Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1982

    Chapter 1982 The World Is Huge But Home Is Wherever You Are Part Two

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    No! She shouldn’t forgive him so easily. Xuxu and Su Yue would definitely blame her for setting a bad example.

    She understood them too well. There was no way they would forgive their husbands so quickly.

    Especially Wen Xuxu, who had snagged such a wonderful opportunity to teach Yan Rusheng a good lesson.

    She struggled and pushed Lu Yinan away with all her strength. She roared, “Lu Yinan! Get out of my sight now! Do you hear me?”

    She pointed at the door and lashed out at him again. “Out! Get out of my sight this instant. If you don’t, I will bring the children back to Country M for a period of time.”

    She didn’t stop shoving Lu Yinan away as she yelled.

    Lu Yinan heard her and frowned as he inched closer. “You alluring little hooligan. The kids are supposed to go to school. How could they go to Country M?”

    He gritted his teeth, looking as though he couldn’t wait to swallow her.

    Perhaps he didn’t understand, but his intense desire was another form of passionate love.

    Zhou Shuang studied Lu Yinan’s face. He still looked so good-looking despite all these years. His eyelashes were long and thick and his eyes were always so charming.

    There was a voice inside of her warning him to stop looking at her. But her determination was wavering.

    She couldn’t but she had to make him leave.

    Zhou Shuang was afraid that she might succumb to any moment. She threatened him, “Then go out now. Before I forgive you, you’re not allowed to step inside of this room at all. If not, I will bring the children with me.”

    This heartless woman used his children to threaten him!

    But he was in no position to protest.

    The children missing school wasn’t as serious as him sleeping alone for the next few months if he infuriated her.

    Young Master Lu contemplated to himself and decided to cease for the day. He shall begin his advances tomorrow.

    He cast the blanket aside and picked up his clothes. Then he strode slowly across the room.

    He looked so desolate and lonely.

    Zhou Shuang pressed her lips as she hugged her pillow. Her eyes were rippling with bliss.

    ‘I believe that this is your true self.’

    He loved and doted on her. He would put her priorities and feelings above his.

    Lu Yinan entered his study, fully dressed as he sat on his swivel chair. He switched on his laptop and then glanced at his phone.

    He received a WeChat notification.

    ‘F*ck. I moved back to my apartment. You guys?’

    It was from Ming Ansheng.

    Lu Yinan felt comforted when he saw the message. He even felt a sense of tiny achievement.

    At least his wife didn’t chase him out of the house. He replied to Ming Ansheng,‘I can’t sleep right now, so I’m playing games in my study. I will go back to my room and sleep later.’

    This was a wonderful opportunity for him to brag and boast.

    ‘Zhou Shuang didn’t make things difficult for you?’

    Ming Ansheng was doubtful when he read it.

    He followed up with another text.‘I heard that Wen Xuxu brought Aunt Mu Li on a trip. Third Yan must be searching for her frantically right now.’

    He was trying to derive some consolation from Yan Rusheng’s predicament.

    Young Master Lu heard that Wen Xuxu had left home and it made his spirits soar. He rejoiced gleefully.

    ‘For sure, he deserves it. He is just like a kid who can’t live without Wen Xuxu. He must be going bonkers right now.’

    Lu Yinan sent the message.

    Yan Rusheng replied instead of Ming Ansheng.

    ‘Annoying fellows! I was just about to fall asleep and your messages woke me up. Scram, both of you useless guys!’