Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1986 9

    Chapter 1986 The World Is Huge But Home Is Wherever You Are Part Six

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    She smiled politely at the middle-aged man. “So sorry, but our car is arriving soon. We hope to meet your young master some other time.”

    And at that moment, their car arrived.

    Wen Xuxu instructed the chauffeur to put their suitcases into the car trunk.

    The middle-aged man knew that she was firm, and he had to leave.

    His young master grunted in response after his chauffeur informed him. He waved his hands and indicated him to drive off.

    Mu Li and Xuxu got in the car and left before the black Maserati. Mu Li turned to glance at it before inching nearer to Xuxu’s ear. “Xuxu, do you know the young master from that aristocratic family?”

    Xuxu asked her instead, “Mother, perhaps the man knows you instead.”

    Mu Li rolled her eyes at Xuxu. “Impossible. I’m already so old, and he is such a young and handsome guy. How could we possibly know each other?”

    Wen Xuxu was speechless

    Earlier on, she was still describing herself as a‘goddess’. The next minute, she changed her tune.

    She was really fickle-minded.

    Xuxu shook her head. “I don’t know him.”

    “If you don’t know him, why would he ask to meet us?” Mu Li frowned as she stared at Wen Xuxu in a suspecting way.

    “How would I know?” Wen Xuxu replied as she frowned at Mu Li. “Mother, are you implying that I’m cheating with another man behind your son’s back?”

    Mu Li rolled her eyes at her again. “My son is so handsome and rich. Besides, you’re not a fool.”

    Wen Xuxu was speechless

    So she meant that if her son wasn’t handsome and rich, she would cheat on him?

    She raised her chin smugly. “Hmph. If your son wasn’t rich and handsome, I wouldn’t even have married him.”

    “Since he is my son, how would it be possible that he isn’t handsome?” Madam Mu Li flicked her hair dramatically as she replied.

    She looked so haughty and snobbish.

    Wen Xuxu was a little worried and she warned her, “Mother, I’m telling you. Don’t you dare tell your son about our whereabouts. If not, I’m leaving you behind.”

    “I won’t.” Madam Mu Li shook her head and vowed. “That wretched son of mine went out to flirt. I won’t forgive him as well.”

    Tch. This old lady always breaks her promises. Xuxu sternly warned, “If your son finds us here, you will be the culprit.”

    “B*llshit!” Madam Mu Li swore and cursed.

    Wen Xuxu frowned and threw her a disdainful look. “Mother, you are a university professor. How could you be so vulgar?”

    Mu Li realized her improper behavior and she breathed, “You told both Su Yan and Su Yue, and even Ah Heng. Any one of them could be the suspect too.”

    They chatted all the way until they reached the hotel.

    In the afternoon.

    Young Master Yan had hit the headlines of most entertainment sites.

    ‘According to sources, Flourish & Prosper’s President went to the nightclub to look for ladies. Young Madam Yan had left overnight to Shanghai for a vacation’

    Photos of Wen Xuxu and Mu Li on the way to the airport were attached.

    The online sites included information about President Yan, Young Master Ming, Young Master Lu, and Young Master Jiang as well.

    Comments such as‘How I envy those ladies.’

    ‘I’m so envious.’

    ‘I’m jealous.’