu Yinan was speechless.