Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1978 1

    Chapter 1978 Men Without Rights Part Eight

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    They all had the habit of checking WeChat updates before turning in for the night. So he believed that Xuxu had already seen Jiang Zhuoheng’s update.

    Yet, she didn’t call him at all. She must have chosen the silent treatment to punish him.

    The butler saw Yan Rusheng’s car and hurriedly opened the courtyard gates.

    The car entered the courtyard, and Yan Rusheng simply stopped the car without parking it inside the garage. He darted swiftly towards the house.

    The house was brightly lit, and it increased his foreboding.

    At this time, all of them should be asleep.

    ‘Why were the lights in the living room still on?’

    Yan Rusheng entered the living room and he felt jittery. He stole furtive glances around.

    There were two men sitting on the couch. He was startled and asked, “When did you come back?”

    Su Yan was having a conversation with Yan Weihong as they watched TV.

    “Just landed,” Su Yan replied curtly and he directed his attention back on Yan Weihong.

    Yan Rusheng changed into his slippers as he glanced at Su Yan. “Why did you come over at this time of the night?”

    “Su Yan came to discuss his plans of getting married while touring the world.”

    Yan Weihong answered on Su Yan’s behalf.

    His reply stumped Yan Rusheng for a second. He grinned as he sized up Su Yan. “Wow. Why the sudden whim to get married?”

    He sounded as though he was doubtful.

    Su Yan smirked and replied, “Third Brother, I think you should be more concerned about what you should do. Xuxu has decided to go on a strike.”

    He was gloating over his misfortune and he sounded gleeful.

    Yan Rusheng’s heart seemed to plunge to the bottom. “What what do you mean?”

    ‘Wen Xuxu is on a strike?’What’s that supposed to mean?

    “Third Yan. It slipped my mind. Xuxu and your mother are on their way to take a vacation now,” Yan Weihong casually quipped, looking cool.

    ‘What? A vacation? Now?’

    Yan Rusheng’s eyes were huge with shock. “Just now!?”

    He turned towards the windows and it was pitch-dark. That stupid woman really had a hundred methods to punish him!

    Yan Weihong nodded firmly. “Yup. Half an hour ago.”

    Yan Rusheng frowned, looking annoyed. “Why didn’t you inform me?”

    Yan Weihong chortled. “Xuxu said she wanted an impromptu trip.”

    “F*ck!” Yan Rusheng erupted as he snarled, “Wen Xuxu, this stupid woman. You’re dead.”

    He leaped to his feet and suddenly remembered the trip to The First Wealth earlier on. Suddenly, all his rage vanished.

    He had no reason to flare up right now.

    He contemplated for a second before asking Yan Weihong, “Did she say where she was going to?”

    “No.” Yan Weihong shook his head. “She said that the world is huge and she wanted to explore.”

    Yan Rusheng was speechless.

    The corners of his mouth twitched and he said, “Help me call mother. Ask her where they are right now.”

    Yan Weihong declined without hesitation. “Your mother said that she would call me. And she banned me from calling her.”

    “Wife’s slave!” Young Master Yan threw him a long contemptuous look and he stormed towards the staircase.

    He fumbled for his phone in his pocket.

    But he had expected it. Her phone was already switched off.