Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1993 1

    Chapter 1993 The World Is Huge But Home Is Wherever You Are Part Thirteen

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    After he ended the call, Young Master Lu got the staff to turn the aircon off. He gritted his teeth and opened WeChat. He opened the chat group he had with Ming Ansheng and Yan Rusheng.

    ‘Just you wait, you’ll come begging me one day.’

    Since when did he go around borrowing money? He only borrowed from the two of them!

    These bad friends betrayed him whenever it came to women.

    They didn’t lend him money, and furthermore, they made things worse.

    Once he sent the message, someone replied quickly.‘Think about how you’re going to survive the next few days first.’

    It was from Ming Ansheng.

    Young Master Lu was filled with resentment. He flung his phone onto the table. He rested his head on his palm.

    He felt indignant. He picked up his phone and dialed Zhou Shuang’s number.

    This hooligan was becoming more arrogant. She cut off his finances and now he didn’t even have money to top-up the petrol in his car.

    She had confiscated his fuel card.

    He couldn’t take it any longerand he refused to!

    After he dialed the number, he first heard a familiar ringback tone, followed by Zhou Shuang’s voice.


    She sounded impatient and unhappy.

    “What do you want to eat for dinner? I’ll go buy the ingredients and prepare it for you.”

    He was about to say something arrogant, but he decided against it. Young Master Lu became frustrated. He was determined to show her his sense of authority in his next sentence.

    “Do you have money?” Zhou Shuang smirked.

    Lu Yinan whipped out his wallet. He opened it and smiled as he replied, “I have some spare cash. It’s enough to buy whatever you want to eat.”

    Young Master Lu, what happened to being arrogant?

    Zhou Shuang replied, “I’m not eating. Use the money to buy dog food for yourself.”

    Dog food? Young Master Lu blinked and asked in confusion. “What do you mean?”

    Why would he need dog food?

    Zhou Shuang replied, “I sent your things to your previous apartment. On account of our relationship, I even bought you a dog as a companion. Remember to buy some dog food for it.”

    When he heard it, Young Master Lu almost spat blood. He asked pitifully, “Shuang, how could you do this to me?”

    “When you were enjoying yourself at the nightclub, did you think about how I would feel when you did that to me?”

    Zhou Shuang bellowed, anger rising.

    Lu Yinan moved the phone away from his ear. He sincerely said, “I really didn’t do anything to betray you. Ming Ansheng and Third Yan dragged me into this.”

    Friends were meant to be shields when the need arose.

    “Go and stay in your apartment. If you can make the dog gain five kilograms within a week, I’ll forgive you.”

    Zhou Shuang finally relented and gave her terms for forgiveness.

    But, these terms

    Make the dog gain five kilograms within a week?

    Lu Yinan frowned. Was his fate in the hands of a dog now?

    “What dog?”

    Although his chances were slim, Young Master Lu still wanted to grasp this opportunity. When he was of a young age, his teachers always taught him to seize every opportunity.

    “A pure white Pomeranian. It’s very cute. You’ll love it for sure.”

    Lu Yinan was speechless.

    He could imagine what Zhou Shuang’s expression was at this moment. She must be grinning smugly, thinking about how smart she was.

    Indeed, he had to give it to her for being able to come up with such a challenge. Make such a small dog gain five kilograms within a week? Wasn’t this woman trying to make things difficult for him?