Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1987 5

    Chapter 1987 The World Is Huge But Home Is Wherever You Are Part Seven

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    Yan Rusheng was half-furious and half-elated when he saw those articles. He finally knew Xuxu’s whereabouts, yet those articles cast him in a bad light.

    When did he look for ladies?

    He vowed to make these reporters and tabloids pay someday.

    Young Master Yan’s phone interrupted the silent rage swirling inside of him. He retracted his thoughts and glanced at his phone.

    It was from Lu Yinan.

    He must have called because of those articles. Yan Rusheng answered the call.

    “Third Yan, who is that? Who exposed us?”

    And he was right about Lu Yinan’s call.

    His tone sounded as if Lu Yinan was more outraged than him. He must have suffered his wife’s wrath.

    Young Master Yan who was frustrated as well snapped impatiently. “How would I know? Speak your piece and skip the nonsense.”

    “I know. You must be rushing to Shanghai to look for Wen Xuxu.”

    Lu Yinan scoffed coldly at him.

    “Hmph!” Yan Rusheng sneered haughtily as he replied, “She is just a woman. I would never leave work because of her.”

    He hung up without waiting for Lu Yinan’s response.

    He scrolled for Xuxu’s number and dialed it.

    Her phone was still switched off and he heard the automated mailbox reply.

    He frowned and decided to send her a message.

    “Wife, it’s merely a misunderstanding. I didn’t ask for those ladies. Jiang Zhuoheng set me up.”

    That fellow really set a trap for him. He needed to vent his anger.

    Yan Rusheng dialed Mu Li’s number after sending the message. To his surprise, her phone was switched on.

    He straightened his back excitedly when it began to ring.

    “Mother, is that your phone ringing?”

    Wen Xuxu was in the bathroom when she heard Mu Li’s phone. She interrogated her warily.

    Mu Li replied, “It’s your father. I just need to inform him that we’re safe.”

    Then her phone stopped ringing.

    Wen Xuxu was still suspicious. “Are you sure it’s not Yan Rusheng?”

    “No, it isn’t.”

    Mu Li answered firmly without any hesitation or guilt.

    Wen Xuxu cast away her suspicions and continued to undress.

    Mu Li heaved a sigh of relief when she heard the sounds of water. She scurried to the balcony and returned Yan Rusheng’s call.

    “Mother, where is Xuxu?”

    Young Master Yan only asked about his wife the minute she picked up. Mu Li was upset and jealous. “She is having tea with a rich young master.”

    Young Master Yan became agitated when he heard it. “What? Who?”

    Mu Li succeeded and her eyes gleamed with a devilish spark. “I think his surname is Ji. He is from the wealthiest family in Shanghai.”

    ‘Hmph! Serves you right for thinking only about your wife!’

    Poor Young Master Ji was targeted for no reason.

    “The Ji family.” Yan Rusheng gnashed his teeth in frustration. “When did they get to know each other?”

    “How would I know?” Mu Li bit back a laugh and maintained an aloof tone.

    “I need to hang up soon. If Xuxu knew that I answered your call, I will be in trouble.”

    Yan Rusheng replied, “Mother, our neighbor next door, Aunt Liang came to look for your husband.”