Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1981

    Chapter 1981 The World Is Huge But Home Is Wherever You Are Part One

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    After a story, she said she wanted to relieve herself.

    It was two hours later when he finally managed to settle the girl.

    He was exhausted after a long day that he didn’t feel like moving at all. He glanced at Wenxin who was sound asleep. Her cheeks were rosy, her eyelashes were long and thick, and her lips were plump.

    It melted his heart and he decided to accompany her. He wrapped his daughter carefully with his arms and shut his eyes.

    As a form of consolation, he still had his little lover at home.

    Young Master Yan consoled himself and fell fast asleep in no time.

    “Shuang, can’t you just trust me?”

    Young Master Lu sat on the edge of the bed as he tried explaining to Zhou Shuang. His attempts were futile as she remained hostile, with her back facing him.

    All she said was for him to scram.

    There was only a night lamp casting a dim flow in the room. Lu Yinan stared at Zhou Shuang’s back quietly all this while.

    Zhou Shuang ignored him and so he tried to sneak his hand beneath the blanket.

    But Zhou Shuang immediately realized it, and she hissed, “Stop this nonsense and get out of the room.”

    Zhou Shuang angrily cast Young Master Lu’s hand away and spoke rather impatiently.

    Lu Yinan frowned, looking aggrieved. “Where else can I go?”

    Zhou Shuang replied brusquely, “This world is huge, you can decide where you want to go.”

    She refused to look at him at all.

    Lu Yinan replied, “This world is huge, but home is wherever you are.”

    Zhou Shuang bit back a laugh as her heart softened.

    It was so cliche and mushy.

    Of course, she didn’t let Young Master Lu know that she was no longer angry. She continued to speak coldly. “Stop using these tricks. I won’t fall for it. There are so many women, how can one woman satisfy you?”

    “No, no, no! It’s enough! You mean the world to me.” Lu Yinan seized the opportunity to embrace Zhou Shuang from the back.

    Zhou Shuang frowned and nudged him. “Lu Yinan, don’t cling onto me. Get out of my sight now!”

    “Got it.”

    Zhou Shuang had regretted how harsh she was to Lu Yinan when he obediently nodded. Her heart was aching.

    But Lu Yinan didn’t leave the room, and he started to unbutton his shirt.

    He did it looking unruffled and calm.

    Zhou Shuang stared blankly at him, looking wary at the same time. “Lu Yinan, what are you doing?”

    “Changing before I get into bed,” answered Young Master airily.

    He seemed to question her instead. What else could he do besides sleeping after undressing?

    Zhou Shuang heard him and sat up. “Who allowed you to sleep here?”

    “Where should I sleep besides my own bed?” Lu Yinan grinned devilishly as he removed his pants. He was almost naked with just his underwear left.

    He dived under the blanket and hugged Zhou Shuang tightly. “Don’t frighten my weak little heart by asking me to scram.”

    He snuggled himself against Zhou Shuang’s back.

    Zhou Shuang was speechless.

    She knew it. There was no way he would leave so obediently and easily.

    But still, she shouldn’t forgive him so easily.

    She wondered if Wen Xuxu had forgiven Yan Rusheng. She guessed that Su Yue must be still furious with Ming Ansheng right now.

    If she forgives Lu Yinan so easily, would they look down on her?