Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1989 1

    Chapter 1989 The World Is Huge But Home Is Wherever You Are Part Nine

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    She hung up the phone without further ado.

    “Useless son.”

    Mu Li muttered under her breath as she eyed the phone with contempt.

    “Mother, where is the trust between us?”

    Wen Xuxu interrogated her coldly and sharply.

    Mu Li froze on the spot. Crap, she was caught!

    She was too engrossed in the conversation, and it had slipped her mind that she was supposed to keep this call a secret.

    She had just sworn that she wouldn’t contact Third Yan. The next second, she had already called him.

    Was their relationship so fragile?

    Wen Xuxu was enraged when she saw how nervous Mu Li was. “Mother, I’m going out alone later. You have fun by yourself.”

    She rubbed her hair as she spoke.

    “Xuxu, I really didn’t call him.” Mu Li spluttered as she explained, “He”

    Xuxu interjected, “Trying to explain means you are hiding something. You can’t be trusted at all. How could our bond be so fragile?”

    Madam Mu Li was rendered speechless

    Was she really going to travel alone in this unfamiliar city?

    Her son had landed her in deep trouble.

    Xuxu changed into a new outfit and informed Mu Li coldly. “Mother, I’m heading out. Please get another chauffeur and enjoy yourself.”

    She smiled and waved at her before walking to the door.

    “Oh yeah.”

    Suddenly, a thought struck her. She turned around and beamed at Mu Li. “There is a public line dance near the beach organized for the elderly. You can go there if you are bored.”

    Line dance for the elderly? This lass asked her to join those old ladies! Mu Li bellowed at Xuxu when comprehension dawned. “Wretched lass! Come back now!”

    She wasn’t an old lady. She wasn’t an old lady

    She was a goddess. A goddess, a goddess!

    She had to recite it thrice to herself.

    Xuxu bit back a laugh as she strode towards the elevator.

    She knew that Madam Mu Li couldn’t take it when she was being labeled as an elderly. She had never once admitted that she was old.

    In reality, she really looked like Xuxu’s sister. She really maintained herself well and those who didn’t know her, couldn’t really tell her age at all.

    She really was youthful-looking.

    “He seems like a big shot.”

    “You don’t know him? The young master of the Ji family. The wealthiest aristocratic family in Shanghai.”

    Wen Xuxu got down and entered the hotel lobby. She saw some staff huddled together as they glanced in the direction of the reception area.

    She glanced at the reception area and saw a gorgeous and elegant-looking man sitting on the couch.

    He looked so dignified, just sitting there quietly.

    That man turned and glanced at Xuxu seconds later. There was a piercing gleam radiating from his eyes, and it made him sparkle.

    Wen Xuxu recognized him instantly. He was that man in the black Maserati this afternoon. The young master from the Ji family.

    She smiled politely at him in return.

    The man gave a curt nod and rose gracefully. He strode towards her, looking unhurried.

    Wen Xuxu stepped forward. “Young Master Ji.”

    She had been wary of the man’s mysterious identity this afternoon. So she checked his background and photos earlier on. And he looked exactly the same.

    He nodded politely once more as he spoke. “Young Madam Yan, it’s such an honor.”