Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1985 4

    Chapter 1985 The World Is Huge But Home Is Wherever You Are Part Five

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    Mu Li shook her head without hesitation. “No, thank you.”

    “Why can’t you say so earlier?” The taxi driver grumbled before speeding off.

    Xuxu watched as the taxi she had tried to hail for some time sped away. She sulked as she glanced at Madam Mu Li. “Mother, why did you reject the taxi driver?”

    Mu Li knitted her eyebrows. “I’m a legendary goddess. How can I take a taxi?”

    Wen Xuxu was speechless

    She was truly Yan Rusheng’s birth mother, without a doubt. Both of them were equally haughty and pampered, without giving a care about anybody at all.

    She softly muttered, “But we don’t have a chauffeur. How do we leave?”

    Mu Li snorted softly and replied, “We should hire a car and a chauffeur for the next few days.”

    “Hmmm” Wen Xuxu frowned, looking thoughtful. She suddenly beamed and said, “Okay.”

    She took out her phone.

    “Young Master, the Chairman sent me to fetch you.”

    A dashing and gorgeous man in a spiffy suit seemed to have walked out from a painting. He was perfect from top to toe.

    He pointed at the exit where there was a young and middle-aged woman with their suitcases. He instructed the chauffeur, “Invite the two ladies over there.”

    The chauffeur’s eyes darted along in that direction and he stared at them. After a moment, he bowed politely. “Yes.”

    The chauffeur turned around and walked away.

    The man looked stern and the expression in his eyes was cold. He turned around and got in the car.

    His series of actions displayed how elegant and graceful he was.

    Xuxu was looking at her phone when a middle-aged man came marching towards them. He politely spoke, “Ladies, my young master invites you to ride with us.”

    “Your young master?”

    Wen Xuxu and Mu Li glanced at each other, looking perplexed and wary.

    After all, she had often been featured in magazines and on television. And her identity wasn’t a secret.

    She couldn’t rule out the possibility that someone had ulterior motives for getting close to them.

    “My young master is inside the car.” The middle-aged man pointed at the black Maserati.

    “Oh, that handsome guy!” Mu Li widened her eyes in surprise as she shot the middle-aged man a hostile look. “Who is he? Why should we meet your young master?”

    The middle-aged man smiled. “My young master is Ji Chicheng.”

    Wen Xuxu was astonished when she heard his name. “The Ji family? The most influential aristocratic family in Shanghai?”

    “Spot on.” The middle-aged man nodded.

    Wen Xuxu glanced at him looking confused. “But I don’t know him.”

    She had heard of the Ji family in Shanghai. They owned a beautiful island next to the coastal county where their resort was. But it was simply left deserted for decades.

    They were known to be exceedingly wealthy and extravagant spenders.

    There was once Yan Rusheng couldn’t take it lying down, and he suggested shutting down Xuxurusheng resort. He wanted to show the Ji family that they would do it too. But Xuxu gave him a good lecture.

    The middle-aged politely replied, “But my young master seems to know both of you.”

    “Hmmm” Xuxu pursed her lips as she stole a glance at the Maserati. She couldn’t just trust this stranger entirely. After all, they were foreigners in this city.